Pray for Samoa

Continue Praying for Samoa in this difficult season of uncertainty, unrest, and political change! Continue reading to learn more.

After 40 years of Samoa being ruled by the same party, this last election surprised the world as a new party arose to challenge some controversial bills being introduced that would change the structure and ways communities traditionally solve local issues. The outcome of the previous recent election was a draw in parliament with both parties acquiring 25 seats which has never happened before and 1 independent vote which would decide the election. The defending Prime Minister called for a second vote to break the draw which the Supreme Court denied after the 1 independent vote decided to side with the new incumbent party called the FAST party. The old guard part called HRPP, then tried to add another seat to the parliament which the Supreme Court also rejected.

To make it even worse, yesterday May 24th, the HRPP party physically blocked the FAST party from entering Parliament, defying the constitution, and the decision of the Supreme Court. The FAST Party members decided to instead conduct their own ceremony in a large tent outside the Parliament, with leader Fiame Naomi Mata’afa declaring herself as Samoa’s first female prime minister. The peace, stability, and democratic transition of government Samoa is at stake. Let’s continue to stand with Samoa and pray for a just and peaceful solution and resolution to this very divisive issue and for the protection of those who are vulnerable to any unrest and violence. God bless Samoa!

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