Significant Alignments of the Signs and Times: We Must Pay Attention

Today the sun and the moon are marking the end of an old season and the beginning of the new. Over the entirety of the Americas today (Oct. 14) a solar eclipse is being seen over the whole continent which will create what looks like a ring of fire around the darkened sun. It speaks of a new cycle, but what is that cycle going to look like? And tonight the new moon marks the beginning of the 8th Biblical month of Cheshvan. God’s timing is perfect and we need to pay attention. It is Rosh Chodesh (The head of the month), but not just any Rosh Chodesh or just any Shabbat. It is no coincidence that the Hamas attack that began the war happened on the last Shabbat of the year when all of Israel finishes reading the entirety of the Torah Scroll (Simchat Torah), and now today is Shabbat Bereshit (In the beginning) when all of Israel begins reading from the very first verse of the Torah scroll once again.

What’s more, exactly 6 months from today will be the next solar eclipse which happens to be on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the first day of the first month of the Biblical Calendar (Exodus 12:2). And even more compelling is the fact that Cheshvan is also the same month that God destroyed all life on earth through the flood except for Noah and his family in the ark, as well as the same month they landed on dry ground. Could it be that this is a warning to prepare the end times Noah’s Ark before the 7 years of Tribulation, whenever that will begin? It is at the very least a warning to begin asking Him for more details of what that looks like. It is truly a month of new beginnings both good and bad, so what does this month forebode? Isaiah 43:19 was likewise highlighted by the Holy Spirit for right now which says, “Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”

Watchmen and Gatekeepers

On one of the most important appointed times of God, Hamas struck a devastating blow to Israel. They went through the gates on a day that was supposed to be a gateway of celebration. Where were the watchmen and the gatekeepers both the natural ones and spiritual gatekeepers? Why didn’t we see it coming? As we enter another doorway of time on this appointed feast of God, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan, we must be vigilant watchmen on the walls to hear the voice of the Father, and recognize the signs right before our eyes that we have entered a new cycle of God’s time which requires us to see ahead as He shows us, ask Him the right questions, and pray accordingly in oneness as none of us have every piece of the puzzle and need to come together as an Ekklesia to have the whole picture. That is the purpose of this message to discern as questions are asked and share any other pieces of the puzzle you may have received.

6 months

Another question is, why exactly 6 months between these eclipses, what is the significance? Could it be that this is how long it will take until we see the end of this war, or to keep a close eye on the movements and intentions of other nations and to be praying for that ring of fire to protect Israel from any regional enemies? Let’s pay careful attention these next 6 months and also realize that just 10 days after Rosh Chodesh Nissan is Pesach (Passover) which has the obvious significance of a free Israel from captivity. Also what does this time mean for us each individually and as the Body of Yeshua? All of this is happening at the same time because God is trying to get our attention, and we believe He has it. Solar eclipses are not generally a good sign and many are saying this is the beginning of Ezekiel 38, which is not out of the question, but as the situation stands far more countries would have to rise up against Israel all at once for that to be fulfilled. There was another dream last night that was also prophetic. It was a bunch of flowers in a vase, but all of the flowers had the tops cut off so they were only stems, but there was one large yellow sunflower that was still intact. Our understanding was that this flower is Israel and the rest have been cut off from harming Israel. Please pray and discern.

This 6 months may very well be pointing prophetically to these next 6 years as well in the run up to 2030/5790 and a wake up call for the John 17 Generation to get prepared like never before as mature sons and daughters of God for what is coming. What happens this next 6 months will be a microcosm of the much bigger picture of these next years ahead. With that in mind these are the different meaning of 5784 and 5790 so that we can see where we are and where we are heading as the Body and Bride of Yeshua.

5 = ה (Hey): This letter represents the divine breath and the power of creation.

7 = ת (Tav): This letter symbolizes completion, perfection, and the seal of divine authority.

8 = פֵּא (Pey): This letter is associated with the mouth, speech, expression, and transformative power.

4 = ד (Dalet): This letter signifies doorways, pathways, and opportunities for spiritual growth.

This is the theme or sentence that captures the essence of the holistic meaning of 5784:

“Embrace the transformative power of God’s Spirit, walking in divine authority and stepping into new doors of spiritual growth.”

Year 5790

5 – Hey: Divine grace, revelation, breath of life.

7 – Zayin: Spiritual quest, rest, sword, nourishment, Divine Authority

9 – Tet: Gestation, completion, transformative process.

90 – Tzadik: Righteousness, spiritual victory, justice.

This is the theme or sentence that captures the essence of the holistic meaning of 5790:

“Be blessed with divine revelations and the breath of life and seek the fullness of the Holy Spirit even as you rest and nourish your soul, like a sword that cuts through distraction and leads you towards clarity. Embrace the transformative process of the Holy Spirit and allow yourself to grow and complete each stage of your journey. Righteousness and the victory of Yeshua will guide you towards justice. Stay true to God’s calling over your life and fulfill your unique destiny in Him.”

To come into the fullness of righteousness and justice is to be like Yeshua. We are not there yet but John 17 says it is inevitable which means it is possible and should be the mark towards which we strive.

Operation Iron Swords

This Rosh Chodesh, the Holy Spirit highlighted the Story of David from 1 Samuel:20-23 in regards to the war right now starting with 1 Samuel 20:18, which says, “Then Jonathan said to David, “Tomorrow is the New Moon [festival], and you will be missed because your seat will be empty. So David hid in the field; and when the New Moon [festival] came, the king sat down to eat food” (1 Samuel 20:18,24). This was the beginning of David’s ministry so to speak which brings us to 1 Samuel 21 when David received the Sword of Goliath from the priest Ahimelech (1 Samuel 21:8-9) and in 22 the gathering of the 400 Mighty Men of David, in the cave of Adullam. In chapter 23 The threshing floors of the Citadel of Keilah were being robbed by the Philistines and David and his mighty men with the sword of Goliath, now the sword of David defeated them. In the same way, the Hamas attack was called operation Al-Aqsa Flood, meaning the attack was all about the Temple Mount, the place of the threshing floor. Operation Iron Sword is a reaction to that, making the threshing floor (Temple Mount) the starting point of the war and all those killed in its name. The future of the Temple Mount is also at play it seems. Any further discernment on this would be great.

Operation Iron Swords

We also broke down the name of the IDF’s operation and found something pretty incredible. After putting each meaning of each letter in a statement it comes out to a very precise meaning that exactly mimics the purpose of the war. We don’t know if they meant to do this, but it’s certainly divinely inspired.

Operation Iron Swords (transliterated): Milchemet Cherev Barzel מִלְחֶמֶת חֶרֶב בַּרְזֶל

Meaning and Interpretation:

מִ (Mem): 40 = Water, chaos, purification, transformation.

לְ (Lamed): 30 = Learning, wisdom, teaching, authority.

חֶ (Het): 8 = Life force, vitality, protection, fence.

מֶ (Mem): 40 = Water, chaos, purification, transformation.

תַ (Tav): 400 = Sign, covenant, completion, boundary.

חֶ (Het): 8 = Life force, vitality, protection, fence.

רֶ (Reish): 200 = Head, leadership, beginning, anointing.

בַּ (Bet): 2 = Duality, division, partnership, relationship.

רְ (Resh): 200 = Head, leadership, beginning, anointing.

זֶ (Zayin): 7 = Spiritual quest, rest, sword, nourishment.

לְ (Lamed): 30 = Learning, wisdom, teaching, authority.

“The meaning behind ‘Operation Iron Swords’ in Hebrew lettersletters conveys a powerful message. It symbolizes a journey of transformation and purification, guided by wisdom and teaching. It emphasizes the importance of life force, vitality, and protection. As this operation progresses, it signifies the establishment of boundaries and completion of divine covenants. Its leaders hold the responsibility of anointing and leading with wisdom and authority. The spiritual quest within this operation provides rest and nourishment, wielding the sword of knowledge. Through learning and teaching, the mission carries the essence of duality, partnership, and relationship.”


The Sword of David is being wielded right now and the key of David has opened doors that cannot be shut. Now, by the blood of Yeshua we have the authority to bind and loose anything that has ready been bound and loosed in heaven. Let’s get to the throne room asap to know what needs to be bound and loosed for now. The sword of David is in the hands of Israel’s leaders and soldiers and we must continue praying for them as well as a ring of fire around the apple of God’s eye from all countries hostile to Israel. We have entered a season that will change the trajectory of Israel and the world forever and we will see unfulfilled Biblical prophecy begin to unfold, at what pace is uncertain, but it is a wake up call that we need to set the bar at John 17 for ourselves to be a light that shines brighter as things get darker, because they will. As we pray and discern it’s important that it is not out of grief, worry, fear, anxiety, etc. but from the victory of Yeshua in His presence and in His power. We hope this message helps begin to put together some of the prophetic pieces of the war here in Israel as well as a greater picture for the future. Adonai bless you and keep you!

Other Questions

  • What is God telling us through the new moon, the eclipse and the meaning of Tishri 29?
  • Is this a marker of the beginning of a time of darkness like never before over the earth?
  • Is this the preparation of the way for the manifestation of the anti-messiah and the third temple?

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