Prophetic Description

The crown

The five point crown represents the coverage of the Father and is a declaration that He is the King of kings. It is also a reminder that we have been reborn not to continue with a worldly mindset, but to now operate with a kingdom mindset. These five points also represent the five fold ministry of which VdD7 has an apostolic calling from Jerusalem to the nations.

The Magen David

The Magen David (star of David) in the center of the crown represents the calling and assignment Abba has given us to be worshippers in spirit and truth and restorers of the tabernacle of David. It also represents Eretz Israel and Jerusalem and part of VdD7’s calling to spread the message to nations to align with the heart of the Father by praying for the salvation of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem.


The number 7 inside the Magen David represents Yeshua, who we are being called to be witnesses and ambassadors of here on earth.


The letters VdD7 stand for Valientes de David translated just below it in english as the Mighty Men of David, after the mighty men of David the famed warriors of King David’s army.


The 7 in VdD7 puts the focus on Yeshua, the seed of David the Son of God, meaning that we are truly Mighty Men of Yeshua.

The Gold letters

The Gold letters and golden Magen David represent the presence and glory of YHWH, as everything is for His glory.