We have arrived to Adar 2 in the run up to Nissan, the first month of the Biblical new year, a time when the events of the world and all that is happening in Israel is reaching a fever pitch. We find ourselves now having celebrated Purim in the month of Esther, Mordechai and the decree of the King. This is the time to have our finger on the pulse of what God is doing and saying and to come into agreement here on earth as it is in heaven. As we enter this new Biblical season we must be aware of how to be praying for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem, so here is a brief but somewhat extensive list of ways to be praying now for Israel as we enter an unprecedented season of important choices that will effect the end times timeline like never before.

As the war with Hamas continues, we have reached a crucial stage in the fighting in Gaza, the so called West Bank, and on the border with Lebanon. The decision has been made for the ground operation to begin in Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas in Gaza. Exceptional pressure from Middle Eastern countries as well as many western nations including the USA have failed to halt Israel’s advance to finish Hamas once and for all.

While the IDF pushes into the densely populated Rafah to root out and destroy Hamas, tensions are very high in the so called West Bank where the war has been heated and contentious while much of the news focuses on Gaza and The Lebanon border. Just recently in the city of Tulkarm, right next to Jerusalem, terrorists were killed and air strikes took place. Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem as the war threatens to explode in the city of the King and, especially in East Jerusalem where tensions are the highest.

On the Lebanon border more than 61 thousand Israelis are still displaced from their homes to escape the fighting along with more than 90 thousand Lebanese as well. As Israel enters Rafah, Hezbollah in Lebanon has ramped up attacks over the border with hundreds of rockets in recent days being fired into Israel. Please pray for a de-escalation with Hezbollah because if the full force of Hezbollah’s forces (Rockets) come against Israel, the rocket barrage would set Israel’s cities on fire from the north to the south. Please pray for a swift conclusion to Israel’s operation in Rafah to see this war end out right and Hamas eliminated.

Meanwhile, the Houthi rebels in Yemen continue in solidarity with Hamas and Hezbollah and under the orders of Iran against Israel and all of its western allies by firing rockets, sending lethal drones and capturing Israeli and other commercial vessels allied to Israel attempting to move through the Suez Canal. One cargo ship has been sunk thus far and despite the combined efforts of the U.S. and allied countries against this threat, it has yet to be stopped outright. Please pray for all Allies and enemies of Hamas both in the region and otherwise to have eyes to see what is happening from a Biblical perspective and see what side of history they are truly on.

There are still 134 hostages in Gaza left of the 240 taken on October 7th, as well as 254 Israeli soldiers killed. It is now more than 170 days since the war started and the hostages are still being kept alive underground in the extensive tunnel system in Gaza. Please pray for their safe return alive and well, and for all of those tens of thousands protesting in Israel for the hostages for Shalom and to be praying from the victory of Yeshua for them.

For the civilians in Gaza, tens of thousands have fled their homes and are in need of basic supplies. For both those sympathizers of Hamas in Gaza and otherwise, please pray for supernatural protection and provision for them and an encounter with God they will never forget unto salvation.

Thus far any talks for a ceasefire have been unsuccessful, but please pray that there will be peace soon after the destruction of Hamas and for this war not to spill into a regional confrontation with the powers that are against Israel.

On top of the mounting pressure to end the war both foreign and domestic, Israel is finding that many of its Allies in the United States and Europe are putting down new guidelines that they hope will lead to a ceasefire as soon as possible, but please pray that Israel will only stop this war once Hamas is defeated outright and for the leadership of Israel not to succumb to the demands of other countries.

It is now the month of Ramadan when Muslims in Israel and the West Bank are fasting every day until night time when they have a meal. This has a major impact in both the natural and the spirit against Israel, so now more than ever it is to contend from the place of the victory of Yeshua for what God is saying and doing for Israel for such a time as this. Be vigilant in prayer this month not in reaction to what the enemy is doing but in alignment with what the Father is saying and doing for now.

Meanwhile in Jordan large protests with over 2000 people trying to storm the Israeli Embassy in Jordan have been thwarted, so please pray not only for protection of Israel in the country but for all Israelis and those in support of Israel outside of the country.

As Israeli defense minister Gallant meets with the pentagon in the US, the head of Hamas based in Qatar is officially meeting in Iran with the top officials to make the highest levels of decisions regarding how to proceed in the Gaza Strip. Please pray that in both parties for God’s intervention in decision making and for His perfect will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, no more, no less.

Since the October 7 attacks it has come to light that one of the main reasons for the attack was in response to the efforts by certain parties in Israel to bring about the sacrifice of the Red Heifer mentioned in Numbers 19:2 on the Mount of Olives. For this to happen it would have to be very soon, on the Shabbat preceding Passover and would also officially pave the way for the rebuilding of the third temple. This is huge news regarding the end times Biblical clock, and the enemies of Israel are very aware of this, and we should be as well. Please pray for God’s perfect will and His perfect timing regarding this Red Heifer sacrifice of which the sacrificial altar has already been built, and a practice run of Jewish priests has already been carried out.

Lastly, please pray for the leadership of Israel. Israel faces enemies on 7 fronts including Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran. With so many enemies plus the pressure from Israelis for the return of the hostages with recent protests in the thousands as well as pressure form the west not to invade Rafah, there is a powder keg ready to explode. According to Prime Minister Netanyahu, entering Rafah is already a forgone conclusion however regardless of what others may say or think and the actual ability for the defeat of Hamas is even in question as the number of enemy fighters have been underestimated as well as the extent of the tunnels beneath Gaza which allowed for the return of 500 plus terrorists to the Shifa Hospital who were then eliminated or captured by the IDF in recent days.

The timing of all of this is the kicker, and if indeed Netanyahu and his far right Jewish orthodox party decide to go ahead with the Red Heifer sacrifice on the Mount of Olives one week before Passover (April 15th) it will signal to all of the Muslim world that the third temple will be built and that the current government has the political will to do so regardless of the repercussions. What that means is the possibility of the destruction of AL Aqsa Mosque which will certainly lead to further violence against Israel, perhaps even a war that is much farther reaching than the current war. And the invasion of Rafah on top of that will put Israel’s Middle Eastern Allies as well as its western ones in a very difficult position and perhaps lead to a loss of support.

In lough all of this, some extremely difficult decisions need to be made that will have Biblical consequences and we will see prophecy begin to be fulfilled in the run up to these end times. Whatever happens, the urgency to pray and understand the times and seasons and what do do cannot be understated. Get ready for this Nissan to be one for the history books, so God’s speed kingdom family and thank you for your prayers! Adonai bless you and keep you!

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