Ukraine Prayer Alert

We continue to join the Body of Yeshua throughout Europe and the world praying for the Ukrainian people who are fighting for their existence as a country and under siege on multiple fronts by the Russian military. Please pray for refuge for the now more than 3 million people who have fled the country as well as those still inUkraine either by choice or trapped in cities like Mariupol under heavy and indiscriminate bombardment. All of Ukraine desperately needs our prayers three weeks into this war, not praying from fear or worry, but from the victory of Yeshua knowing that He is our strong tower and refuge.

Most people in Russia and Ukraine do not want this conflict, but are being forced into it one way or another. We are not praying on political lines, or even military ones, but according to the kingdom just as Yeshua taught us to pray. God is sovereign, and His perfect will will be done. The challenge of not being able to see past the fog of this current conflict into the greater future keeps us focused on the worldly perspective, but everything has a perfect plan and purpose in Adonai. This year is the Shmita year, and before it began the Holy Spirit was warning of war to come. Exactly where, He was not specific with us, but rest assured this is only the beginning of what is to come globally speaking not only in regards to Russia but other nations as well.

As for this moment however, let us pray that both Russian and Ukrainian brothers and sisters in Yeshua have each other’s backs in prayer and support whatever that may look like, and for bold prayers and aid to go forth to one another. Please pray that hatred and enmity would not come between them as this conflict ensues, and please pray for every person in Ukraine that is being called to arms. Likewise, pray for those in Russia who are being called to do the same even though they do not believe in or know what they are fighting for. Pray for the remnant to stay staunch in their faith and convictions so that no matter what comes to pass Yeshua is with them and for them, that their brothers and sisters around the world are with them in oneness via the Holy Spirit, and the victory is already won in the Great I Am.

The UN estimates over 700 civilians have been killed including 52 children, but publicly admits the numbers are likely much higher as Russia continues to intensify attacks. The World Health Organization has said it verified 43 attacks on Ukraine healthcare facilities alone with many residential areas completely destroyed along with strategic targets.  The Ukrainian army continues fighting very bravely and extremely effectively against all odds demoralizing Russian forces at every turn.  Continue praying for the safety of President Zelensky who refuses to leave the country as he continues taking the fight to the enemy.  Pray for the continued protection of the civilians in cities that are being besieged, and for the Ukrainian army for supernatural fighting ability.

In Russia, sanctions have hit everyday people especially hard, most of whom do not support the war in the first place.  Every independent news outlet in Russia has been forcibly closed, hundreds of major companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi have either suspended operations in Russia or completely stopped, like global shipping and transport companies for example.  The value of the Ruble has dropped nearly 20 percent since the start of war, inflation is rising quickly, and many Russians have lost their jobs.  Russians were already unhappy with the war in the first place, and now Russian society as we know it is at a tipping point.  Pray for the people of Russia who are taking a stand against this unjust war, and for the voice of the people which is being stamped out to become so loud that the Russian government will have no choice but to stop the war in its tracks.

Pray for all of those men and women who are sill not saved to come to salvation as they seek God in this time of uncertainty and war, and for a harvest of souls to be brought in. To our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, we are standing with you and praying for you, unmoved by the plans and schemes of the fallen kingdom of darkness, and likewise with our brothers and sisters in Russia and the other Russian speaking nations praying from the Kingdom perspective over this conflict. Father we ask for Your shalom to envelope the entire region, and for all that is happening to bring your children closer to you, and those that do not know you into relationship with you in their millions and tens of millions in the mighty name of Yeshua we pray! We also pray for all of those of Jewish descent in Ukraine who are able to do Aliyah back to Israel to be able to do so in haste, and for the Israeli government to continue moving whatever needs to be moved to do so in greater and greater numbers. The hand of God is moving in the midst of it all, and we must continue to pray, knowing that as we do, miracles are happening throughout Ukraine as ministering angels are being sent forth in their millions and millions.

Adonai bless you and keep you kingdom family!

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