In Isaiah 40:1, God’s people are instructed to deliver a message of comfort to Jerusalem during times of crisis: “‘Comfort, yes, comfort My people!’ Says your God.” This passage specifically applies to the period when Judah feared the Assyrian invasion around 701 BC. Its ultimate fulfillment will occur when the Anti-Mesiah attacks Israel at the end of the age.

There are two groups addressed in this verse. The first group consists of believers outside of Jerusalem, who are to offer comfort to the second group living in Jerusalem, whom God refers to as “My people.” This group includes redeemed individuals distinct from those residing in Jerusalem, and it may also encompass Gentile believers speaking an end-time message of comfort to Jerusalem. The second group refers to those who are currently living in Jerusalem.

God has called Gentile believers from all corners of the world and from every nation to bring comfort to Israel, especially during times of crisis. Isaiah 62:11 affirms that the Lord has proclaimed this message to the ends of the earth: “Say to the daughter of Zion, ‘Surely your salvation is coming; behold, His reward is with Him…'”

We extend an invitation to everyone, both individually and collectively, to sing and speak words of comfort over Israel.

• On October 17, let us sing and declare Isaiah 40:25-31 over Israel.
• On October 18, let us sing and declare Isaiah 41:9-10, 13 over Israel.
• On October 19, let us sing and declare Isaiah 41:14-16 over Israel.
• On October 20, let us sing and declare Isaiah 43:1-6 over Israel.
• On October 21, let us sing and declare Isaiah 44:1-5 over Israel.
• On October 22, let us sing and declare Isaiah 49:14-18 over Israel.
• On October 23, let us sing and declare Isaiah 54:4-8 over Israel.

Together, let us bring comfort and reassurance to the people of Israel during these challenging times.

By Kay-Chong / One Thing Ministries

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