Today, In the long list of this week’s significant and prophetic days, is Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day).  May 13, 2018 marks the 51st anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem with Israel during the first day of the 6 Days War in 1967.  It is so prophetic that this is the 44th day of the counting of the Omer.  Four in Hebrew means door/gate and added together is 8 which means new beginning.  This symbolizes the opening of the gates of Jerusalem to receive a new visitation of the Holy Spirit, as on Wednesday we will enter into the biblical month of Sivan, the month of alignment, and then Shavuot (Pentecost) on Friday.  It is a day of great celebration as well as a day of remembrance for those who died during the 6 Days War, a war that decided the fate of Israel’s very existence as a country.  For thousands of years the Jewish people have yearned to return to Jerusalem.  The diaspora of Israel have at the end of every Seder, the traditional routine of the setting up of the Shabbat meal, have always finished by saying, “Next year in Jerusalem.”  Since the time of the Jews exile to Babylon, the lament of the Babylonian Jews has forever remained in the hearts of the Jewish people.  “By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion. If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill.

May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth if I do not remember you,  if I do not consider Jerusalem my highest joy” (Psalm 12:1,5,6).  So when Jerusalem was reunited with Israel and the Jewish people on that day in 1967, it was the beginning the fulfillment of countless  generations during every Shabbat saying, “Next Year in Jerusalem.”   Join us as we celebrate Yom Yerushalayim, and “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you [holy city]” (Psalm 122:6).

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