Chanukah: Burn Hotter

Chanukah, the Feast of Dedication, the Feast of Lights is here and now! It is the season to be sure your light is burning bright and hot! It is no coincidence that Chanukah is also the bridge between the Biblical months of Kislev and Tevet, a clear nod to the importance of this Feast, and an allusion to our own destinies to be bridges of peace, transformation, and salvation through Yeshua, the Light of the world. Wrapped in long tradition and marked by the resurrection of Judaism on the brink of assimilation by the Greeks, we celebrate these eight days of lighting the candles of the Chanukiot with both joy and humility knowing just how close Israel came to being yet another Godless state in history’s countless disappeared cultures and national identities.

It is a reminder of God’s many promises over Israel both fulfilled and yet to come to pass, and a time of thanksgiving knowing that as we stand in God’s will, no matter how impossible a situation, with faith in action we are victorious over all plans and schemes of the fallen kingdom of darkness. From Sundown on December 18th to sundown on December 26th, We light the 8 candles one at a time day by day, remembering the past which renews our faith, as well as honoring the true Light of the World, Yeshua while prophesying the growing light arising in the world despite the growing darkness covering the earth.

Much like the days of Antiochus the IV who sacrificed pigs before the altar of YHWH in the Holy of holies during the time of the Maccabees, a generation is arising and has arisen in the earth without the fear and reverent awe of the Most High. What is wrong is considered right and right wrong around the world, but this Chanukah is also a reminder and a celebration of the remnant of this generation that stands resolute, burning hotter and brighter in direct confrontation to the weighty influence of darkness that has pervaded every sphere of society. Remember, the darkness can never overcome the light, but the light can overcome the darkness. As the windows of our homes are filled with lit Chanukiot for every passerby to see during these eight days of celebration, let it also be plain to see the Light we carry for every person that passes by us. As houses and temples of the Holy Spirit, may supernatural hope, peace, and love shine forth from within you causing darkness to flee in every direction.

As we celebrate Chanukah we acknowledge the fact that we are sons and daughters of oil like the two witnesses of Zechariah 4:14 filling and refilling the golden vessels with anointing oil. We are the bride of Yeshua, prepared with enough oil in our lamps to be called forth by the Groom. We continue the mission for which we are here in this world, the same as Yeshua when He came, to come as a Light to shine in this dark world, so that all who put their trust in Him will no longer wander in the darkness (John 12:46). Equally for ourselves to know, is that “If anyone hears Yeshua and doesn’t obey Him, He is not his judge—for He came to save the world and not to judge it (John 12:7)”. It is our job to be the light this Chanukah season, and never to be the judge lest we overstep the boundaries of our authority in Christ.

This Biblical feast was considered so important to Yeshua that it was during this time that He told the people in Jerusalem while walking on Solomon’s Porch around the temple in no uncertain terms that He is indeed the Messiah and that He and the Father are One, only to be summarily rejected by them. If this window of time was so important for Yeshua, let us take this time of open heavens to share the Good News of Yeshua in this time of darkness in the world, and for the light in the world, we His witnesses, to be multiplied paving the way for His soon return. The darkness has no bearing on you, and though it attempts to overtake you, remember, only the light can overcome the darkness, and the promise of God over your life is life and life everlasting. You are a burning one, a torch in the night from which darkness has to flee, and the oil of the Holy Spirit is the fuel for your fire that will never be quenched. Enter to the gates of Chanukah ready to turn up the heat as we move from one Biblical month to the next. Adonai bless you and keep you and happy Chanukah!


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