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As the U.S. election process reaches a fever pitch, the stakes for the nation and the world at large could not be higher.  We understand that the battle is not only a battle at the voter polls, but the root is a spiritual issue, and therefore a spiritual battle.  We are not saying voting is not important, on the contrary, go vote!  Especially in this Georgia Senate Race.  So what is the root of the issue then? .

After spending one month in Washington D.C. doing prayer walks in the city and interceding for the election process with the remnant, we drove to New York City where we met two dear friends who run a house of prayer in Jerusalem who had just arrived to the City.  We all felt led by the Holy Spirit to go to one of the main gates of the East Coast of the United States, which is the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

With anointing oil from Jerusalem and Plumb Line in hand, we declared the Word of God as the Holy Spirit led.  In the Spirit we were seeing the clock of Babylon, representing the timetable of the fallen kingdom of darkness, and the clock of Zion, representing the timetable of Adonai, and we saw a switch in the United States from the former to the latter clock, Babylon to Zion time.

So, beginning at the 12 O’Clock point at the face of the Statue of Liberty we began to walk counter-clockwise rod the island stopping at each hand of the clock praying, worshipping, and declaring Scripture as the Holy Spirit led, anointing the ground as we went as a symbol of Adonai changing the clock of the U.S. from Babylon to Zion time, His time.  As we arrived back at the 12 O’clock point, we declared Psalm 24, welcoming the King of glory into the United States to expose that which has been done in the darkness to the light and for justice and righteousness to be restored to the nation according to the heart of the Father.

As we looked across the Hudson Bay at the New York City Skyline, we remembered the more than 1 million Jews who still live in the city, roughly 1/8th of the population, and prayed for all that still needed to do Aliyah back to Jerusalem, but first for their salvation to go back to Israel in the fire of the Holy Spirit in the name of Yeshua for the glory of Adonai.  How that will happen, or what will trigger such a move of one of the largest Jewish Diaspora communities in the world outside of Israel is up to Adonai, but we have a feeling it will have a lot to do with what is coming to the U.S. in the very near future.  Continue reading the next paragraph to find out what may very well be the catalyst for Aliyah from New York to Jerusalem.

Ground Zero: 9/11 Memorial

The next day we felt a strong pull from the Spirit of Adonai to go to Ground Zero, the memorial of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but we could not have imagined what the Holy Spirit was about to reveal to us on that tragic spot.  As we stood next to the deep dark pool commemorating one of the previously standing World Trade Centers with the names of the fallen men and women written around its edges, the presence of Adonai was tangible and heavy. We knew that not only was it a place where a great judgment had befallen America, but also a place where one of America’s greatest sins as a nation was celebrated, mocking what YHWH has called sacred; life.  Just last year a bill was passed in New York that allowed 9 month abortion, and even if the Baby had accidentally been born first, the ability of the parent to choose whether or not to murder the “accidentally” newborn child.  In celebration of this “momentous” new law, the top of the newly finished World Trade Center built on the site of the 9/11 Memorial was lit up in bright pink in celebration of “women’s reproductive rights.”  Yep, the celebration of the murder of the innocent had just reached an all-time high in the same place where judgment had befallen America like we were begging God to judge us harsher!  So, in that place we began to repent for the more than 60 million unborn babies who had been murdered since abortion was legalized in the United States as if we ourselves were the perpetrators of these crimes on behalf of the United States.  During this time of repentance, the presence of Adonai grew stronger as He gave us His heart for the innocent murdered millions.

As we collected ourselves once more after the time of repentance, we understood that the fallen kingdom of darkness had even used the date of the tragedy of 9/11, and event the design of the memorial to declare it as a victory for the darkness We remembered Revelation 9/11 that says,

“They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss (the bottomless pit); in Hebrew his name is Abadon (destruction), and in Greek he is called Apollyon (destroyer-king).”

Instead of a memorial to the innocent lives lost, it was to the angel of the bottomless pit, and instead of it being used as celebration of life it was still be used as a celebration of the murder of the innocent.  However, at that moment we saw the true blueprint according to the heart of the Father for that place.  The Holy Spirit said no, that is not my will, but instead My will for this place is Amos 9:11 that says,

“In that day I shall raise up and restore the fallen tabernacle (booth) of David, and wall up its breaches [in the city walls]; I will also raise up and restore its ruins and rebuild it as it was in the days of old.”

As we declared it at Ground Zero the presence of Adonai fell heavily, and we began to worship the King of glory.  At that moment we heard the Spirit of the Adonai say, I am redeeming this land and instead of this being a Ground Zero of tragedy, I Am making this a Ground Zero of Revival.  You are standing on Holy ground He said, and what the enemy has tried to pervert, the King of kings was redeeming it with the blood of Yeshua.  What that will look like or how it all will come to pass we do not know, but the overwhelming move of the Spirit happening amongst us at that moment and the clear voice of Adonai left zero room for doubt about what we were hearing.

Foundation of the Nation 

After leaving Ground Zero, on our drive out of the city, it was brought to our attention that directly across the street from Ground Zero, was one of the only buildings that survived the destruction of the Twin Towers.  That small church building just so happened to be the place where George Washington, the 1st President of the United States was inaugurated, making it the official place of the foundation of the United States.  So not only was Adonai telling us at that moment that He is redeeming Ground Zero, but also the very foundation place of America.  So do not be dismayed brethren!  One way or another, this nation is YHWH’s nation, and we shall see his redemption in the United States for His glory.  This election process is just another step toward the great awakening coming to America, but if you expect revival to look nice and neat, you’ve got another thing coming.   Life looks like a nursery with babies crying and messes being cleaned up, but death is like a graveyard, quiet and in neat rows.  We declare life and not death over these United States in Yeshua’s Name! 

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