Mt. Meron Tragedy

The final death toll at this terrible tragedy is 45 men and boys along with 150 injured, many of whom have now been laid to rest. With a total crowd estimated at 100,000 at the Mount Meron event of Lag B’omer, the official report of what took place has been confirmed.

The crush occurred after celebrants poured out of one section of the mountainside compound, down a passageway with a sloping metal floor wet with spilled drinks, leading to a staircase continuing down. Witnesses say that people tripped and slipped near the top of the stairs. Those behind, unaware of the blockage ahead, continued. The people further down were trampled over and asphyxiated. Everything happened very quickly and with the momentum of so many thousands of people, it was impossible to stop once it started.

Let us not remember Mount Meron only as a place of tragedy however, but also remember it as the place where Joshua defeated the 31 kings, a place of victory even as we mourn deceased and make sure something like this which is avoidable never happens again Thank for continuing to pray.

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