Oh Israel!  A story of the love of the Father birthed from unflinching faith, rescued from the shackles of slaves, and brought to the land promised by the Ancient of Days.  Great victories were won and mighty miracles done when Israel worshipped only He Who is worthy to be praised, but generations passed and Israel fell fast as they worshipped gods with other names.  Division came and enemies now reigned.  A man was raised up, David was his name, a worshipper, a shepherd, a warrior he became.  Anointed as king, he saw Israel redeemed, but as time wained the struggle was the same, and destruction came.  Exile to Babylon was the punishment and shame, but 70 years passed and Daniel called upon His Name.  Restoration came and Israel returned to fame, but it would not last and the Romans came.  A savior was promised who would once again rule and reign, Yeshua of Nazareth is His Name.  The seed of David, the Name above all Names was brought lower than the angels, but died and rose from His grave.  His blood was found blameless, the debt of sin and death finally paid.  Ascending to the throne, His position was raised, and the disciples waited for ten more days.  The Holy Spirit came and apostles they became, spreading the Gospel in power and grace, but 70 years passed, and Jerusalem was razed, the Jews once again exiled and disgraced.  Their hearts were hardened, but the hope still remained, next year in Jerusalem for two thousand years they would say.  Judah wandered and prayed while to the ends of the earth the Gospel did reach.  Then came 1948, remember the date? “Who has heard of such a thing? Who has seen such things? Can a land be born in one day? Isaiah 66 verse 8 Israel becomes a state.  70 years passed and like Cyrus the great the United States declared Jerusalem is the eternal Capitol of the Israeli State!  That brings us to now to this very special date, April 28th.  72 years and Israel is still here, surrounded by enemies, but so very safe.  The full number of gentiles has nearly come in, and Romans 25:11 is coming to its end.   What comes next is Romans 11:26, something we pray every single day, in this way Israel will be saved.  Israel Chai, Yeshua is alive, He is coming soon to meet with His bride.  Happy Independence Day Israel!

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