Philadelphia Vision: John 17 Ekklesias

A two of weeks ago we were invited to an Ekklesia gathering in St. Augustine Florida. At the time I was in Israel both before the war and during in which time myself and the team have been fulfilling the Isaiah 62:6-7 calling to be watchmen on the walls in Zion in order to mobilize prayers for Israel, as well as helping practically on the front lines of the war with IDF soldiers. The Holy Spirit confirmed to go to the Ekklesia gathering in Florida, so I took the next flight available. It has been a long time since traveling to America, although I have been many times, and I had never entered the USA via Philadelphia before, until this time. I arrived on Rosh Kodesh Shevat.

As I arrived I saw a spiritual door being opened for America from Philadelphia that is marking this new season for the USA. Also, I knew God was up to something when my flight was canceled and the airline treated me to a nice hotel and free meals. To have this extra day in Philadelphia was to be a witness of what God is doing and about to do, as well as to pray for Philadelphia and the United States. It was also not lost on me that I was flying from Israel, the root of Jesse, carrying with me physically the waters of the Gihon Spring which flow from the heart of Mount Zion, then traveling through Europe from which the first settlers of America came, to then land first in Philadelphia, the root of the founding of the United States on the way to St. Augustine the oldest city in the country. All the while knowing we would be meeting with even First Nations believers who are known as the root people of the nation as they were here before any Europeans came to settle here.

I asked the Father how He would have me pray for America and He said that it was not to pray for the political situation of the country, but specifically to pray for the body of Yeshua and the arising of the Ekklesias in the country using Matthew 6:10.

As I took off from the airport in Philadelphia on the first day of Shevat, I saw an open vision from the airplane taking place below me. Yeshua was standing on the ground and with His hand he took hold of the trunk of a tree and pulled it out of the ground revealing a root that went deep into the ground which caused a massive hole. In that moment I felt as though I was surrounded by angels, and Yeshua told me, “The reason I have brought you here is to be a witness of what I am about to do in this state”. I asked Him what He will do next. He then took a seed and put it in the hole from the previous tree.

He said, I am planting a new tree, the John 17 Ekklesia Tree with new roots in this state, a new season that will mark not only the beginning of the fulfillment of Philadelphia’s destiny, but also the beginning of this new season for the body of Yeshua in America.

The tree began to grow, and it was a combination of an olive tree along with the the branch of an almond tree growing as part of the same tree. This tree was made of double DNA, speaking of one new man which is written in Ephesians 2:11-16. This was interesting as the month of Shevat is when the Almond trees begin to blossom before the rest of the fruit bearing trees in Israel signaling the beginning of Spring, signaling that this was the beginning of something still to come. As the tree matured and began to blossom and produce fruit, 4 winds blew from the 4 corners of the United States and sent 49 more seeds from the new tree to Saint Augustine, Florida. Each seed was ready to be planted for the new season by the much needed rising of Ekklesias from each state.

The tree began growing rapidly, and Yeshua was saying that: “in the next 7 years (2024-2030) the John 17 Ekklesia in the USA will arise wielding My power, authority, anointing, dominion, love, fire and My strategies. My Ekklesia will grow up in the 50 states of the union”.

After that, I began to hear a sweet melody come from out of the Olive Almond Tree. And Yeshua told me, listen to the new sound of my Ekklesias. Worshipers in Spirit and Truth. You will see a company of worshipers from sea to shining sea.
Then I began to hear a song that goes, “The trees of the field are singing, the trees of the field are singing, I am starting to see” based off of Isaiah 55:12 which says,

“For you will go out [from exile] with joy
And be led forth [by the Lord Himself] with peace;
The mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy before you,
And all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

Then I heard Yeshua saying, as my Ekklesias learn to ascend in worship to my throne room they will see what I am seeing.

I then remembered 1 Corinthians 3:7, which says, “So neither is the one who plants nor the one who waters anything, but [only] God who causes the growth.” This reminder is to understand that although we are obedient to what God has called us to do, the only way that an Ekklesia comes together is through God Himself, not man. The center is always Yeshua who is bringing the growth, not man so that we can boast. This reminded me that it was the rainy season in Israel, the month of Shevat, and that I was carrying the physical waters of Gihon from Mount Zion the place where His Word goes forth to the nations to make these said seeds grow.

For all of this to come to pass, true Ekklesias that operate from the Revelation 4 throne room, worshipping in Spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24) will rise up in the oneness of the Holy Spirit to become God’s government here on earth bringing down His will to be done on earth as it Is in heaven.

The gathering in Saint Augustine Florida spoken about above happened on Shevat the 9th, 1 week and 1 day after having this vision. During a time of worship at that gathering, together at the historic Governors House, I saw while facing the east, a huge gate in the Spirit at the entrance of what is known as the Lion Bridge. There was a plumb line in the center of the gate, and as we were worshiping I saw Yeshua coming with the key of David (Isaiah 22:22). As He entered through the gate I saw the seeds from the new tree entering first to what were the first 13 colonies of America before the rest of the seeds went to the other states. Then the Holy Spirit was saying watch, because you will see from 2024 to 2030 kingdom Ekklesias rising up in all 50 states of the Union to see the planting of the seed of God for each state. The worship continued until the gathering was finished. Be sure to stay connected as we will be releasing soon further visions we had while in St. Augustine.

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