… “and knowledge will be increased.” Daniel 12:4

We are in the midst of an information and knowledge explosion! 5 Billion of the 7.5 billion people on the planet now have cell phones that allow them access to the overwhelming amount of information we now have at our fingertips. Very soon that percentage will be 99.9%. To understand just how much knowledge has increased, take a look at these statistics of knowledge growth. Until the year 1900, knowledge doubled every 100 years. In the years between 1900-1945 it doubled every 25 years. From 1925- 2018 it doubled every 13 months. Now, due to the advent and use of quantum computers, knowledge doubles every 12 hours. This, coupled with the implementation of 5G technology will make for a truly global and nearly instantaneous data network that, if used unethically will have catastrophic consequences. We have reached a point at which knowledge and technology has outpaced our capacity to use it wisely (Romans 1:28). Technologies and ideas that were science-fiction and considered far flung less than a decade ago are now our reality, electronic textiles and smart clothing being just a couple of examples. Why is this important to us as Believers? Let’s put this in the context of the book of Revelation.

Nearly every generation of God’s Remnant since the Apostle John wrote the book of Revelation, has had good reason to believe that their generation was the end times generation. From Nero to Hitler, it was clear to the Body of Yeshua that they were witnessing the anti-christ that Revelation speaks of. They were not wrong, as the spirit of anti-Messiah has been active since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but the complete fulfillment of the prophesy of the end times as written in Revelation has not been possible until now. Certain aspects of this book like a one world currency, one world religion, one world government, and the ability to buy and sell with the mark of the beast have not been possible until the last few years. What’s more, it is all being implemented at a mind boggling rate as we speak.

Both China and India have now decided to have a cashless society, but that is just a guise for something far more sinister. In India, the AADHAAR Biometric identification program makes it mandatory for all of India’s 1.3 billion citizens to open a bank account, and to do so one must receive a retinal scan and fingerprint scan that is then collected in an online database, and when complete, everyone will have a 12 digit identity number. All of this information just so happens to be sent directly to the United Nations. This biometric ID is mandatory in order to access India’s vast welfare state. This means, that if you refuse, you cannot get food rations, medical treatment, go to school, and in most cases not get paid. “BUT UNDERSTAND this, that in the last days will come (set in) perilous times of great stress and trouble [hard to deal with and hard to bear]”. – 2 Timothy 3:1. You must also have this biometric ID in order to buy a mobile phone, file income taxes, and to get a drivers license. Furthermore, after India’s prime minister took 85% of India’s cash out of circulation, most people are now linking their AADHAAR biometric data to their wallets, effectively making India a cashless society. 99% of people over the age of 18 in India have been enrolled.

In China, things are even more invasive. Chinese citizens are now getting social credit scores. Think of it like a credit score except it takes into account everything about your life in real time. This score is based on everything from if you pay your taxes on time all the way down to if you were seen J-walking on camera. If your social score is too low, you are not allowed to fly, take high speed rail, can’t buy property, and cannot enroll your children into private school for starters. All of China’s 1.4 Billion citizens are as we speak being assigned a social credit score number. It is believed that if you do things like community service or buy Chinese products, your score will go up, but if you do something deemed bad like fraud, tax evasion or smoking in non-smoking areas, your score will go down. How can they track these things you might ask? China now has the most sophisticated and dense network of surveillance cameras in the world that are installed in every public place thinkable. These cameras have face identification technology that can tell where you are at all times with real time data of your current social credit score. They also track your car license plate number wherever you go with real time information of where you are at all times. With the advent of artificial intelligence, people are no longer needed to make the calculations of said social credit scores, and rely on the AI to do all of the number crunching through algorithms that sort this data via the AI that is integrated into the system. This extremely thorough surveillance system is just one part of the Chinese government’s control of its people. It is now very rare to see anyone paying with cash anymore, because everyone pays for everything with their phones by simply scanning a QR code that takes money out of your account. From the cheapest food stall to the most luxurious hotel, this is how you buy and sell. You can even give money to the homeless and street performers via your phone. China skipped credit cards altogether and went straight to paying with phones. We now have technology that is currently in use allowing for all of your information such as you bank account and other real time information to be stored in a rice size microchip implanted just below the skin of your wrist that enables you to buy and sell items. Another technology has been developed that allows you to get an electronic tattoo that does the same thing. These are not prototypes, but are actually being used in nations around the world. “Also he compels all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead [signifying allegiance to the beast],  and that no one will be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name” (Revelation 13:16-17).

Russia is in the midst of installing the same system as China, and Venezuela has shown great interest in implementing it as well, along with a long list of other nations. This is the kind of technology that Hitler and Stalin dreamed of, and had they had it, who knows what the world would be like today. Wait, scratch that, we ARE seeing what the world would be like today. If you thought you would never live to see the day of having to have the mark of the beast to buy and sell, you were wrong, because it is already happening. Believers in these nations are already having to deal with the repercussions. Could this become a reality in the United States? One would hope that with our system of checks and balances something like this would never be allowed to happen, but that isn’t what my Bible says. If you have not read the book of Revelation, it is time to pick it up, because it is more relevant now than any other time in the history of the world. Not only is the mark of the beast quickly becoming a reality, but the development of a one world religion is also well under way with the current Pope of the Catholic Church as well as many other well known religious organizations spreading the mostly well received message of Ecumenicalism around the globe. In one of the Pope’s most recent high profile visits, he was invited to the the UAE to the applause of tens of thousands as he signed a pledge of fraternity with the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, and has done so with almost all of the world’s major religious leaders thus far. “Yeshua answered them, Be careful that no one misleads you [deceiving you and leading you into error]” (Matthew 24:4).

The End of Critical Thinking and Debate?

While we are bombarded every minute with media on all of our different social media platforms, it has become nearly impossible to sort through all of it to come to any rational conclusion based on un-biased facts. As an example, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Not to mention, most of us have jobs that take up the majority of our time, bills to pay, families to raise and feed, and the last thing most people want to do is sift through the endless pile of information to get to the facts. To make matters worse, instead of being taught how to think critically, the entirety of the world is now being taught what to think instead of how to think. So, now when someone is given a set of facts, it is more likely than not that a person will choose the facts that fit what they have been taught and disregard the rest no matter how compelling or important. Now more than ever, our society is being led by emotions and driven by indoctrination. For example, the education system of Mainland China infamously teaches their students and greater population what to think (Indoctrination), and controls the information they are able to access on the web that the government deems outside of the ”proper” narrative and line of thinking. This was once seen as an extreme case on the world stage, but is rapidly becoming the status quo regardless of a nations government model. Even here in the United States there is plenty of indoctrination happening. What is taught in public schools and major universities today is far below the standard of free and critical thinking one or two decades ago. The education system has effectively become a factory that molds the minds of students to think in a socialist way that has failed in every country in history thus far. If you don’t agree with this line of thinking you are ostracized, even in the United States of America, the land of the free! This socialist narrative is not just being pushed and implemented here, but across the globe, paving the way for an eventual one world government. What happens when a society stops thinking for itself? Absolute control by those who tell us what is OK and what is not.

Think for a moment. Have you ever been taught how to think or what to think? When given a set of plain and simple facts, will you honestly come to a conclusion based on independent thinking, or do you tend to choose the facts that fit into what you were taught to think?

Have you ever thought of what might be the root of an issue instead of fighting with the branches far from the source? Have you ever thought to evaluate the fruit / outcome of a thing before believing someone that says it’s good or bad?

Indoctrination is nothing new. In fact, it happens at every level of society. As Believers, lets look at the church as an example. Generally speaking, if you go to a Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Episcopalian, or Catholic seminary, you will most likely be taught a certain theology that fits to that denomination’s particular interpretation of the Word of God. What is least likely to happen is that you will be taught how to read the Word of God critically, and to come to your own understanding as you read with the help of the Holy Spirit. If you did, then you might find yourself disagreeing with people that say that prophets no longer exist, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are no longer in operation, and there is no such thing as the rapture, or maybe you would agree. This is just an example in the church, but what about every other part of society? As Believers how do we go about having a civil discussion amongst both ourselves and others we may disagree with?

Regardless of our beliefs, which we are absolutely entitled to, it is essential that when we disagree we do so with respect and love. Matthew 24:12 tells us: “Because iniquity will be multiplied, the love of many will grow cold”, but we as Believers must not be a part of this group. No matter a person’s beliefs, when you bring something up with respect and love with that person, they are far more likely to actually hear you out, just like you would be if someone approached you as such. If that doesn’t work, it’s not your fault, and move on with your day.

The indoctrination of a populace has been happening since the beginning of civilization, but unlike before, it is now possible for the powers to be, to track and control anyone that does or thinks outside the “accepted” norm.

As the Body of Christ, it is essential that we open our eyes to the realities of the times we are living in. Now more than ever, we must shine the light of Yeshua within us to the world (John 8:12), never fearing the plans of the enemy or death. We must have the understanding that we face an already defeated foe who is in his last death throws before his sand castle is washed away forever. These are the times that every prophet in times past would love to be living in, as with the coming end times, also comes the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit ever! We have been given a window of opportunity in this beautiful nation to press in to see the fulfillment of God’s destiny for the U.S.A. and witness that very outpouring. As the Lord has sent us here for such a time as this, we have been witness to incredible breakthrough in the spirit and the natural at a national level. It is time to remind the world that America is still able and willing to fight for what is good and true, and brush the nay sayers aside. To see the United States claim it’s divine inheritance we must return to God together. It is essential that we press in together in repentance, prayer and fasting, if we want to see the latter rain consume this country and be spread to the nations of the world. It is time for us to stand up for righteousness every chance we get, standing fearless in the victory we have in Christ. Buckle up Body of Yeshua, the King is coming!

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