Global Economic Emergency

Corporations and Billionaires are Prepared, Are You?

A recession is already here and for months now major corporations have laid off anywhere between 10 and 20% of their salaried work force specifically citing macro-economic concerns. This means they are firing people in order to have cash liquidity during a financial crisis that they not only see is coming but is already here. Every billionaire and investor is selling everything they can in the stock market as quickly as possible to save up USD to buy everything once the market has completely tanked.

This is one small warning sign of the intensity of the global market crash that is very very close now, meaning in 1 to 2 months tops before a very sudden and extremely sharp correction takes place. Economic Bubbles around the world are popping at the moment and war in Ukraine which has led to Russia and China weaponizing food, fertilizer, and energy has made what was already going to be a massive global recession far worse.

Inflation Has Hit Home

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You don’t need us to tell you something is wrong with the global economy however, as inflation in the US alone is topping 9 percent while the entire world experiences a similar trend in everything we buy. The magnitude of the crash that is coming is what we need to be prepared for however as it is not only an economic crash and recession, possibly depression, that is coming, but a crash along all sectors that will effect not only the cost of essentials like food, water, energy to heat your home, and fuel prices, but also the availability of these things even in the wealthiest of countries like the United States.

Europe On the Brink

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Take a quick look at Europe and you will glimpse just the beginning of what is likely to be a horrendous winter with the governments of every country in the EU publicly warning through official statements and government commercials to conserve energy at all costs, falling just short of restricting energy usage by law due to the cut in Russian gas which supplies vast swaths of the EU. The Euro has now fallen below the value of the USD while farmers in multiple countries throughout the EU are simultaneously on strike due to CO2 restrictions being imposed by law which has drastically restricted what and how much farmers can grow which has been exacerbated by fertilizer shortages world-wide. Major exporting nations like Russia, China, and India among others have made it illegal to export things like fertilizer, wheat, and grains in order to be sure they have enough to feed their own populations on top of the fact that Ukraine cannot export its wheat and grain which feeds a substantial part of the world.


All of these things are connected and are and will further greatly effect our everyday lives in the days weeks and months to come. Stagflation world wide has set in, which means the economies of the superpowers and all other nations are experiencing stagnant or negative growth while GDP’s (Gross Domestic Product) of major nations are in the negative. For example as of July 20th the GDP of the US was negative 1.5% and continues to trend sharply downward. Inflation is on the rise sharply in almost every country and hence we get the term STAGFLATION which has historically been a very clear marker of a coming recession.


If we are smart and prepare practically for a food shortage, continued hikes in food and fuel prices and scarcity while in tandem preparing our finances for the coming economic reset we will be both food and energy secure, as well as prepared to take advantage of one of the greatest market crashes in history by getting out of the stock market to have cash (USD’s) and other liquid assets like gold, silver, diamonds, etc. to be ready to buy when the market is at its lowest. The time is now to prepare quickly because in the next month or two it will be too late. If you don’t believe us take 30 min. to an hour to do some quick research on your own to see what the mainstream media is not telling you and will not tell you until it’s too late. Learn more about the coming global food crisis and how to prepare here. Adonai bless you and keep you!


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