The time for singing has come this Shabbat. We are to sing and worship the King of kings always, but today is a special day indeed. It is not only Shabbat, but also the first day of Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles), the most joyful feast of the entire year!. Now that Yom Kippur has passed, today we remember two songs in Scripture, the Song of Moses and the Song of Deborah (Exodus 15:1-8 and Judges 5:1-31).

Each song commemorates a great victory and triumph when Adonai brought destruction on the enemies of Israel, each a time they felt truly free for the first time in generations when the Red Sea came down on the army of Pharaoh and the day that Deborah and Barak led Israel to a miraculous victory against their Canaanite oppressors with no weapons at all.

It is a day to remember the impossible miracles Adonai has done in our lives, to thank Him and glorify His name for true freedom and victory in Him and Him in us.

The enemy came with taunts and curses heavily armoured and full of confidence, but the Lord Mighty in Battles met them in that moment and made armor become anchors and turned their courage into terror.

If you have giants you are facing that seem well prepared and certain of victory, today is the day to remember the One who fights our battles, and that there is nothing that can come between The Father and His sons and daughters.

Today we lift up every burden on our hearts and minds and give it to the One who can and will deliver us from it.

Be free, declare the victory in the name of Yeshua, put on His yoke that’s easy and burden that’s light, and rejoice, because Sukkot is not a time of tears, but of singing. The wedding banquet has begun, and the Feast that was, is and is to come is upon us with a treasure trove of prophetic meaning for both right now and in the new millennium to come when Yeshua rules and reigns from Zion.

Join us on this treasure hunt as we unveil the prophetic gold mine that is Sukkot to understand why it is still important to celebrate and its incredible prophetic significance.

Stay tuned tomorrow to read “Why Sukkot?”

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