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After recently having drills that simulated taking down 3,000 Hezbollah targets in 24 hours, Israel is ratcheting up its preparedness as the Israel-U.S. relationship cools, and Iran continues enriching uranium. Now, the U.S. government is trying its best to re-negotiate the former nuclear deal it had with Iran, with Iran only willing to consider it if all sanctions are removed.

Iran is confident that will happen and by all means, it is far more likely to happen with the current U.S. administration compared to the last one. If the sanctions on Iran were lifted it would be disastrous for the Middle East as even more money and resources would be pumped into Iran’s proxies throughout the region. We must continue praying for the peace of Israel, and pray that the arch enemies of Israel, Iran, will not acquire a nuclear bomb, and will not be further helped by the lifting of sanctions.

Houses of Prayer

Please pray for the borders of Israel to be opened once again, and for an influx of believers to come streaming into the nation to fill the houses of prayer to overflow and for worship in Spirit and Truth to fill the streets. As we approach Passover we are coming up on one year after having a truly global Passover where almost everyone was forced to be indoors. Let us pray for every believer currently in Israel to keep the fire burning both in their own homes, but to also go to strategic places and houses of prayer around Israel to bring the atmosphere of heaven to earth.

ICC decision and Upcoming Election

The U.N.’s International Criminal Court has officially decided they will investigate Israel for War Crimes, a decision that is clearly politically motivated and another sign of the world system having an extreme bias against Israel. Why not investigate the constant rocket attacks coming from Gaza and the hiding of weapons stashes and munitions in schools and homes as well? It is time to pray that Israel is shielded from the Hamans of the world who no matter the facts given, hate Israel, and want to see it gone from the face of the earth. We pray that the evil decree against Israel will be reversed in Yeshua’s Name.

At the same time, yet another election is set for March 23rd, and just as before Israel’s fate seems to be hanging in the balance. It is very important that we pray for Netanyahu to stay in power because the alternative will be an administration whose policies will be nearly identical to the radical left policies we have seen during the first month of the new administration in the U.S. that seem to have one goal in mind which is to reverse everything positive of the previous administration and do the best they can to Mock Adonai in the process. We must be clear of the disastrous outcome if Biblical values are thrown out the window in Israel because it will affect the world. Just under three weeks remain until the vote, so please pray that the people of Israel who are tired of never-ending elections to nonetheless turn out in record numbers on the side of Biblical values persisting in Israel’s government and policies.

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Government and The Green Pass

The green pass is a reality now in Israel, and it looks like it could be around for good. One week after having taken a vaccine every person is eligible to receive both a physical and electronic pass that will allow them to get into the country’s recently-reopened hotels, gyms, swimming pools, theaters, and concert halls. If you do not have a green pass you are only eligible to enter shops, malls, and museums. This is posing a major problem for those who not want to take the vaccine and who are not at risk of dying from C-19

This problem has just gotten worse with the new law passed in the Knesset that will allow the personal information of people who chose not to be vaccinated against the Virus to be shared with local and national authorities for the next three months. Under the law, the Health Ministry can provide the name, national identification number, phone number, and address of any citizen who is entitled to be vaccinated but hasn’t yet received a shot to the individual’s local government, the National Education Ministry, and the Welfare Ministry, if any of those authorities ask for the information. Yep, that is a veiled threat that says to anyone who refuses to get a vaccine, we can keep your child from attending school, and you can forget about any money you might need from the government because you can’t get a job, etc. Does this remind anyone of the yellow star of David Jews were forced to wear to identify themselves in Nazi Germany? It should! The Nazi government started by banning Jews from Kindergartens and Cinemas, sound familiar? Shouldn’t it be the choice of every individual whether they want to take a vaccine or not? My life my choice right? And isn’t it justified to wonder what the long and short-term effects of a vaccine that changes your DNA might be?

An image of green lounge chairs on a beach in Israel marked with the words “RESERVED FOR VACCINATED PEOPLE ONLY” went viral on social media and for good reason. If you get vaccinated and believe you are now immune, why are you worried if others don’t get vaccinated? If you think this is only happening in Israel, get ready because if other nations deem it a success, it is coming soon to a neighborhood near you. All of this to say, please pray for those who refuse not to take the vaccine not to be labeled and restricted from living their lives like every other citizen of Israel, and for them to be treated with respect like every human being deserves. Also, ask yourself, what’s next, will we need the number 666 to buy and sell goods? What happens if you refuse?

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