Dimona Prayer

This week we are praying for one of the most interesting cities in Israel. It has a very unique story, unlike any other in the land, and this city called Dimona needs our prayers and the intervention of the Almighty like never before. It is often called Mini India due to its large population of Indian Jews and is also known for its large population of Black African Hebrew Israelites. Located in the Negev desert, Dimona has a population of more than 34,000 with its population expected to triple by 2025.

Despite it being known to have the longest living people in Israel due the strict vegan diet of the Black African Hebrews, as well as their impressive organic agriculture in the middle of the desert, there are things less known like the polygamist lifestyle and cult like status of the Black African Hebrews who initially migrated from Chicago in 1967 and believe they are descendants of the 12 lost tribes.

They also adhere to the teaching of the New and Old Testaments while also believing Yeshua is not the only Messiah, but one of many “Messiahs” God has continued to bring to earth like their leader. Unfortunately, both the Indian Jewish Community and the Black African Hebrews face regular discrimination, but their ability to start a community and build a city from nothing in the desert and making it prosper takes serious effort and a strong will. Dimona is known as the City of Peace, and is believed to be the same place as described in Joshua 15:22. While Jerusalem literally means city of peace, Dimona, like a flower in the desert has sprung up in the most unlikely of places.

The heart of the Father for Dimona is that its inhabitants will know Yeshua as Lord and Savior, and while most people see Dimona as a city of outcasts, Adonai says they are Mine. Just like the Samaritans were seen as outcasts by the Israelites, so too are many of the people living in Dimona. But remember, it was with the Samaritans that Yeshua first publicly started His ministry at the well of Jacob with the outcast Samaritan woman.

We pray that Dimona will encounter Yeshua like she did that fateful day at the well and become worshippers in Spirit and Truth wherever they go, making a way through the desert like John the Baptist raising up a new sound and singing a new song bringing heaven to earth all the way back to Jerusalem. Adonai bless Dimona, and Adonai bless you and keep you as well!

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