After spending nearly one full month praying, worshipping and fellowshipping with the remnant throughout California as the Holy Spirit led us, we found ourselves in Pasadena, California, a quiet city on the outskirts of Los Angeles wondering why Adonai had sent us there. 2 Years previously we had spent nearly three months going all over California from the biggest cities to the smallest towns and everywhere in between similar to this trip, and His emphasis on Pasadena this time around was monumental compared to before.

While we had a time of prayer with some very good friends and intercessors who live in and love Pasadena, there was a very apparent shift of the spiritual gateways of California. On our previous trip to California, the Holy Spirit pinpointed Santa Monica which is backed up to the Pacific Ocean and also on the outskirts of Los Angeles as a major gateway of the State. But now, there has been a shift of emphasis from Santa Monica to Pasadena which is inland, and the Holy Spirit said Pasadena is the womb of California, one of the places where we will see a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This new revelation brought back to mind a directly connected prophetic dream from 2 years ago just before arriving to California.

The 4 Brides of California

In the dream we were arriving to the United States by plane to California. I could see clearly all of the west coast. I saw an angel came from the heavens into California, every inch of him covered in armor. I specifically noticed his helmet, a giant sword pointing toward the ground, and heavy military boots made of gold up to his knees. When his feet and the sword hit the ground simultaneously, the earth shook. I Knew the angel had landed in San Francisco, but I was seeing the earthquake effecting the whole state. The ground did not shake side to side, but rather up and down. It was an earthquake in the natural and the Spirit, that I discerned would be of low casualties and even release the gold still un-mined in California which also represents the glory of Adonai spiritually speaking. It was clear in my spirit that the same angel I was seeing was the angel that had brought about great revivals in the past. From my vantage point I saw four women prepared to get married in white wedding gowns, and each one of them had a sash draped over their shoulders with a name of a city on each one. The names I saw on the sashes were, Santa Monica, San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento. I noticed that the brides to be were looking toward the coast, and when I followed their gaze, there was a huge red wave (the blood of Yeshua) about to engulf the state. The brides to be did not seem scared or worried about the earthquake, but instead seemed eager to receive the wave.

Clearly by the dream, Santa Monica still has a major role to play in the move of God that is coming to California, but now Pasadena is waking up to its important call to be an activator and catalyst of the Red Wave that is coming in order to prepare the bride of Yeshua in California to steward the great harvest that is coming, and to muster and send forth the army of Adonai into California and beyond. Pasadena is like the prophetess Deborah, the one that hears clearly the voice of Adonai and does not hesitate to act when He says go, activating Israel in its great calling once again in the Promised Land.

A Goshen Territory

As we continued praying and worshipping together there was a vision of angels entering to Pasadena in the form of men that were coming to guard the land and they were bringing light with them. It was a confirmation not only of a birthing happening in Pasadena, but also that it is a Goshen territory and a place of refuge. Almost directly after this vision, there was another vision of a stone house that the Holy Spirit said was the house of the wicked man, like the strongman over the territory. It was very interesting how Adonai first showed the angels coming to guard Pasadena, but also bringing light to illuminate and bring to light the strongman in the land for the body of Messiah to know and understand there is a trespasser that does not belong in this land promised by Adonai to birth revival and to be a Goshen land. Finally, there was a vision of Pasadena as an ancient well, a well that has been tapped into before, but not even close to the extent Adonai will bring forth salvation in the times to come. Adonai is bringing what has been hidden in the darkness to light in Pasadena, and now is the time for the remnant to actively kick out what does not belong, and to re-dig what the enemy has been trying to dry up. The problem for the fallen kingdom of darkness is that you can’t dry up the living waters of the Most High.

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Rebuking the Jebusites and the Giants

We felt led by the Holy Spirit to then go to the mountains on the outskirts of Pasadena that overlook greater L.A. and the Pacific ocean to do a prophetic act of blowing the shofar and declaring Joel 2:15, that says, “Blow a trumpet in Zion [warning of impending judgment], Dedicate a fast [as a day of restraint and humility], call a solemn assembly.” It is essential that we as the Body of Messiah come together, no matter where you are in the world to understand the promise and purpose He has not only for your congregation, but for the place you call home, and just as the intercessors in Pasadena, to be praying as watchmen on the walls and gate keepers of the city, bringing the house into order as well as restoring and activating its redemptive purpose in Adonai.

The fallen kingdom of darkness is like the Jebusites who mocked King David and his army believing he would never get in, but what the Jebusites did not know is Adonai had given David the key. The same goes with the giants in the land that could not have been defeated without Adonai’s help, but He had promised them the land, and because they had faith and took YHWH on His Word, the giants fell. There are many giants in Pasadena and L.A. as a whole but nothing that can possibly stand in the way of a remnant that moves in oneness and faith that says if Adonai promised it, we shall surely take it for His glory as He is not one to lie. The sound of the shofar was both a call to the remnant to stand fast and push forward, but also to let the fallen kingdom of darkness know that squatters and intruders are not welcome in Pasadena, and the remnant is not only watchful, but taking its marching orders from the Lord mighty in battles.

Call to prayer and Action

To all of the mighty men and women of God in Pasadena, we are praying for you, and as the Holy Sprit leads, coming to join you in faith and acts to see the promise of Adonai fulfilled over the city and all of California! Pasadena is not alone in this, and wherever you are, whatever, city, or country, the same goes for the great inheritance yet to be unlocked in the land, and it is going to take faith and oneness to see it come to pass. The angel of revival is coming to California, and the angels are arriving to Pasadena and elsewhere, but the question is, is the remnant, the bride of Yeshua eager and expectant to receive the wave? Ready or not He is coming. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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