Super Bowl 55: A Prophetic Sign Of The Times?

Tom Brady moved from New England to Florida and had something to prove, and after winning his 7th Super Bowl said very clearly, “We’re Not done yet”. Sound Familiar? President Donald Trump moved to Florida and has something to prove, and said very clearly, “We haven’t finished yet”. Brady goes from being captain of the Patriots to captain of the Pirates (Buccaneers) and as far as the media, Big Tech and the socialist democrats are concerned, we true patriots are also pirates and President Trump is the captain.

However the true Captain of this ship of the so called pirates is YHWH and the Holy Spirit is the wind in our sails. President Trump was and is anointed to rule the nation, but there was a mutiny and the true thieves now believe they have taken control of the ship. They thought they had laid the trap successfully and stolen the booty for good, but little did they know, Trump was not the mastermind, it was the great I Am. The false lion vying for power thought the True Lion was long gone, but little did he know, the Lion of Judah was watching the whole time. He watched and saw who else joined the new “captain” so that when He returned with a roar they would all know their time had come.

Coincidence or Prophetic?

Tom Brady has been dubbed the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) and has shown that no matter where he shows up he wins. President Trump has shown He is the greatest President of all time, and wherever he goes he wins. In 2015 Tom Brady was accused of cheating and given a four game suspension which was then overturned in court. Then they took him back to court and the punishment was reinstated for the 2016 season, and after losing a request for a rehearing, Brady announced he would accept the suspension. After his short break of four games from the 2016 season he led the patriots to win the super bowl and was named MVP (Most valuable player). Anyone see where we are going with this?

We now know that President Trump was not supposed to become President in 2016 because it was rigged, but Trump broke the algorithm and won despite the clear disadvantage. Then they tried to impeach him, but that didn’t work, so they cheated again and now they think they have won.

Tom Brady was not supposed to win another Super Bowl this year because no one has ever done so with two teams from separate conferences, but he did it anyways during the CCP virus as a wildcard team that was not supposed to win. So what will happen next with President Trump is what we are all waiting for.

Also, just a fun fact, Tampa Bay was first called Espíritu Santo (Holy Spirit) Bay by Hernando Desoto in 1523. Exactly on the other side of the Florida pan Handle President Trump resides just on the border between the Gold Coast and Treasure Coast, the former known for its golden property opportunities and the other for its shipwrecks full of gold.

Are all of these coincidences or prophetic parallels? Let us know if we missed any, and please let us know what you think.

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  • Heidy says:

    Thank you so much!!! Yes!!!
    I am from Boston and understand about the Patriots. This is so prophetic and deep! Thank you so much!

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