For the past three months as we have been praying and interceding for Indonesia from Jerusalem, we understood from the Spirit of Adonai that the redemptive purpose of the nation is to be a Joseph Nation who like Joseph in Scripture went through many difficult processes before rising to his position as second only to the Pharaoh of Egypt. Now is the time that Indonesia is being raised to its position, and the Father is draping the mantle of Joseph about its shoulders. Read more about the Joseph mantle here: Since this recent revelation, the Holy Spirit has also been showing us Indonesia as an eagle in the spirit.

For years, so many people when praying for Indonesia have seen the country as an Elephant in the spirit, ourselves included, but recently, we felt very strongly there has been a shift, or a progression rather of the calling over Indonesia. It first started with a dream we had of a Golden Eagle rising from the land flying over the nation, releasing a sound over Indonesia. We understood that this Golden Eagle was a representation of the whole nation that was releasing a new sound from the heavenly places back to Jerusalem, a sound of worship with the angels and the 24 elders before the throne of the Ancient of Days.

During our time in Indonesia before returning to Jerusalem, we were led by the spirit of Elohim to the island of Bali. While there, we were led to worship El Elyon and to do a prayer walk around the giant Garuda statue. At 122 meters tall, it can be seen for miles around, a giant monument to a Hindu god. The Garuda is a mythical bird in Hindu legend, however when we stood in front of the statue and began to pray, El Shaddai said very clearly that the fallen kingdom of darkness was simply mis-appropriating Indonesia’s calling not as a Garuda, but as a Golden Eagle of the Kingdom of heaven, and told us to begin to redeem that name.We then asked Adonai for confirmation in Scripture, and one night the Spirit of the Lord woke one of us up and started to speak about the calling of Indonesia saying look at Isaiah 46:11 that says, “Calling a bird of prey from the east, from a far country, the man (Cyrus) of My purpose. Truly I have spoken; truly I will bring it to pass. I have planned it, be assured I will do it.” This verse ticks all the boxes of Indonesia! We understood after looking at this verse in the Hebrew that when Isaiah says a “A bird of prey from the east “ he is specifically speaking about a type of raptor, which is a type of eagle that does not eat dead animals, while regular eagles do, and although Isaiah is comparing the eagle to King Cyrus, the similarities to Indonesia are uncanny.

Just to be sure, we dug a little deeper, and when we saw the emblem of King Cyrus was a Golden Eagle, and the same type of raptor no less,, we were shocked how the emblem of Indonesia, also a Golden Eagle, is nearly identical.

The national bird of Indonesia, the Javan Hawk-Eagle is the emblem of Indonesia’s flag, and also happens to be specifically classified as a raptor just like Isaiah 46:11 describes and just like the emblem of King Cyrus. King Cyrus was known for having conquered great amounts of territory in the Middle East and beyond very quickly, including Jerusalem, and as a parallel, it is the calling of Indonesia to be the tip of the spear in bringing the Gospel of Peace to the Middle East and back to Jerusalem.

As we continued to search, we found that the actual Golden Eagle can be found in nature in the mountains of Judea and Samaria on the eastern border of Israel. That was shocking to us as it is no coincidence that in this moed (appointed time), the stage is set for Judea and Samaria to be annexed by Israel soon which is a huge sign of the salvation of Israel coming quickly. How does this involve Indonesia you might ask?

Firstly, Indonesia is a Golden Gate nation, meaning it is in line with the Golden Gate of Jerusalem when looking at the world map from Jerusalem to the Far East. The Gospel went from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8), and now the gospel is returning from the ends of the earth through Judea and Samaria and back to Jerusalem.

Indonesia, that stretches all the way to West Papua represents one of these ends of the earth, and has one of the largest populations of unreached people groups where the Gospel has yet to be preached. You might be thinking, yes, but isn’t Indonesia the most populous Muslim nation in the world? Yes! Exactly, and that is at least part of the reason why Adonai is going to use the Indonesian people to do it, a large percentage of whom have learned and speak Arabic.  Instead of looking at the earthly challenges like the 10 spies who gave the bad report, we must see from the heavenly perspective above wha the world says to see the plans and purposes of Adonai for this great nation.  We need not know how, but we do need to say yes and amen to the promise knowing the Great I Am is the one who removes the obstacles and gives divine strategy every step of the way just as He did Joshua after crossing the Jordan River into the promised land.

When the outpouring of the Ruah Ha’Kodesh envelopes Indonesia and SE Asia, we will see Indonesia soaring like the Golden Eagle straight to the Middle East from Aceh with the defeated serpent clutched in its talons. Aceh is the westernmost tip of Indonesia and is popularly known as a stronghold of Islam as it is the only Indonesian state officially under Sharia Law.  To top it all off, it is traditionally called the Porch of Mecca.

Ask Eloheinu and see from the perspective of the Throne of the Almighty and you will see that when the Holy Spirit comes to Aceh, it will quickly become the Porch of Jerusalem for the glory of the Most High, and the launching point to Ezion Geber Gate (Eilat). To learn more about the Ezion Geber Gate read here

A Golden Eagle is Indonesia soaring in the heavenly places, seeing what is coming on the horizon through the eyes of the Great I Am. An army of the sons of God that creation has been yearning for is raising up on wings like eagles, a people like Jeremiah to whom YHWH asked, “What do you see?” (Jeremiah 1:11). Not a Garuda, but a Golden Eagle, a bird of prey from the east, from a far country. The King of glory is watching after His word for it to be fulfilled. “Truly I have spoken; truly I will bring it to pass. I have planned it, be assured I will do it” (Isaiah 46:11).

From the ends of the earth back to Jerusalem through the gates of Ezion Geber (Eilat) and Judea & Samaria paving a highway through the seas and through the Middle East preaching the Kingdom in the power of Yeshua. Indonesia is a place spoken of as hard ground, the largest Muslim population in the world. The world says impossible, but El Elyon says watch Me, behold and see, so that none will be glorified but Himself when it comes to pass. Indonesia will be filled with the glory of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! The Golden Eagle of the East is perched and ready to fly.  The prayers of the saints has been on full blast during this COVID-19 pandemic, and the fallen kingdom of darkness in Indonesia has lost a lot of ground, but you won’t hear that in the main stream news.  The prince of the airwaves (satan) (Ephesians 2:2) would like you to think the opposite, but his job is to lie, steal, kill, and destroy.  Now is the time for the remnant of Indonesia to get above the airwaves into the heavenly places where we are citizens (Ephesians 3:7) and have been given the keys to enter in order to bind and loose on earth what has already been bound and loosed in heaven (Matthew 16:19).  How can we expect to know what to bind and loose if we are too busy trying to read between the lines of the always biased and politicized headlines?  Let us look to the heavenly headlines like Joshua and Caleb, seeing the land of milk and honey, taking the next steps boldly and courageously, remembering the God of Israel is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is and will continue to fight for His promise to be fulfilled in Indonesia on earth as it is in heaven.  The Creator of heaven and earth is way bigger than every problem Indonesia has.  Now is the time for the Golden Eagle of the East to do according to its namesake. But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] Will gain new strength and renew their power; They will lift up their wings [and rise up close to God] like eagles [rising toward the sun]; They will run and not become weary, They will walk and not grow tired. (Isaiah 40:31) Above the noise and in the presence of YHWH of Hosts is where Indonesia is being called, to worship as they worship before the Father’s throne, the war cry of an eagle who has no prey. In this civil year of 2020, the year of 20/20 vision, Adonai is calling Indonesians to have the eyes of an eagle to know the times and seasons and what is good for Indonesia, and what is coming in the future in order to prepare. It is also the year 5780 in the Biblical calendar, the year of the letter Pei, or the mouth, the year when El Shaddai is speaking. It is imperative that Indonesia, specifically the government be wise only to speak what He is speaking, and to be like Yeshua who only spoke what the Father spoke.

The beak of the eagle must release the sound only at the appointed times of Elohim. We must continue to pray for the President of the nation to be a Golden Eagle, and his advisors like Josephs who are good stewards of the land and resources, who bless Israel, and befriend Israel. It is the time for the remnant, the government and this new generation to be activated in the Joseph Mantle and the Golden Eagle anointing for Indonesia to rise in every sphere of society farther and faster than any thought possible. It is time to declare it here on earth as it has been declared in the heavenly places.

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