What are global experts saying about the impending food crisis?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a major agricultural exporter, sent prices of wheat, soy and corn to near records earlier this year. Poor weather has also reduced grain harvests in China, India, South America and parts of Europe. Fertilizer shortages meanwhile are cutting yields of many crops around the globe.

The world has perhaps never seen this level of simultaneous agricultural disruption, according to agriculture executives, industry analysts, farmers and economists interviewed by Reuters, meaning it may take years to return to global food security.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said last week that the world faces an unprecedented hunger crisis, with a risk of multiple famines this year and a worse situation in 2023.

The U.S. Agriculture Department (USDA) expects end-of-season U.S. corn stocks to be down 33% from pre-pandemic levels in September before this year’s harvest, and down 37% in September 2023.

“War is tipping a fragile world towards mass hunger,” The Economist proclaimed in an article aptly titled “The Coming Food Catastrophe.”

UN Food Chief warns “Get ready for Hell” saying a current global shortfall in grain can lead to destabilization and mass migration.

These are serious statements and predictions from many of the world’s top experts in their fields. But let’s take a closer look at the facts to see if they are exaggerating or not.

Russia and Ukraine

Before the Russia Ukraine war the two nations accounted for 29% of the world’s wheat exports and in Ukraine alone 17% of the world’s corn exports. So why is this such a huge problem for the global food supply? The problem is the vital importance of wheat, corn and other grains that directly effect the other food we consume.

Wheat and grains in general are the foundation of our food system which directly effects the price of meat because grains are used to feed the animals we eat as well as dairy and almost everything else we consume. Therefore, even a very small reduction in the grain supply is sharply felt in the price of most food. We are not seeing a small reduction, but a large one. As the supply falls, naturally food prices rise which is doubly effected by the global economy being on the cusp of collapse which has caused rampant inflation in nearly every country. In the case of Ukraine it is not able to export most of its Wheat due to blockaded ports and said ports being heavily mined. This in ability to export its food is having a knock on effect we are about to feel the world over, most of all in Africa. Nearly half of African countries import their wheat from Russia and Ukraine with Somalia sourcing 90% from these two countries. But believe it or not this is the lesser of our problems.

Food is the Smaller Problem

China, and Russia have “temporarily” banned fertilizer exports and this is a problem because Russia and China are the top two exporters of fertilizer in the world, accounting for nearly a quarter 25% of the world’s fertilizer market. How important is fertilizer in our current food chain? Literally the most important part. Without fertilizer, most farms cannot produce food at all, especially giant farms that produce only one crop, because fertilizer is the only nutrients the crops will get as the soil of most farms is never allowed to naturally replenish itself due the availability of fertilizer. Now that the rest of the world has basically gone to war with Russia and indirectly China as Russia’s ally these two countries are using their grain and fertilizer against those who are against them. Since the outset of the Ukraine Russia war, and the West’s implementation of sanctions against Russia, Russia and China have made an official pact and signed a treaty against America and the West.

Not just fertilizer, but food altogether is being banned from export and Russia has even cut off its export of grain to ex-soviet neighboring nations. Where will people then migrate to get food? Europe, Russia’s current enemy. Russia has also halted exports of grain to countries it deems unfriendly and will only lift said ban when sanctions from the west are lifted.

It Gets Better

In 2021 China hoarded 50% of the world’s grain reserves which hiked up global food prices and continues to do so in 2022. It’s scary enough that China holds half the world’s grain reserves, and is the number two fertilizer exporter in the world, but with China’s new pact with Russia the two countries are openly weaponizing the two together on a global scale. What’s more, now that China continues with its no COVID policy and continues to implement strict lockdowns, especially in places like Shanghai, China’s biggest port, the knock on effect is that an estimated 1/5 of the world’s container ships are stuck for extended periods of time outside Chinese ports further inflaming the global bottleneck of the supply chain and exports of all goods, including wheat.

While the west has weaponized its control over the global financial system and used this to sanction Russia and cut Russia off from the SWIFT system, Russia and China have weaponized what we need more than money, food and the means to grow it. On top of that, the desired effect of the west’s sanctions on Russia were extremely short lived and after Russia started accepting payments for oil in only Rubles and backing its currency with oil, commodities and gold the value of the Russian Ruble has actually gone higher than its pre-war value, counteracting in large part the effect of western sanctions.

But Wait There’s More

If inflation, energy prices, food prices, the coming food crisis, supply chain issues, and impending global economic crash weren’t enough, other countries like India for example have also almost completely stopped exporting wheat and grains and stopped exporting fertilizer outright, exacerbating the problem even more. Other major countries are starting to join them as they see what is coming and just how bad it will be. It is turning out to be an everyone for themself scenario in a global system where countries inherently rely on many other different countries for survival. As Russia and China together wield such power over food, fertilizer, supply chains, and energy, if they wanted to they could actually make things much worse, if pushed too far.

Add in the fact that four corporations known as the ABCD’s (Archer Daniel Midland, Bunge, Cargil and Louis Dreyfus) control roughly 90% of the global grain trade, and the seeds, chemicals, packaging, etc. allowing them to be able to add price hikes artificially in order to enrich themselves even more which drives prices of everything higher in effect. There are so many compounding effects that it is difficult to keep track of completely, but what is clear is that we are heading into very tough times, and no country is going to be unaffected.

How to Prepare and Thrive

Firstly if the cost of food is going to continue to increase and become less available, stock up on as much food as you can for you and your family that has a long shelf life and is affordable to buy in bulk. Dry goods are better as you don’t need them in a freezer or refrigerator. If you have big enough yard it would be good to plant a garden, and to stock up on seeds for the future. Also, don’t tell everyone you have a lot of food stored away, because your house will be the first place people both friendly and unfriendly will go if they don’t have food. The closer knit the community is the better as there is power in numbers and unity to best protect what you need to live. 》〉》Click here for an extensive list on how to practically prepare in the case of society collapsing

As far as thriving goes, this is a time not only to be prepared practically, but especially in your faith and relationship with the Father, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit. If we are to be a light to the world in these dark times, we must be walking in the power and love of God to make this a season of supernatural multiplication literally like Yeshua multiplying the fish and bread. We have been chosen to live in these end times by God, and He has and will equip with all we need as we continue seeking first the kingdom and righteousness. Despite the bleak picture that has been painted here, in the eyes of the Father this is a huge opportunity for the Body of Yeshua to arise and shine (Isaiah 60:1) for the glory of God and an unprecedented global harvest of souls into the kingdom of God. Ask the Holy Spirit what He would have you do and let us be obedient to His voice knowing that if He is instructing us, He is with us too. Adonai bless you and keep you!


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