Prophetic Mapping in Zhongshan, China 

So, we followed the Spirit of the Lord today to do some prophetic mapping in Zhongshan, and everything worked out far better and was far more efficient than we had initially planned, as is always the case with the Holy Spirit.  Praise the Lord for He is good! Following the instructions of the Ruah Kadosh for our lives does not mean we will always be sent somewhere to save thousands of souls or one or two for the Lord, or see incomprehensible miracles, healing, etc. take place before our eyes.  Although we should be expectant and excited for such things, as they are very much a part of God’s plan for our lives and those around us, we must be careful not to chase numbers and quotas in place of turning our ears to hearing and hands to doing what the Spirit says.  Even the seemingly smallest acts of obedience to the Lord has an eternal impact, whereas the seemingly greatest acts without the direction of Abba Father ultimately fall to dust.  It is true that we have all been given a ministry as an apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor or teacher (Ephesian ‪4:11-13‬), but knowing ones ministry must not mean we relax in our desperation for the Lord.  Knowing what our ministry is just a part of the unique calling God has on each of our lives. As we press in closer and closer to the heart of Yeshua we also become more malleable in the hands of the Potter, with a heart of readiness, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it might seem in the physical.  God is looking for people who will go and do, knowing that if Almighty God is asking it of us, He will surely make a way.  Jesus describes a person who has been born of the Spirit in John 3:8. “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going, so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”  When we are born of the Spirit, it does not mean we become vagabonds, but because we are born again in the Holy Spirit, we are led by the Holy Spirit.  This can mean that for ten years the Holy Spirit says for us to stay in one place, but then suddenly says its time to leave everything behind and go to the next place.  It might not make sense to many people, but to please people is not the purpose, to please the Father is.

We began the day thinking that we would be walking to our destination, then five minutes into our walk, Yeshua supernaturally provided us two bikes, which we joyously rode toward our destination.  Without these heavenly bikes, we would have only made it to one or two of the places the Spirit of the Lord had us go.  At the end of the day we went to four different gates and windows in the city.  After researching where the Lord had led us, we found out that all of the gates were the eastern gates of the city.  Our first destination was unexpected, but as we rode past it, it was as if the Holy Spirit turned our handle bars for us and led us to a series of two large gates and four windows in the middle of a park next to the river.  These gates and windows acted as bi-dimensional gates and windows in the spiritual realm and were in a very strategic point of the city.  The enemy had been using these gates and windows to propagate idol worship and witchcraft, but the dark gates and windows of death came to an abrupt end as the Resurrecting Blood of Jesus brought them crumbling down in the Spirit. At both of the first gates we did a prophetic act of opening the gates and walking though each of them.   We proclaimed the gates of worship in spirit and truth opened (John 4:23,24, Amos 9:11). We prophesied the gates open for the eagles of the Kingdom to invade this territory, and for the Lions to reposes the land and roar so the new apostolic youth will raise.  We open the gates of salvation so that the chosen ones would receive Yeshua in their hearts.  As we stepped through the gates, we entered with thanksgiving in our hearts and worshiped the King of Kings with Joyful hearts (Psalm 100:4).  We opened the windows and let the prophetic East Wind come through, and as we did The Great I Am gave us a vision of a mighty wind blowing the dust off of the city, the dust representing the enemy and all of the idol worship taking place (1 Kings 18:21,40).  He was saying that the strongholds of the enemy are nothing but dust scattered to the wind by one breath of Mine.  Along with the East Wind there was a gust of the hope of the Gospel of Peace for the healing of hearts, minds and souls.  After these prophetic acts the Holy Spirit told us to walk around the two gates and four doors, sealing them off from the enemy with the salt of our steps (Matthew ‪5:13-16‬) and the Blood of Jesus.

In the next four hours we stopped at the banks of the river prophesying the flow of the waters of redemption because redemption brings destiny and purpose. Water is the seal of the second covenant (John 4:14). We continued on to two more East gates, where the blood of Jesus was poured out over the entire city. The day was an absolute victory for the The Lord of Hosts.  Many strategic points of the fallen kingdom of darkness were brought down and replaced by gates and windows for the Heavenly Hosts to enter into the city.  We are excited to see what the Prince of Peace will do next in Zhongshan as this day was just the beginning of His mighty plan coming to fruition for His Kingdom come.  We may never see the completion of things we were sent to prepare the way for, but what an honor it is to know that it is the beginning of the outpouring of His Perfect Love and Freedom.  Never stop obeying the Voice of God, no matter how seemingly small or big the task He sets before us all, because it is done by His Spirit, not by our strength or might, and because it is all necessary for His Second Coming! He is coming soon! (Revelation 22:17).

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