The timing of the Holy Spirit is always perfect, and this day is certainly no different than before. All of the events of the past few days are came to a close in Malaysia on Rosh Kodesh Adar (February 25). Throughout these past 4 days, we have been interceding for Malaysia and discerning what has been happening in the spirit in relation to what is happening in the natural. To be clear, this was not just some simple misunderstanding in Malaysian politics, but the destiny of Malaysia hangs in the balance because of what continues to play out. It is very important to understand as believers the importance of continued prayer as it is not only Malaysia that is fighting for the promise of the Eternal to be fulfilled, but it also effects either positively or negatively the entire region.

Sunday Feb 23 (Shevat 28)

The day that everything kicked off, rumors began flying around and meetings were had that suggested a new government was about to be put in place, possibly pulling Malaysia back into the old system under the same people who had held power for 60 years. Great uncertainty hovered like a cloud over the nation. We canceled everything we had planned and began to pray. As we prayed we kept receiving from the Holy Spirit that the plot of Haman, referring to the Book of Esther, will be uncovered, and that Mahathir’s time as Prime Minister is finished. The powers of darkness, specifically the principality of Egypt has been doing everything to return the country to the old power structure, and Mahathir, despite whether his intentions for Malaysia are good or not, he opened the doors to the fallen Kingdom of darkness after repeatedly going out of his way to speak ill of Israel. The Scripture is clear about what happens when people curse Israel.

Monday Feb 24 (Shevat 29)

The next day, the plot began to unravel, and the masterminds behind the chaos were found out. Azmin Zuraida the main culprit was fired from his post, and on the same day Mahathir submitted his resignation as PM of Malaysia to the King. The position he has been trying desperately trying to hold onto past the deadline and against the will of the people, he handed over of his own accord. Whether he knew all of the facts at that point or not makes no difference, but the way everything had to happen for him to peacefully resign was astounding. Later that day, the King accepted his resignation, but made him interim PM until the new PM is elected. In one fell swoop Azmin Zuraida and friends who tried to bring back the old system were exposed, and without putting ups fight Mahathir turned in his resignation. Nobody saw that coming. In the spirit we understood that the powers of Egypt that formerly held the power over Malaysia were trying to steal back the crown of Malaysia, the authority to rule, but now is the time when the remnant must give that crown to Yeshua, the King of kings like the 24 elders before the throne of the Ancient of Days (Revelation 4:10). Malaysia has been like the Hebrews in Egypt, but now it is the time of the Exodus, the time to take a stand like Moses, saying “Let my people go”! The old paradigm is gone and Yeshua is doing a new thing in Malaysia.

Tuesday Feb 25 (Rosh Kodesh Adar)

On the last day of Shevat as we were about to enter into the month of Adar, some seemingly unrelated news to Malaysia hit us like a sledgehammer in the spirit as it was actually a huge sign of what El Shadai is doing in the country. At the age of 91, Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s longest serving president, also know as Egypt’s modern-day Pharaoh, died. We understood that his death signals that Malaysia has crossed over the Red Sea so to speak, and the waters have come crashing down on the principalities and powers of Malaysia just as they did on Pharaoh and his men. Now is not the time for Malaysia to turn back, but rather to push forward to the Promised Land, a new future with El Elyon leading the way.

Wednesday Feb 26 (Adar 1)

When the dust had settled and the chaos was relatively cleared the first of Adar was upon us, a new month with new meaning. What it means for Malaysia is astounding, but it will be a choice that the Body of Messiah will have to make fully committed. Adar is the month of Purim, the joyous celebration of the saving of the Hebrews from the evil plot of Haman (Book of Esther). It is also the same time as both the birth, and death of Moses before Israel entered the Promised Land (Deuteronomy 34:8, Joshua 4:19, Deuteronomy 31:2). So what does it mean for Malaysia? Malaysia has already crossed the Red Sea so to speak after 60 years of one party rule, and the waters have closed in on the old structure and powers (Pharaoh). Now it is time to cross the Jordan! Adar is a month of giving birth to a new season of promise and blessing even in the face of great obstacles. It is also a month of decision to be the generation that either walks away from the promise of El Elyon to wander in the desert for 40 more years, or to cross the Jordan into Samaria like Joshua and Caleb in a much shorter three days. Malaysia is on the brink of the fulfillment of the promise of Elohim for the nation!

Don’t Stop Praying!

It is imperative that we all continue to pray for Malaysia to transition into this new season! If Malaysia does not enter, then Singapore and Indonesia will also have a pause in the acceleration of the fulfillment of their collective destinies. It goes without saying that the implications are global either way, and we as the Body of Messiah must stand together not looking at the uncertainties ahead, but rather the always perfect plan of the Almighty. In just a few short days everything changed, but now we must press in declaring a new day has come, and no matter what lies ahead, we see the end in sight that is a Malaysia that is full of the glory of Father moving westward with Singapore and Indonesia through Judea and Samaria and back to Jerusalem. We declare from Zion a new day is come for Malaysia in the name of Yeshua, and the past can stay where it belongs, behind us as we choose to cross the Jordan into the unknown.

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