Year of the Open Door

🔑🚪 In 2024, we are called to step through the open door with clean hands and pure hearts, aligning ourselves as the generation of Jacob (Psalm 24:6). This is a transformative journey culminating at Bethel, the House of God and the gateway to heaven, where we will grasp the key to ascend the dimensional ladder and enter the throne room, worshipping our trinitarian God in Spirit and truth (John 4:24). It is time like never before to be familiar with the throne room of God.

🔥This ascent empowers us to engage within the profound reality described in Revelation 4, where we are met with the awe-inspiring imagery of the 24 elders, adorned with 24 crowns of gold, the 7 lamps of fire representing the seven spirits of God, a sea of crystal, and the presence of the 4 living creatures or cherubim.

⚡️The constant call to ask, seek, and knock (Matthew 7:7) opens our hearts to the invitation of divine revelation, echoing the dream of Jacob’s ladder 🪜 (Genesis 28:12), where angels ascended and descended between heaven and earth. This mirrors the summons of the voice speaking like a war trumpet in Revelation 4:1, urging us to come up and witness what is to come. In 2024, we are indeed entering a season resonant with deep spiritual significance and divine encounters. You have been given the keys to the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 16:19) and it is time to use them. 🔑 Happy New Year! Adonai bless you and keep you!

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