What a prophetic day we have entered into according to the times and seasons of Scripture.  It was today, Iyar 20 that Israel first received marching orders after constructing and consecrating the Tabernacle in the wilderness (Numbers 10:11).  600,000 soldiers plus women, children and the elderly amongst them moved together following the cloud [of the Lord’s guiding presence] settling down in the Wilderness of Paran with the tribe of Judah leading the way.  It must have been a glorious site of triumph as their steps shook the earth after having been slaves only two years prior.   It was a moment short-lived, unfortunately, and immediately upon arriving at Paran the trouble began.  First, it was the people complaining and whining about their problems that angered Adonai, and he burned the outskirts of the camp with fire killing many (Numbers 11:1-6).  Then greediness came and the people demanded meat, and after Elohim sent quail for more than enough for all to eat, He struck them with a very severe plague (Numbers 11:31-35).  Then Miriam gossiped about Moses behind his back, and instead of having the fear of Adonai about doing so, knowing that God spoke only with Moses face to face, the Almighty made Miriam leprose for 7 days  (Numbers 12:1-16).  Last but not least, the 12 spies were sent into the Land, and the sin upon their return was giving a false report causing them to wander in the wilderness for another 40 years (Numbers 13-14).

At this moment we are being equipped, trained, and prepared for the battles that are ahead of us.  This should give us pause to understand the reason for Abba preparing us.  It is not so we can take selfies in our nice new uniforms.  No, we are about to use the weapons of our warfare, because we are about to face obstacles that will try to keep us from the promises of the Most High for our lives, families, nations, etc.  Complaining and whining will take us backward instead forward, greediness will taste good only for a moment, gossip behind the backs of Abba’s anointed will lead to the opposite of blessing, and giving a false report will derail us from the promise of the Father that is within reach.  Today we go armored with thanksgiving despite our circumstances, contentment with what Adonai has provided an will provide, blessing those in leadership, and giving the good report of the promised Land full of milk and honey.  What Adonai promises He delivers no matter how big the enemy may be, because that situation is less than a grasshopper before the King of kings.

As we enter the 6th week of the counting of the Omer be vigilant, ready to face strike down our past, be present in the moment, and expectant of the future as it holds the fulfillment of Adonai’s promise.  You are moving forward arrayed for battle, now its time to follow the Holy Spirit into battle one step at a time.  Every day is a new victory, a new transformation, forgetting our former self before Yeshua who is now dead, and living fully according to His blueprint for our lives.  The Lion of Judah leads the charge, so let’s take this 6th week of the counting of the Omer by storm, and take the enemy by surprise.  Adonai bless you, kingdom family!

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