The North Gate of Taipei, Taiwan is the only gate still standing from the original ancient gates in Taipei, and represents the gate of Taiwan.  We went led by the Holy Spirit with the Keys of David and opened the spiritual North Gate of the city to unlock the millennial treasures that are in Taiwan. These millennial treasures in the Spirit and the physical are represented by the most ancient Chinese treasures dating over 5,000 years old that Taiwan has in their possession.

We welcomed through the gates, the Hosts of Heaven into this nation to destroy the strongholds of darkness in the Spirit along with us. We blew the shofar as we entered from the North Gate at every cardinal point, releasing the blessing of Taiwan to the nations.  At the finance building close by, We also prophesied the opening of the gates of finance to be poured out from Taiwan, a representation of China, as it holds the ancient treasures of China, to nations aligning with Israel, the prophetic clock of God. We blew the shofar at the gate of the ministry of Finance, the representation of the gate of Babylon, so that just as Cyrus opened the treasuries and returned the treasures of the temple to Jerusalem (Ezra 1:7), so shall it be in these days.  We also prayed for the protection of Taiwan and that the west come to the aid of Taiwan in its time of need.

That day was also Sivan 23/June 6, the same day in the book of Esther that the edict of Hamman, who ordered the killing of all Jews in the empire, was annulled, and a new edict was written by Mordecai (Esther 8).  In this light, we prophesied that Israel and those aligned with Israel, namely the United States would receive its fair share from China all that it is owed to them in regards to the current threats of a trade war, the trade deficit and currency manipulation. Lastly, we prophesied that we will bring the marriage anointing from Taiwan, this land of the marriage of nations, to Singapore, another nation of peacemakers, and all the way to the West Coast (California) of the United States, where the beginning of a new wave in the Spirit is being brought from East Asia.

Directly after having done the prophetic act at the North Gate in Taipei, we left for the airport to catch our flight to Singapore.  On our way there was a tremendous amount of traffic, and when we finally arrived to the airport, our flight counter was already closed and our flight was boarding.  Sometimes the Lord just has other plans. We knew that we had to be at the beginning of a very important gathering of young people in Singapore that next afternoon no matter what.  The next flight was not leaving until after midnight, but after praying, we made the decision to take that flight even though it was overnight. Adonai always wants us to be in His perfect timing.  We walked through immigration to leave Taipei five minutes after midnight on the 7th of June, staying just until the day had officially passed.

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