The Moed of the Most High is upon us, the eve of Pesach (Passover), and the full moon tonight is the sign that it has begun. This full moon is no ordinary full moon, but is actually considered a super moon, and is the biggest we will see the moon in the sky during the entire year. The creator of the heavens and the earth is pulling out all the stops as the celebration of Pesach begins, reminding us that there is only One God, One Creator. For the Egyptians Nissan 15, Pesach, was supposed to be a night of celebration. It was the month of Aries, the ram, as that was the constellation in the sky, and on that full moon, it was supposed to be the day when the strongest of their gods, Ram, was the most powerful. Just to drive the point home, Abba Father had every Israelite that night feasting on lamb, which we know has the prophetic meaning of the blood of Yeshua, but to the Egyptians it was the highest sacrilege to eat something they considered a god on its most celebrated day. So as part of YHWH judging the Egyptian gods (Exodus 12:12), He was making it clear that they have no power, and to worship man as god (Pharaoh) and the stars of the sky as gods instead of the One Who created them is futile.

We are not only remembering how the God of Israel brought His people out of Egypt, but also to celebrate Yeshua, the Lamb that was slain, and to prophecy the victory that we have in Him, as well as His soon return. It was in celebration of Yeshua’s return that we were led by the Holy Spirit to blow the shofar in Zion, as it is written, “Blow the trumpet at the New Moon, at the full moon, on our feast day, for this is a statute for Israel, an ordinance of the God of Jacob” (Psalm 81:4-5). Three of us went first to the eastern wall of Jerusalem where there will one day be three gates (Revelation 21:13). One stood in front of the Golden Gate while the other two stood at the opposite ends of the wall, and we blew our shofars in unison, afterwards declaring Matthew 6:10 and Psalm 24, welcoming the King of Glory to return. We then moved to the base of the Mount of Olives, two of us on opposite ends of the Valley of Jehoshaphat and one in the middle, once again blowing the shofars in unisons prophetic act of preparing the way for Yeshua to return. We then by happenstance met a friend on the way up to the top of the Mount of Olives, who had just Matzah (unleavened bread) and wine. When we reached the top we blew the shofars again from the place where Yeshua will return (Zechariah 14:4) blowing the shofars towards Zion across the valley. We finished by taking of the bread (His body) and the wine (His blood) in thanksgiving for He Who was, and Is and Is to come. Our friend who we had happened upon continued down the other side of the Mount of Olives where Yeshua had begun His triumphal entry to Jerusalem, and we continued to Mount Zion where He will one day rule and reign over the nations.

At 6:30 PM, another friend from inside the Old City on the rooftops of the Jewish Quarter overlooking the Temple Mount stood ready with his shofar as well. From opposite sides, facing the Temple Mount and the Golden Gate we once again filled the atmosphere of Jerusalem with the sound of victory. We continued onward toward Zion, taking the path that King David had fled from His son Absalom through the valley of the Shadow of Death (Jehoshaphat Valley), at the same time remembering it was the same valley Yeshua crossed before being betrayed at the garden of Gethsemane (John 18:1). We arrived to the ancient three thousand year old walls of Zion exactly at sundown. The sky was painted red as the sun bathed the clouds above us with its final bow over the horizon, and the super moon filled the sky atop the Mount of Olives. We gave one final blast of the shofar that echoed off the walls of the valley and we continued to worship Adonai in spirit and truth, bringing in Pesach in the unity of the Body of Messiah from His Holy Mountain.

If you have a shofar now is the time to blow it, and if not, remember, Elohim has given us a built in shofar from which we roar. Adonai bless you as you celebrate this feast of the Great I Am. From Zion to the nations, “Baruch Haba B’shem Adonai— Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Adonai. We bless you from the House of Adonai.” (Psalm 118:26).

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