Pray for Afghanistan

August 16, 2021

The nation known as the graveyard of empires is now under the control of the Taliban.  After the swift and untimely US withdrawal, in a matter of days the country has been overwhelmed by Taliban forces as the Afghan army put up little resistance.  Keep the Afghan people in prayer as uncertainty and fear is at an all time high within the country while the Kabul airport is still under the control of US forces in the face of a hasty and chaotic evacuation.

The president has fled the nation and fear has set in across the country. Pray for the angels of Adonai to descend and for Yeshua to be walking amongst the people as many are crying out to God in this moment and feeling utterly abandoned. They are not alone as God is with them even in the midst of the chaos, but we must pray in this crucial time for the remnant to stand strong there, for those people unsaved and even for the salvation of people within the Taliban. Pray for divine protection over the people and for divine intervention in every town and city in Afghanistan.

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