Korea: The Time To Forgive and Forget
Day 1

During this trip the Holy Spirit led us to intercede at key places in Seoul, South Korea during this extremely crucial time for the nation and the region as a whole. It has been a time full of new revelation for Korea in this new season for all of Northeast Asia.

On May 1st, 2019 we met with a kingdom friend and mighty woman of God, Herena Kim, in the heart of Seoul. During a time of fellowship over coffee our discussion turned toward the new season that South Korea is entering into and how we as the Remnant can be interceding for the nation according to the heart of the Father. That same day was also the day that the new Emperor of Japan was being sworn in, a hugely significant event in terms of the history of Japan, but equally as important for Korea and China. This event also being in the first month of the biblical calendar during a new year when the Great I Am is bringing an acceleration of His justice to the nations made us reflect further on just how crucial the time was.

With a new sense of urgency in the Spirit, The Spirit of the Lord led us to immediately drive to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the country to pray. As the Lord of Hosts is bringing His justice to the nations, He told us to go first to where the law of the land is upheld. When we arrived, we were briefly allowed to drive through the entrance way even though they were officially closed for the day. In the brief time we had where we declared that just as the foundations of the throne of God are justice and Righteousness (Psalm 84:19), that so too would the Supreme Court of South Korea. After leaving through the main entrance, we went to the closed west gate of the property to continue praying. The Holy Spirit led us to pray that the gates of hell would not prevail over the Remnant of South Korea, and Psalm 24: 7-10 welcoming the King of Gory to be the judge of Korea, and used the key of David (Isaiah 22:22 ) in a prophetic act of turning the key in the closed gate for the King of Glory to come in. Just moments earlier, the security guard came with his keys to finish locking up.

We drove straight to the national assembly building next where the equivalent of Korea’s parliament convenes. As we arrived, we felt from the Spirit of the Lord to drive around the entire walled grounds of the campus like the Israelites at Jericho declaring walls down to the fallen kingdom of darkness in the name of Jesus. We declared the Word of God praying that those who had been elected to represent the people would align to the plans and policies of God, not man for South Korea. We prayed for things done in the darkness to come to the light, and for the humble and just to enter in to the political arena to be the light. For the current members of the national assembly we asked the Lord to change the minds and hearts of the men and women who are voting contrary to His heart for Korea, and for all focus to be shifted to what The Father is emphasizing for Korea in these end times.

As we finished driving around the national Assembly building, the Lord directed our attention across the street to Yeouido Full Gospel Church, once the largest church in the world. We pulled up to the front of the mega church and prayed for the fire of God to burn the root of idolatry and religiosity, and for the church to be hungry and thirsty for Him once again. Going all the way back to Japan’s annexation of Korea in 1910, the majority of the church bowed to the Emperor of Japan as a God, idolatry has consistently crept into the Korean Church, and has now reached its climax. Korea is known the world over for K-Pop, K- Skin care, K- makeup etc, but now is the time for Korea to be know for K- Worship (Korean Kingdom Worship), filling the airwaves with new prophetic heavenly melodies and restoring the tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11). This is not a generation of superstar preachers any longer, but of the nameless, faceless generation standing on the shoulders of those who have paid the price and paved the way for the Joel 2 army to bring the fire of the Holy Spirit to the ends of the earth and back to Jerusalem.

The three of us ended the night Korean style with delicious fried chicken, a celebration of a successful day giving all glory, honor and praise to our King Yeshua.

Day 2

The next day we met with Pastor Say, Pastor Esther, Pastor Kim and Pastor Justin along with the rest of our Kingdom Family from the King’s House church, many of who we had the great privilege of touring Israel with some months ago. It turns out that the previous day with Herena was just a warmup for today, a reconnaissance mission if you will. During lunch we had an incredible time with the Holy Spirit as He steered our conversation to one fresh revelation after another, arming us with understanding and knowledge of how we needed to pray when we went into the Supreme Court soon thereafter. We were literally in tears as the Spirit of the Lord showed us his heart for South Korea and the things that grieved Him about the state of His Body here. Our first stop was Sarang Church, where pastor Say brought us all to one of the top floors that overlooks the Supreme court below, the perfect place to gather ourselves before the short walk into the confines of the highest court in Korea.

Unlike the day before, the building was open for visitors at the time, and all thirteen of us entered first into the museum of the Supreme Court where the original documents of the independence of Korea were, a key piece of the puzzle in the prayer and prophetic act to follow. We went to the doors of one of the entrances to the main chambers and felt peace from the Holy Spirit to pray in that spot. We were 13 people in all, coincidentally the same number as the number of Supreme Court Judges. We all began by putting on the armor of God, reading Ephesians 6:10-17. As children of God and Co-heirs with Christ at the right hand of the Father, we prayed in the authority and dominion of the blood of Yeshua from the heavenly places in alignment with the courts of heaven, declaring that the Supreme Court of South Korea must align with the edicts and verdicts being passed down from the Ancient of Days, the Judge of the universe. We prayed For any judges not aligned with the plan of God, for the Lord to change their hearts or remove them from their post. We declared that from that point on the constitution and the laws of the land would be upheld and defended in a manner sealed by the signet ring of the Ancient of Days Himself. We prayed that the waters of Justice would come to wash away the filth that had collected in the nation, and for the alignment of Korea to the prophetic clock of God (Jerusalem), so that Korea would be blessed once again as they bless Israel.

The Holy Spirit had reminded us during our time at lunch that Pyongyang, Korea during the time of revival in 1907 was referred to as the Jerusalem of the East. This along with the fact that Korea gained independence the same year as Jerusalem, was split between the north and the south just as the Israel of the Bible, and its many other parallels with Israel was no coincidence. The Spirit of the Lord was telling us that on the one hand, similar to Jerusalem, Korea is the apple of His eye, with great potential, and greatly loved by Him. We greatly distressed however when He told us that on the other hand Korea like Israel, has become a place where the prophets go to die and the oracle of the Lord falls on deaf ears. In the church of South Korea, the well established, well funded church with a history of revival, starting the prayer movement worldwide, and known for having the largest churches in the world, pride has set in and idolatry has taken the place of true worship. Political differences among the churches about the re-unification of the North and South has even further divided the Ecclesia. When we asked Abba what must be done to restore the Body of Yeshua in Korea, His answer was simple. It is time to repent of pride and idolatry, and time for Korea to put down petty political differences. Kingdom mentality means aligning to the heart of the Father and what He wants to do. We must stop with the preconceived notions of what we think reunification is supposed to look like, and instead come into agreement with however He wants to do it. It is time to forgive Japan and North Korea of past crimes, and move on. It is a Revelation 5:5 season. A time to stop weeping and rejoice and welcome the Lion of the tribe of Judah to enter to Korea. We did just as the Holy Spirit told us and prayed accordingly. We continued to pray for the Davids and the Deborahs to raise up in the land to retake the territory that has been stolen by the fallen kingdom of darkness.

Finally, we brought Korea before the Judge in the courtroom of heaven and pleaded the blood of Jesus over the nation, asking the Lord to heal the land. To finish, we did one last prophetic act. In 1948, the first president of Korea was an ardent Believer and his wife was Jewish, representing the one new man described in Ephesians 2:15, Romans 11 and other places in Scripture. Before signing the new constitution, and officially declaring independence from Japanese rule, they said a prayer stating that the nation of Korea was founded for the glory of God. Seventy years later the day after the new Emperor of Japan took the throne, Emmanuel of Jewish descent represented Israel and Pastor Kim representing Korea and the gentiles stood together as she recited the same prayer in front of the Supreme Court, that was said on that day 70 years ago. A new era is at hand in Korea, and we must quickly wake up to the trumpeters sounding the warning as well as the good news of the times and season at hand. In a final moment of confirmation from the Holy Spirit, Pastor Kim shared a vision that she had while we were all praying of the Korean and Israeli flags crossed over one another, with rain from heaven pouring over the two and collecting in a heart shape below them. Korea will align with Jerusalem and the Almighty will heal Korea.

From the Supreme Court we went to Church in Love, where the Holy Spirit put it on our hearts to pray for the Body of Christ in Korea. As we prayed together in the sanctuary of the church the Holy Spirit began telling us to beware of wolves (false prophets) within the church in Korea (Matthew 7:15), and gave us a picture of chickens running around with their heads cut off as an example of a deaf, dumb and blinded church that has allowed false doctrine and confusion to go unchecked. He then reminded us that we must be wolves like the tribe of Benjamin (Genesis 49:27) that work together as one unit with strategy to hunt down the prey and share in the spoils. We are not called to be defenseless headless chickens, but rather able to have discernment of spirits and be able and willing to test using the Word with the Holy Spirit what a pastor, teacher, Prophet or Apostle says. If we do not, then we will certainly be fooled and achieved and look like headless chickens rather that a wolf pack of the tribe of Benjamin. We prayed accordingly for the Remnant to have discernment in these end times and to work together as one Body in Christ overcoming all power of the defeated accuser of the Brethren. We continued to press in together praying that the God of Israel would release the mantle of Elijah over the Believers in Korea for the hearts of the children to return to the fathers and the fathers to the children, and for one end times generation to raise up and pave the way for the return of the King of Glory (Malachi 4:5-6). As the heart of Father is poured out upon the church, the prodigals will return to Yeshua to be welcomed with open arms. A generation full of the perfect love of God will shake the world in every place living as messengers of the Kingdom of God which is not a matter talk but of power (1 Corinthians 4:20). We prayed that we would be like the infants in Psalm 8:2 through who’s praise God has established a stronghold against His enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger. We worshipping Yeshua with the song “Deeper In Love”, as the Ecclesia in Korea yearning to go deeper and deeper into His perfect love.

We ended the day with a Kingdom family dinner and in the joy of the Lord after a day full of His fresh revelation and the unveiling of so many mysteries. Thank you to our King’s House Family who is addicted to the love of Jesus and keeps falling deeper and deeper in love with Him every day. Keep burning brighter! Please join us and thousands of other intercessors that are pressing in with great expectation the mighty and miraculous move of God that will bring unification to the Korean peninsula. It is time to stop praying for mercy and time start praying for His will to be done (justice), whatever that looks like and in His perfect timing.

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