Purim: A Call for A Generation

It is the time to fast and feast, to remember the salvation of Israel, and celebrate both Queen Esther and Mordechai, those who believed God for Israel’s destiny in its time of greatest peril. Eretz Purim begins the night of March 6th which commemorates the three days of fasting which Esther called for the Jewish inhabitants of Susa, and ends the night of the 7th which then kicks off the celebration of Purim which marks the salvation of the Jewish people and the reversal of the death decree of Hamman. Although a minor holiday on the Biblical calendar Purim marks an extraordinary time in Israel’s history, but also gives us the example of what is expected of us during these end times.

Mordechai, a scribe to the King of Persia, an adoptive father to Haddasah (Esther), the future Queen of Persia after her parent’s death, and a man who chose to come out from the shadows into the public eye in the time of Israel’s greatest need is the archetype of who we are being called to be today. As the end times generation we are being called to the gates of our cities and nations like Mordechai to fast and intercede for the salvation of our nations. Like Esther we have been called, as Mordechai told her, to stand in the positions of power we have been placed in to be witnesses of salvation for an entire generation. As we celebrate this Purim, we must understand that it is like a tattoo on the memory of our generation to walk in our calling and purpose to stand up for what is Godly in the face of a global attack against righteousness, to make a public stand at the gates of our societies and stop being afraid of the backlash that it may incur. Mordechai fasted at the gates of the palace for days knowing that death could be his sentence and Esther approached the king knowing it could lead to her death as well, but instead, for their obedience to God they were met with the salvation of an entire generation and the deliverance God had promised.

We enter this Purim in the Fear of Adonai, but not the fear of all that the world throws at us in these end-times. We stand up confidently in the face of our enemies, and we decide like Mordechai and Esther, mighty men and women of God to take our stance in these times which God has made us for. We walk forward in the victory of Yeshua unafraid of what may come our way to proclaim the goodness and victory of the Most High God. While it is a day of feasting we can never forget that it is preceded by a day of fasting and prayer, which is what is so greatly needed in the world today. As we celebrate the amazing victory of the salvation of Israel of the past, we also remember the great salvation of Israel that is still to come and pray for the coming salvation of Israel and peace of Jerusalem. We remember to be like Mordechai who was always asking about Esther’s welfare as she was groomed to be the queen, to never stop being vigilant and loving of the people, things, and promises God has placed in our lives.

We remember to be like Esther, who answered the call of her people in the time of their greatest need. They did not have easy decisions to make, and they risked their very lives for those they loved and those they did not know, but they were obedient to God’s call over their lives, just as we are being called to today. You are a unique and special part of the body of Yeshua, and you and we are being called together this Purim to step into the role we have been called for in these end times. Do not be afraid. You have been prepared from eternity to be who you are and who you will become. Happy Purim! Adonai bless you and keep you!

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