California: Israel’s Twin

“As California goes, so goes the U.S.A. As Israel goes, so goes the world”

If you didn’t know, California and Israel are basically twins, and if Adonai has given you the Father’s heart for Israel and California as He has to us, this will greatly increase your understanding both naturally and spiritually about each place how we can continue praying for each one in this extremely crucial time for both, as well as other nations the Holy Spirit has burdened your heart to intercede for. There is a saying in the United States that goes, “As California goes, so goes the U.S.A.”, and for the most part that is true regarding culture, fashion, technology, etc. and it seems like it always comes like a wave from the west, from California.

There is a Biblical understanding of Israel as God’s Promised Land and His nation, from where His Word goes forth to all nations, from where the Gospel of Peace went forth to all nations, and where Yeshua will return to rule the nations. As such we can confidently say, “As Israel goes, so goes the world”. For the better part of 4 years the Holy Spirit has given us the heart of the Father for the state of California and has sent us multiple times from the south to the north of California, from the west to the east and nearly everywhere in between to worship, pray, declare His Word, and fellowship with the Body of Messiah which has forced us to look constantly at the map of the state, and during a previous prophetic journey to California, the Holy Spirit told us to look at the map of California and Israel side by side, and He began to show us the uncanny parallels between the two, like California as Israel’s almost identical twin. The implications of this are very far reaching, and are a hugely helpful tool when interceding for the Golden State. So get your maps out and lets take a deep dive into the prophetic parallels and destinies of California and Israel.

Let’s start with Geography

Geographically speaking, both places are located in the same temperate zone, and are on the same latitude. When you put the map of Israel and California next to one another their shape is very similar, and just like Israel, California has its coastline to the west, Mountain ranges on its northern and eastern borders, and desert covering most of the south. Both places struggle with water shortage problems, but still maintain enormous agriculture sectors, with California producing the most food in the United States by far, and Israel being a world leader in agriculture technologies, growing everything its population needs with the rest being exported worldwide. This is a miraculous feat considering over half of its land area is desert, and only 20 percent of the land is naturally arable. The locations of the major cities of both California and Israel are also remarkably similar, as are their sectors of economy, influence, and general outputs of those cities.

Cities and Sectors

Let’s start with Tel Aviv and San Francisco. Both Cities are located on the central coast just west of their respective capitol cities. San Francisco is home to Silicon Valley, one the largest hubs of technology and innovation in the world, while Tel Aviv is also considered one the greatest technology start-up hubs in the world. Both cities are also the so called LGBTQ “Capitols” of their countries and regions. These are title’s the world gives by the way, not the Father, and when we asked the Abba what His heart for these cities is, He said: “these are the cities of My prodigals, and they are Mine”. As we travel a short distance east in both California and Israel from these two cities, we come to both respective capitol cities, Jerusalem and Sacramento. Each of these cities are the seats of power and government with neither being a tremendous economic power houses, and each being placed relatively center to their geographic borders.

Moving south, we come to L.A. and the Gaza strip, each of which are on the southwest coast. What could these two cities possibly have in common? While L.A. is arguably the largest supplier of movies and entertainment to the rest of the world, there is almost no other place on earth that gets more media attention than the Gaza strip, a magnet of worldwide publicity.

Moving even further south, we come to San Diego and Eilat, the southernmost cities on both respective maps. Each of these cities act as major gateways and border entry points by land and sea, each of which are extremely sensitive both politically and physically. While Israel was the first country to be termed the land of milk and honey in the bible (Exodus 3:17), this term is also commonly used in regards to California. Israel is the promised land of God for the Hebrews, and California became the promised land in 1849 when the largest gold rush in history began. Not only are they both promise lands flowing with milk and honey, but are also gathering places of the nations of the world. California is the most diverse state in the United States, and Israel is home to immigrants from all over the globe, most of which made Aliyah, who are of Jewish descent. In a last connection in terms of demographics, more natural born Israelis emigrate to California than any other state, including New York, and has the second largest population of Jewish people outside of New York City.

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Glory Hubs Of The Gospel To The Nations

While we are all very aware of Jerusalem and Israel being the epicenter of The Way, The Gospel of Peace being spread to the ends of the earth. very few people are aware that for more than 100 years, California has launched more ministries with a global impact, and been “ground zero” to more world-wide move of God than any other place in the world. So why isn’t California known the world over for such mind boggling statistics and for the salvation of millions and millions of souls? Why is it that California is instead known to most believers as a ”lost cause” and “too far gone to save”, or even more popular in the Body of Messiah in the United States is that California is going to be judged like Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed outright by the hand of God? When we put the reality next to the perceived reality, the two clearly do not match up. Here is theory, the devil fights the hardest against what the greatest threats are to the salvation of souls.

Based on that theory, California is one of the greatest battlegrounds against all things Godly because California’s prophetic and redemptive destiny is an apostolic calling to bring glory to Adonai and the saving of souls to every nation of the world. For this reason the fallen kingdom of darkness has worked non-stop to trick even the Body of Messiah into thinking California is too far gone, when all this time, the Father has been not only saying, but showing the world the exact opposite. Gold and silver is Mine saith Adonai (Haggai 2:8), and the Golden State is no different. The demonic veil over the eyes of the Body of Messiah in regards to California is falling, and instead of running from California, it is time we run towards the fight for once instead of leaving our brothers and sisters in Yeshua who call California home feeling abandoned and alone. It is time to pick up the flag of the King of glory off the ground and wave it high for all of the fallen kingdom of darkness to see that California is Adonai’s and we will not let it be consumed by darkness. Just like Joshua and Caleb who entered the Promised land knowing there were giants in the land, and high walled cities and trained armies ready to fight, they did not fear, because the Lord of Hosts, the Lord Mighty in Battle was with them and went before them. If God is for us and with us, whom shall we fear? There are giants in the land of California, but it is Elohim’s, and the land is good, and the fruit is good, and the promise of God over California will come to pass. Let’s cross the Jordan.


Why is all of this important? One of the main reasons, is that it shows there is a very close link not only in the natural, but also in the Spirit between both Israel and California. We understand that as Jerusalem is the prophetic clock of God, and California is closely linked, that’s a big deal. These are times of acceleration, and California is a state of acceleration, being the only state to not be a territory before gaining statehood with the process taking only one year after the beginning of the gold rush. The population, much like Israel’s at its conception, skyrocketed at a record pace, and has been braking records ever since. If history teaches us anything about these two territories, it is that they are forerunners, pioneers, game changers, and world shapers. “As California goes, so goes the United States”, and “as Israel goes, so goes the World”.

Let’s continue to join together in prayer and by any other means the Holy Spirit leads you to support and be in oneness with our brothers and sisters in California declaring the promise of the Father, not the lies and deception of the fallen kingdom of darkness. Stay tuned, as we continue writing the prophetic revelation we have received for certain cities and places in the Golden State after having been there ourselves and walked the land. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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