Colombia protests: What is behind unrest?

We are standing with the people of Colombia after 24 protesters and 1 police officer have been confirmed killed by government sources while numbers from non-profits like Temblores says 37 have been killes by police since up until May 4th. Protests began last Wednesday against the proposed tax hike made by the president and the persistent lockdowns that many people see as unnecessary and fueling the flames for unemployment and the shuttering of people’s businesses and livelihoods. President Iván Duque withdrew the tax plan on Sunday amid the protests and his finance minister resigned the following day, but large demonstrations and roadblocks have continued. The death toll does include reports of deaths in Cali on Monday, which the U.N. said it is still trying to confirm

Colombia has one of the strictest lockdown regimes in all of Central and South America, and the frustration has begun to boil over as neighbouring countries open, and economies begin to thrive once again while Colombia does not. Please pray with and for our brothers and sisters in Colombia for the restoration of peace, compromise between the people and the government, and a swift path back to the opening of the economy for the welfare of every person in Colombia to begin being restored. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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