God is raising a prophetic UNUSUAL generation in the nations of the earth, but, what is it to be an UNUSUAL young man for God?.

One of the best examples of UNUSUALITY in the Bible is the young Daniel and his friends, since they were instruments of Elohim to generate a differentiating impact in Babylon being genuine in the manifestation of its essence (character); in other words they did not force anything, but acted naturally and allowed themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit to do what was part of their assignment for their time and space.

Therefore, to be an UNUSUAL, young man is to stand out positively in your place of influence, being and doing original things in alignment with your purpose of life in Christ Jesus. Now, it is very important that these things (actions) make the Kingdom of God advance on earth with strength, with demonstration, healing, deliverance, worship and salvation.

Let us remember that every UNUSUAL movement of the Holy Spirit has a solid foundation, therefore we faithfully believe that the foundation of a UNUSUAL youth is: intercessory prayer, transitional fasts and continuous worship in Spirit and in truth. If you include these three key elements in your daily life, there is no doubt that your legacy and royal lineage will soon manifest, which will do, that wherever you arrive, causes changes, transformations and supernatural UNUSUALITIES.

So today we invite you to activate yourself as a UNUSUAL young man that makes a difference in your house, city and nation. Send us photos, videos and audios with testimonials of what you start to experience. We wish you success, remember God called you to be light in such a time as this.

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