Immediately upon ascending to the top of Mont Blanc, we went to the edge and blew the shofar over Europe and invited the angels to come and worship the King of glory with us. There was no visibility at all at the top of the mountain due to there being rainy weather, and we were standing in the middle of the clouds.  As we began to worship with the song “How great is our God”, Emmanuel began to see around twenty angels holding hands in a circle and singing in the Spirit surrounding the top of the mountain on all sides worshipping Adonai.  We continued worshipping, joining with the angels singing a wordless melody, that the Holy Spirit said was a new song for Europe. Then Emmanuel began to hear them all singing “hallelujah” and Phillip it turns out had already begun singing hallelujah, having the same prompting. Lion had a vision at the same time that he had just dropped from above the mountain onto the place he was standing, Phillip later interpreting that it simply meant that as we are co-heirs with Yeshua seated at the right hand of the Father that it was a confirmation that what we were receiving was from heaven. Then Emmanuel began to see wheels within wheels moving together in the spirit above the angels gathered together over the mountain, like the four living creatures in Ezekiel 1:16 that are the base of the mobile throne of the Father. We then declared Matthew 17:1-5, declaring the manifestation of the revelation of Yeshua as the Son of God, and praying that now in Europe Abba, Father and His perfect love would be revealed and manifested. We then declared Matthew 16:13-20, and even though it was in backwards order we understood this was from Elohim and meant that the manifestation of the love of the Father that is coming to Europe is coming along with the revelation and manifestation all at once. Then Phillip prayed for repentance for all of the anti-semitism that Europe has been guilty of in both the past and the present. Emmanuel finished by declaring Isaiah 44:3 praying that Adonai would pour out water on the thirsty in Europe, flood the dry ground, and pour out His Spirit upon the whole continent. He finished with Ephesians 1:17-18 praying for the light of Yeshua to open the eyes of the hearts of the people of Europe. Standing shoulder to shoulder as a chord of three ends, two generations representing the west (United States), the Middle East (Israel) and the East (Singapore), Emmanuel blew the shofar as Lion and Phillip roared a loud roar as a final amen to all that we had prayed and declared in the name of Yeshua.

As we walked back to the cable car Emmanuel received the news that the Italian Prime Minister had in that moment resigned. As the top of Mont Blanc is considered the border between France and Italy, we were in the perfect place to pray for the new leader of Italy, for a righteous and just person to take the seat of power. As Emmanuel did just that, a strong wind blew out of nowhere, and was gone as quickly as it came. We also prayed for the upcoming meeting between Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel that was set to take place in the next two days. Before taking the Sky Tram back down the mountain, we blew the shofar one last time facing Jerusalem, praying for a Holy Highway to be opened from Europe to Jerusalem, and for the peace of Jerusalem both inside and outside the walls.

As we rode the lift down the mountain, we sang the song Zion, a heart cry for the Jews of Europe to return to Israel. When the lift stopped, the first people we saw were a Jewish man wearing his kippa standing next to his wife. Coincidence or Holy Spirit? As we descended on the second and final sky tram down the mountain, we sang Hatikvah, the national anthem of Israel in english. We then helped a family from the UAE take a photo, and the Lord spoke to us telling us He was bringing reconciliation between the sons of Ishmael and Issac and opening the Isaiah 19 highway.

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