Kislev, the 9th month, the month of dreams, the month of lights, a time when obstacles, hardship and hard decisions give us the great privilege and opportunity to stand on the promises of God to see His truth come to pass instead of the world’s deceptions and fallen agendas. Eyes of the sons and daughters of God are being opened to see passed the turmoil, hatred and grief this month and glimpse from the throne room of God where these feelings do not exist. Clarity in the Spirit is the open door of Kislev even and especially in an embattled time. Just as when adrenaline kicks in, the time is slowed, focus is heightened and strength is increased this month giving new insight into the heavenly as well as earthly battle that is taking place. As Israel is at war, the entire world has been jolted into action, unity, and protest altogether, unlike other conflicts that are even more deadly and costly because Israel and Jerusalem are the apple of God’s eye and the prophetic clock of the end times. This new month of Kislev speaks volumes about what is and will continue to happen this month in Israel and around the world and we should pay attention. When we look to Scripture this is what we see has happened during Kislev and it speaks volumes about what is happening today and what our heart posture should be.

Kislev Key Events

Nehemiah’s Boldness to Act

Nehemiah is visited by his brother and friends and told of the terrible condition of Jerusalem leading to his petition to the king of Persia to send him to rebuild the city (Nehemiah 1-2). The cry of Jerusalem was heard and the King of Persia gave unprecedented grace and favor to Israel and just as today, Israel is holding in one hand the hammer to rebuild the walls and in the other the sword to defend itself on multiple fronts against enemies who despise Israel restoring what God has given. Let us pray that this restoration is not only geographic and physical but also Spiritual for many to come to know Yeshua as Messiah.

Jeremiah’s Scrolls Burned

Baruch, the scribe of Jeremiah reads all that God had spoken to Jeremiah in the Temple of Adonai in Jerusalem, and then read to the king of Judah, only for king Jehoiakim to burn the entire scroll piece by piece without the fear of Adonai (Jeremiah 36:1-26). Now is the time to have ears to hear what Adonai is speaking devoid of pride and emotion. Jeremiah was not only hearing clearly what the Lord was saying, but wise to send his scribe instead of going himself. We pray that we will head the warnings of God, repent accordingly, and come before Him humbly this month so that we are not moved by the flesh but by the Holy Spirit.

Religiosity Rebuked

Zechariah received the Word of the Lord to the people of Bethel returning from exile in Babylon warning them not to continue praying and fasting only by tradition on certain days, but to do so with sincerity unto Adonai and live righteously one person to another lest they go down the same path that led Israel into exile before (Zechariah 7). There is a clear pattern throughout Scripture regarding Israel in particular, and now is the time that this pattern is being broken. Un-repentance and the reliance on everything else but YHWH including other little g gods and the military to solve its issues. Now is a time for repentance and a declaration of true restoration for the people of Israel and every person in your nation for salvation. The hardened hearts are being softened, and the Spirit of God is moving, so while we pray for those in battle fervently and those in support, we also look to the destiny of Israel and each of our individual countries as it is written in the books of heaven from the throne room of God where we are seated with Yeshua at the right hand of the Father.

Foreign Wives Banished

At the people’s request, Ezra gathered all of the exiles of Israel in Jerusalem to agree with no longer marrying foreign women as God commanded them and to leave their wives in order to come back into agreement with Israel’s covenant with God. (Ezra 10:1-17). Clearly we are no longer commanded not to marry foreign wives, but this act was purely to come back into the fullness of the covenant of God according to the law of Moses. The fact that this was decided this month of Kislev continues the prophetic blueprint of God’s heart for us. Anything that is keeping us from being in the fullness of relationship with God through the blood of Yeshua, it is time to admit it and cast it out completely from our lives so that we may truly live in the power and perfect love of God. This is the road to John 17.

Yeshua Reveals Who He Is

Yeshua entered Jerusalem during Chanukah and told the people while walking on Solomon’s Portico around the temple that He was indeed in no uncertain terms the Messiah they had been waiting for, and was then nearly stoned and grabbed, but escaped unscathed (John 10:22-39). As Yeshua visited the Temple during winter for Channukah, the Festival of Lights, He spoke plainly that He is the Messiah, but even after so many miracles signs and wonders they did not believe. As we enter into the month of Channukah, let us pray that His sheep will hear His voice loud and clear and that the harvest of souls bound for eternal life will come hear the call in Israel and every nation of the world!

Kesith (Sagittarius)

The constellation over Israel this month is Kesith which is the picture of an archer drawing a bow while sitting atop a horse, but to complete the picture in the night sky we see his arrow aimed directly at the heart of the scorpion trying to sting the heal of the man who represents Yeshua wrestling with the snake. The constellation of last month, Cheshvan was the Scorpion. It was during Cheshvan that we were reminded of the authority given to us through Yeshua “to stomp on the heads of snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, satan” (Luke 10:19). As we have taken our position in said authority as the unified Body of Yeshua, The Father likewise fights our battles, and destroys the secret plans of the fallen kingdom of darkness, overturning the false decrees that are not in line with His will, times, and seasons. The verse that best embodies this, and will come to pass this month is Psalm 64:7-9. Read this, think of a similar situation in your life, Israel, your nation, and around the globe, and apply it directly.

“They encourage themselves in [their pursuit of] an evil agenda; They talk of laying snares secretly; They say, “Who will discover us? They devise acts of injustice, saying, “We are ready with a well-conceived plan.” For the inward thought and the heart of a man are deep (mysterious, unsearchable). But God will shoot them with an [unexpected] arrow; Suddenly they will be wounded. So they will be caused to stumble; Their own tongue is against them; All who gaze at them will shake the head [in scorn].

“In Your majesty, ride out to victory, defending truth, humility, and justice. Go forth to perform awe-inspiring deeds! Your arrows are sharp, piercing your enemies’ hearts (Hamas). The nations fall beneath your feet.” (Psalm 45:4). The days are shortened and the nights grow longer and the plans of the enemy are reaching a fever pitch, but uncertainty is not our demeanor and fear is not our countenance. We have been given a Spirit of power and of love and of sound judgment and personal discipline [abilities that result in a calm, well-balanced mind and self-control] (2 Timothy 1:7). The arrows of the Lord mighty in battles have already gone forth, and He doesn’t miss.

In the Storm

Here in Israel and in many places around the world we have faced impossible challenges in the past that only could have been overcome by God Himself. This is true not only for us as a country but the same goes for each of us individually and every level of society. Just as God was trying to teach Israel how to operate in faith and trust in Him after crossing the Red Sea through many miracles signs and wonders, Yeshua was trying to do the same with His disciples after the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. The Exodus was to show His chosen people Who He Is and how to live through the Law. After the coming down from the Mount of Beatitudes, Yeshua began showing His disciples what it looked like to fulfill the law. Coming down from the mountain on His way to the boat at the Sea of Galilea Yeshua healed the outcasts of society, the most despised such as lepers, a Roman Commander, and a woman who was chronically bleeding, the hated untouchables and the oppressors. Then came the storm. After seeing so many miracles the disciples were totally reliant on Yeshua for those miracles to happen, so naturally when waves were washing over the boat in the middle of the sea they went to Yeshua who was fast asleep. He rebuked the wind and waves and they ceased.

When the storm comes like the horrors of what Hamas did to the men, women, children and babies on October 7th, unfathomable evil, people either turn to God or refuse to believe their is a God. Right now in Israel and in countless places around the world that is the reality. In the storm people either turn to God or ask the question, if God is God why would He let something like this happen. Right now, It is time to pray for those who are turning away and for those who are seeking Him in these hard times. For the ones turning away, for Yeshua to pursue them relentlessly in every way shape and form to bring them to Him, and for those turning to God, not to be deceived by lies, but to know that Yeshua is the Way the Truth and the Life.


The youngest son of Israel and the only son to be born in the Promised Land, Benjamin was destined by the word of his mother Rachel who died giving birth to him, to be called “Son of my Sorrow.” But that destiny was swiftly changed by Israel his father, and he called him, Benjamin, “Son of my right hand.” What a picture of Yeshua! The fallen kingdom of darkness loves to tell us what our false destiny is, as well as the destinies of our families, cities, and nations. This month we stop giving an ear to such lies and start hearing, repeating, and living the truth according to Adonai.

Another overlooked fact about Benjamin is that out of all of the tribes, Benjamin alone is called the Beloved of Adonai. When Moses prophesied over Benjamin he said, “May the beloved of the Lord dwell in safety by Him; He shields and covers him all the day long, and he dwells between His shoulders” (Deuteronomy 33:12). What matters, is that now we are all the beloved of Yeshua! Once destined to die in our sin we are now raised to life through the death and resurrection of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

Be prepared and expectant this month to see the verdicts and decrees of the fallen kingdom of darkness overturned for your life, your family, and your nation as the Father’s Word is final, not the world’s. Just as Lazarus’ death seemed finite and a sorrowful occasion, be expectant of resurrection miracles in every area of your life and society, that like the resurrection of Lazarus will be used to glorify God (John 11:4).

9 Lights on the 9th Month

Channukah is beginning this Kislev! But what’s with the 9 candlesticks as opposed to the original seven on the Menorah? The 9 Candlesticks of the Chanukiyah or Chanukah Menorah represent more than just the miracle in the temple after its rededication, but especially for today, the 9 Beatitudes, the 9 fruits and the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit, all of which were listed for the first time in the New Testament Scriptures. These three 9’s are part of our Inheritance in this new age of Grace, and allow us to truly shine as living Chanukah Menorahs wherever we go being one (Echad) as Yeshua, the Holy Spirit, and the Father are One, and the only way we as the Bride of Yeshua can be one together as well. Let your lights shine, all 9 of them, this Kislev!

The number 9 which means finality and wholeness, and this being the 9th month of the year all sounds nice, but it also represents the 9th hour, the same time Yeshua was crucified. We know it now as the moment our sins were nailed to the cross and when Yeshua became the way to the Father, but in that moment it literally became dark, and the outlook of the disciples was pure sadness and depression. This is the picture the world is constantly trying to paint for us, especially now as winter begins to set in throughout much of the world and due to the massacre of October 7th here in Israel. Wars and rumors of more wars never cease these days, but we have the collective power as a global Ekklesia to turn the rhetoric of the world on its head and watch as the global body of Yeshua works hard and prays in unison with the Father, the darkness will be shocked.

In this 9th month, many things are coming to a head, and even though the enemy feels a victory is at hand, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Now is a time to remain immovable in the promises of the King of glory. In this time of contrast between light and darkness, when the plans of the fallen kingdom of darkness look certain to succeed, remember, at the 9th hour when Yeshua died the enemy was rejoicing thinking they had won, not realizing the King of glory had just used them to strike the final blow of their own defeat. Their short-lived celebration was quashed almost immediately when Yeshua showed up in hell to preach the Gospel and take the keys of sin and death. They had sealed their fate with the innocent blood of the Lamb. All glory was given to Adonai in that moment as it was clear the plans of man and the powers of darkness never stood a chance against the Lord of Hosts. That is now our lot, and Adonai mighty in battle is the one fighting for us and with us, something we should never forget and something we should never let the Fallen Kingdom of darkness forget either.


The storm does not control us, but Yeshua in us and us in Him shut up the storm. Our faith is being taken to another level this month and the awe and greatness of God is bringing our prayers to another realm of authority, breadth and width as we understand that nothing, nothing is impossible with God. Don’t let the storm toss you around and bring fear into your life, family, business or nation, but instead tell the storm to shut up in the authority given to you by the blood of Yeshua which brings shalom out of chaos, and order out of disorder. Thank you also for your prayers for Israel in this difficult time of war and despite the awful things of war, for salvation to arise out of the ashes and joy instead of mourning. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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