During this month of Kislev, the month of lights and hope, we are praying for the salvation of a city in Israel that was always seen as a place where nothing good could come from (John 1:46). Nazareth, the place where Yeshua spent His childhood was once a place of low esteem in the eyes of the Jewish people, but during this Biblical month of lights, literally the month of Chanukah, we pray for this city to be the unexpected origin of the Light of the World once again in these end times. Home to roughly 70% Christians and 30% Muslims, Nazareth is considered today to be the Arab capital of Israel. But despite this title, Nazareth is one of the most open cities to the Gospel of Yeshua and is indeed a hope and light for the Gospel to spread throughput Israel once again in these end times.

Especially during this month of Chanukah let us declare, decree, and prophesy together that the once looked down upon city, the very place where Yeshua lived, will once again be a seed and a root in the Promised Land from whence the Gospel will once again go forth before the ned of the age

The meaning of Nazareth is very telling for the cities destiny. From the verb נצר (nasar), to protect or preserve, or the noun נצר (neser), branch or shoot. From the verb נזר (nazar), to consecrate oneself. From the verb זרע (zara’), to scatter to sow, or זרה (zara), to scatter to winnow. Protect, Preserve, consecrate scatter and sow, this is the destiny of Nazareth a city that will protect and preserve the Gospel, sew the seeds fo the Truth of God , and be a place of consecration where the John 17 Generation will arise and shine for such a time as this. As we pray for Nazareth let us do so according to its name sake. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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