Mount Sinai Clock of God

Dream received in Dubai UAE on April 26th, 2023 | Iyar 05, 5783

In the dream I left the lobby of a hotel to be picked up by a peculiar limousine. When I entered the car, the presence of the Holy Spirit was supercharged. He was teaching me that in the past seasons we have been walking according to God’s Zion clock which is to be able to walk consciously or unconsciously with this clock and by the grace of God to be with the right people in the right places at the right times. The inside of the limousine was like a time machine and I was able to see Mount Sinai, and on top of Mount Sinai there was a giant clock. I saw that the clock hands started at twelve and the first to start moving was the seconds hand. As the new time started ticking I was taken in the Spirt and I was in a specific floor in the Burj Khalifa building.

Then I was welcomed by a young man wearing a very formal suit, and he gave me an envelope and in the envelop was an invitation that said “Private Invitee Access” (Private Guest Access) in French. Then the journey began. I knew that I was surrounded by a global Ekklesia and we were entering into different floors as the Holy Spirit led us. On each floor we were declaring the Word of God understanding that every time we had access to a floor, that floor represented an ethnos of the earth, and operating at different levels of the global spiritual trading floors. When we reached to a very high level floor we were welcomed by another young man wearing a formal suit and he said, wait here because your Royal Invitee Ticket is on the way. From that place I was able to see multiple cultures each with their unique identities from their skin colors to the clothes they wear, how they communicate with each other etc. I was identifying each one of the world and seeing the richness and beauty of each one. One specific window caught my attention and when I got closer, in the window was highlighted Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Australia. I was remembering many prophecies by mighty men and women of God that have prophesied about this region of the world. Then the dream ended.

As soon as I woke up, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit about the Oasis of Elim. Immediately I understood that this is a trading floor of living waters with the 12 wells representing Kingdom and the 70 palm trees, 70 ethnos or nations (Genesis 10). Then I received Psalm 2:8 understanding that according to the level of Yeshua abiding in us and vice versa that this Scripture is truly able to be fulfilled within ourselves as co-heirs with Yeshua. Nations equal inheritance. Kingdom equals possession and dominion. At the beginning of this month of Iyar God brought the Israelites there (Elim) to understand their inheritance and to begin bringing them out of the slave mentality and into the kingdom mentality, as well as teaching them about spiritual trading floors and how to truly manifest the kingdom of God and see His kingdom come in the nations he would send them, namely the Promised Land. We are likewise being trained by God to do the same in the nations of the world and back to Israel.


Psalm 92:12-13

Speaks about the righteous growing like Palm trees and Cedars of Lebanon flourishing in the courts of God.

We also see that Deborah always ministered beneath the shade of a Palm tree as the Judge of Israel needing to be in the courts of heaven to know how to Judge correctly from the heart of the Father.

We as the global Ekklesia are being called to the courts of heaven on behalf of nations.


What is the meaning of the time limousine?

It is us as sons and daughters of God being able to traverse time and space in the third heaven which is outside time and space. The Limousine represents access to places both in the natural and the Spirit as our assignments dictate.

What does it mean to walk with God’s Zion Clock and what does it look like to walk with God’s Sinai clock? What did God do on Mount Zion verses what he did on Mount Sinai?

Zion: Heavenly Courts, where the thrones of judgement were set (Psalm 122:5). His presence filled the temple there, and was always a place of Worship and sacrifice. It will be the place of the New Jerusalem and the throne of God will be set there.

Mount Sinai: Moses, Elijah, Yeshua, and Paul prayed and fasted on Mount Sinai. Israel came face to face with God and dined with Him atop the mountain to seal the covenant with God. Walking according to the Mount Sinai clock means face to face encounters with God, hearing His voice clearly, being instructed by the Holy Spirit Himself, and given the authority in times like that of Ahab and Jezebel to bring revival out of the deepest darkness. Coming to the table of the Lord is an everyday experience walking according to the Mount Sinai clock of God. It is an end times clock that awakes the fear of the Lord in our closeness to Him at all times.

Private Invitee Access means to operate at the level of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

The Royal Invitee Ticket is to operate as Co-Heirs and have the access of the King of kings.

Isa. 60:1- We are in the moment when darkness will cover the nations, but also the time when nations and kings will come to the light of Yeshua It is a call for nations to go from goat to sheep nations and for Kingdom culture to thrive (Matt. 25:32-33).


As we discerned more about this dream we decided to go that day to the highest floor of the Burj Khalifa which was also the same day of the celebration of the independence of Israel. This was very difficult to do at the last minute, but we had grace and favor with the manager to let us into the highest floor available to civilians. When we reached the 154th floor, we felt to first do an act of repentance individually and on behalf of the global body of Yeshua for the unrighteous trades that have been made.

We prayed that our desire for the global body of Yeshua to trade on the Holy and righteous “trading floors of Adonai”. (Learn More about: Evil and Holy Trading Floors) After that we read aloud in oneness Isaiah 62 declaring God’s heart over His people as Hephzibah praying for Israel and speaking to the leaders for the removing of any stumbling blocks, as well as the restoration covenant of God to go forth. We also felt to read Isaiah 63 that has two dimensions as both welcoming the Messiah to remove the evil veil from the Jewish people and remembering the great miracles God has done with our people since ancient times. We then read the entirety of Psalm 24 welcoming the King of glory to Israel and the nations of the earth.

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