Shabbat Parashat Beshalach

During this Shabbat (Shevat 17, January 30), we read in Scripture about the miraculous events of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt and crossing the Red Sea. Beshalach literally means “he let them go” or “sent them away”, referring to Pharaoh finally letting Israel go to worship Adonai in the desert. However, it is not only the the crossing of the Red Sea we read about, but also YHWH making the bitter waters of Marrah sweet, Moses striking the rock to bring forth water, Manna and quail raining down for the Israelites to eat, and the defeat of the Amalekites (Exodus 13:17-17-16). Not only this, but we also read in Judges 4:4-5:31 about the defeat of the army of Sisera by Deborah and Barak bringing peace to the land for 40 years.

What an outlook for the times we are living in now. Adonai brings Israel from a pathway of safety back into harms way, just to draw out Pharaoh into His own trap so that He would be glorified in their destruction and defeat. Sound familiar to what we see happening today? The warring Amalekites thought they would overcome the Israelites without issue, except Adonai fought their battle, and even promised to make the Amalekites His forever enemy from generation to generation. Finally, against ridiculous odds, Israel came out against an army of 900 chariots of iron and because Adonai fought for them, every enemy soldier was killed to the last man. The fallen kingdom of darkness thinks it has us (believers) under his thumb and about to strike the final blow, but little does satan know, YHWH Tzevaoth (The Lord of Hosts) lays traps too. If you are feeling let down and hopeless like the Israelites were on the shore of Red Sea with 600 chariots at their backs, just remember, the enemy is not aware of Adonai’s plans because their pride and hatred blinds them and brings judgement upon their own heads. Our job is not to curse or to judge however, but to pray, bless, and worship Adonai. Vengeance is mine says Adonai, so do you trust in His method of vengeance, or do you think you can do it better?

As we celebrate this Shabbat, and put our eyes on Yeshua we must not lose hope, but instead be filled with the understanding that the victory is already won, and what the King of glory is about to do will shock the whole world. The giants in the land are about to be wide-eyed as the walls of water come crashing down upon them, and it is for us not to lose faith, but be girded up as mighty men and women of Adonai who stand fast in the promises of the Most High, and press ever forward in victory in Yeshua as we watch in awe struck wonder at the might and power of YHWH Tzevaoth. Be blessed, strengthened, and greatly encouraged this Shabbat as you worship Adonai in Spirit and Truth welcoming the Lion of Judah to come in and roar. Shabbat Shalom!

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