Oh the mind numbing moments when you contemplate the perfection of the plans of the Holy Spirit.  He is truly omnipresent, through all and in all, otherwise, nothing could have worked out the way it did in Coimbatore, India.  Out of all the churches in India, with a population of over 1.3 billion people, we were led by the Spirit of the Lord to Zion Assemblies of God Church, a place where the Glory of God is being manifested for such a time as this.   When we arrived to the airport in Coimbatore, Pastor Lawrence, the senior pastor of Zion Church personally greeted us.  We had never met before, but there was an instant connection in the Spirit, and we began to have an even greater expectation of what Adonai was about to do.  We hit the ground running the next morning, starting the day going to a gathering of nearly one thousand believers, and we arrived just in time to hear a pastor from another city speaking passionately with the anointing of God regarding the importance of prayer walks and prophetic mapping.  He shared the many examples of the practice throughout the Word of God, then went on the explain how his church, and many other churches in a neighboring city, Chennai, had mapped every single road and backroad of the city, and took it upon themselves to walk the streets of the city, interceding, praying and worshipping in Spirit and in Truth, cleansing the atmosphere of the bondage of the fallen kingdom of darkness, like a plow tilling the ground, preparing the soil and calling on the rain of the Most High.  We wanted to rush the stage and give the King of Glory a gigantic Hallelujah, but as it was our first day we figured it was best to hold that for later.   We had just been discussing this very thing with Pastor Lawrence in the car just minutes earlier, and he was starting to have an understanding of why we had been led into his company.

The following three days were a beautiful display of the incomprehensible perfection of the plans of the Almighty in the tiniest of details on a giant canvas to the broadest strokes that immediately catch the eye.  Had we tried to do it our way, we would never have arrived, but as His ways become our ways and His heart becomes our heart, instead of just a couple of young men coming to preach, the Spirit of the Lord is magnified and lifted on high.  We had the great honor to be involved in the baptism of some young ladies at the the church of Pastor Lawrence which was such an exhilarating experience in the Spirit, knowing that their lives had forever changed from that moment forward, and that the heavens were throwing a huge party.  Lion was able to pray for the young ladies prior to their baptism, and as each girl was baptized by pastor Lawrence, Emmanuel blew the shofar as a sound of victory over their lives, and a sound of warning to the enemy that the army of the Lord is advancing.  They were cleansed in the waters, and now it was time for them to be baptized by fire.  Their public display of faith was most certainly witnessed by the hosts of heaven and the Great I Am, marked down in each of their heavenly books as the day they were not ashamed to proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  From the Baptism, we went across the street to visit pastor Lawrence’ Dad, who at 81 years old is still preaching on Sundays, sometimes during two services.  As he prayed for us, the deep love of the Father was like a fresh cascade of living water straight from beneath the throne of heaven.  We go from being baptized in water, to becoming the vessel of the Indwelling of He who’s voice is like many waters.  “And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east: and his voice was like a noise of many waters” (Ezekiel 43:2).  When we grow into the fullness of our identity in Christ, we are then able to speak and act with greater authority, as we die to our flesh, and Jesus replaces our tattered clothes with righteousness and humility, to glorify the Lamb who was slain.  Let the purifying and transforming waters of the King of Majesty burst through the dam that is holding you back from your destiny and promise, let the river rage, effortlessly carving a path through the deserts of your life, and transforming the dry land into a land of abundance! The Lord says now! The waiting is at an end and His promise is knocking at your door. Will you let another answer it?

The Bible tells us that as we claim to live by the Holy Spirit that we must also walk by the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:25) and that in walking by the Holy Spirit the fruits will be evident.  Among the many examples of the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit within Zion Assemblies of God Church, there are two examples that come immediately to mind.  The first example of seeing the fruit, is the many children’s homes raised up by Open Hands International Charity, an organization mainly administrated by Pastor Lawrence and his wife Pastor Christy and the partnering local and global Believers.  They have opened children’s homes in Coimbatore and other cities besides.  To raise one orphan child to adulthood is one thing, but to raise thousands is another altogether.   Without the fruits of the Spirit this undertaking of the Holy Spirit would have been failed from the start, but decades later, children are still being given new homes,  and given a chance to be who they were meant to be, and shown the love of Jesus.  We visited a couple of these children’s homes, and were touched to the core of our hearts by these truly amazing children, full of potential and created for greatness.  We wanted to adopt them all, but made the best of the hours we got to spend with them.   The second example involves a young woman named Ebi, who when walking home from a prayer meeting  just a few weeks ago, was hit by a car, and tragically lost her left leg.  She is 22 years old and currently going to college.  Ebi was raised in one of the children’s homes and is without parents, but you would never know it by the large family that has rallied around her, taking care of her day and night, pouring out the love of Yeshua over her.  The kingdom family there has come together to cover the lofty hospital bills that have been incurred, and by the grace of God will be paid off soon.  When we spoke to her about the accident and the loss of her leg she was very calm and seemed to be braving the situation well.  We had the great privilege to add to the many people that have been praying for her as well. This type of love is the fruit of the Spirit, not just from one person or friend, but from a family.  The living waters that flow from the Holy Spirit within us look like “love [unselfish concern for others], joy, [inner] peace, patience [not the ability to wait, but how we act while waiting], kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Galatians 5:22-23).  It is priceless to see the fruits of the Spirit put on display with such ease.  As there is no law against these things, that means you can do them as much and as intensely as Godly possible!  Unclog your faucets with the best draino in the universe, and watch how the water pressure goes from zero to ten! Let your spiritual sink overflow and the bathroom be flooded with fruits of the Holy Spirit!

The day before we left, Pastor Lawrence invited us to minister during three separate services that they have at the church building they will soon own outright.  Each service was completely different as the Spirit of the Lord led us dow the path of the activation and awakening of the mighty purpose and plan for Zion Church for such a time as this.  In the morning service, the Holy Spirit began to speak, saying that the time had come for Coimbatore to awake, that the time of waiting was over.  Just as Daniel saw that the seventy years of exile was coming to an end for Israel, so it is with Coimbatore and Zion Church.  Seventy years has passed since the last British soldiers left India, one full generation, and the seventieth year of the Independence of Israel has just come to pass. A prophetic alignment of the new generation, the Joel 2 generation is at hand.  The seventy years has passed and now it is time to rebuild the walls, and to rebuild the Tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11) as we worship in Spirit and Truth.  A new generation of Daniels and Esthers are raising up in Coimbatore to fight for their inheritance and see the fulfillment of freedom for the Remnant in India.  The Spirit of God said clearly, that this is the time for Zion Assemblies of God Church and Coimbatore to go to a new level in the Spirit in every area, and that He was coming to make that very building His dwelling place.  We finished the first service worshipping in the Spirit, as most people didn’t speak english, and His sweet presence came like a mighty wave confirming all that He had just said, ending in a crescendo of the shofar and a roar from the congregation as we took the Key of David in our hands and opened the gates of the promise of God for such a time as this.  We went from the first service to the youth service where we spoke on the importance of identity in Christ and Christ in us, letting them know what the Word of God says about who they are, the total opposite of what the world says about them.  By the end of the service, we were yelling at the top of our lungs, shaking off the shyness, timidity, jealousy and fear that hinders us from worshipping in Spirit and in Truth and living a life boldly and courageously for Christ.  From there we went directly in to the third service, the all english service, where the Lord began to say something new.  Immediately upon starting, the Holy Spirit gave pastor Christy a prophetic word that led into the rest of the service.  Ezekiel 47 describes the river that flows from the throne of God, and the life that it brings about in abundance.  As His dwelling place, the Father is making Zion Assemblies of God Church and Coimbatore a spring of His living waters.    Not only from the throne, but from the skies, Abba is sending the rain to transform the desert into a jungle of life as in the days of Elijah.  We prophesied that a cleansing rain was coming from the south of India to the north, that would rid the land of the false Idols and altars to deaf dumb and blind gods, a rain that would activate the prophetic seeds of the land to bring about the fulfillment of Elohim’s promise for India and the city of Coimbatore.  We declared Ezekiel 47:1-8 over the church, the city and India as a whole, and ended worshipping the Almighty with our hearts poured out in great desperation for His touch.  He gave us words to prophecy over pastor Lawrence and Christy, and prayed for those who needed prayer as the service ended.  We want to give a very special thank you to Pastor Lawrence, Pastor Christy, Ben and Binti for taking us in and treating us like true family.  We appreciate more than you can imagine the love that you and your family have shown us, and can’t wait to come back soon!

One may say, well that all sounds great, but how do you know that prophetic mapping and declaring the Word of God over a nation has any real effect. Two small examples come to mind regarding this adventure with the Holy Spirit in India.  We had to drive from Coimbatore to Cochin, a city in Kerala, the southern most state in India to catch our flight.  It was a four hour drive to the airport where we got to spend quality time with Pastor Ben, the son of Pastor Lawrence.  We were led by Holy Spirit to prophesy many things over India, such as a new rain coming to water the prophetic seeds of the land, cleansing waters that would rid the land of false idols, that there would be a move of the Spirit of God from the south to the North of India, and that the gates of the east be open to make way for the river to flow as it does in Ezekiel 47, to the east.  Two hours after taking off from Kerala, an unusual amount of monsoon rains hit Kerala, causing the opening of 35 out of 39 reservoirs in the state for the first time, and all five gates of the Idukki Dam were opened at the same time for the first time.  Tens of thousands have been displaced.  As we pray from the heavenly places, when we declare something with authority on earth, something will happen in the natural.  As India celebrated its 72nd year of Independence, many of India’s 1.3 billion people were watching the flag lowering ceremony on the Wagah border with Pakistan, where we were just a week previously, watching the same ceremony as we interceded for India.  Elijah prayed for rain, and God answered with rain.  Elijah prayed for fire to burn up the sacrifice, and the Lord sent fire from heaven.  Jesus rebuked the wind and the waives and they obeyed Him.  If we are truly being led by the Holy Spirit, then we are doing what He is telling us to do with His authority, not as small and insignificant organisms, but rather as His sons.  Now is the time! Let us be filled to such overflow with the perfect love of Yeshua, that  the living waters flowing from within us flood the land, and that wherever we step, canals of water will open up for the thirsty to drink from and be cleansed.   As the river of God flows throughout the land, the fruits of the Spirit will be evident all around us as our nations are transformed from dry deserts into lush landscapes full of life.

Please join with us in prayers for Kerala, as after eight days the floods continue.  Please pray for the Remnant living in Kerala and for the salvation of those effected by these floods.  We pray that as the Lion of Judah releases his verdict over the land that as the floods subside, the prophetic seeds of the land will sprout and grow.  We pray that the river of God will surge from South India to the very North of India and He will saturate India with Himself.  Thank you Abba that you have called India Your own, and that Your will be done for this nation on earth as it is in heaven. Amen!

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