Why is keeping Shabbat so important for Believers? One of the most overlooked sources of blessing in the Body of Messiah is undoubtedly Shabbat (Isaiah 58:13-14), otherwise referred to as the Sabbath Day. It is one of the days that Abba explicitly blessed and made holy (Genesis 2:3). There are more than 100 verses about Shabbat in the Bible, and it is clear that we are commanded to REST on the 7th day just as God rested on the 7th day of creation (Genesis 2:3), just as Yeshua (Luke 4:16), the Apostles and gentile believers did (Acts 13:42-44), and so will all people when Yeshua returns (Isaiah 66:22-23). No matter our circumstance or situation we REST on Shabbat, and honor and glorify the Great I Am. We are literally participating in Adonai’s own REST, the same REST He enjoyed and blessed on the 7th day. If you are not accustomed to participating in the REST of the Father on Shabbat, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. You will be greatly blessed! Shabbat has always been celebrated starting at sundown on Friday evening and ending at sundown Saturday evening. This was changed by the Roman Emperor Constantine on March 7, 321 A.D. to Sunday, as he considered himself both a Christian and a Sun worshipper, believing himself to be the son of the Sun god. Therefore, it is a church tradition, not the Word of God. Yeshua is the Lord of Shabbat (Mark 2:28) and has authority over it, and only He Himself has the authority to change that. Knowing this, we are not saying you can’t go to church on Sunday, but do keep Shabbat Holy, REST in Adonai, and be greatly blessed. Shabbat Shalom Kingdom Family!

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