We entered into a purposeful time of prayer for Indonesia and were led to receive and pray for some specific things regarding the blueprint of heaven for this nation in 2020.

As we began to worship and pray, the Spirit of the Lord began to say that He was going to open the ancient doors of Indonesia to pave the way for Yeshua to enter and release His mantle of salvation (save the lost), to activate His remnant and to push this region to accomplish its destiny.  Adonai showed us Indonesia like an elephant walking through these ancient doors crushing the false and evil seeds of the fallen kingdom of darkness and tearing through the old accumulated layers of ancient kingdoms and systems operating in the land.  The evil seeds are crushed through Prayer, worship and oneness in the Body of Messiah.  We saw gates opening from West Papua all the way to Ache, seeing that the keys of these gates have been given to the angelic hosts of heaven to open them and enter.  We saw that the East Wind (Dryness and Destruction) has been blowing for some time in Indonesia, but that wind has caused many people’s ships (hearts) to align, and set course, not to Mecca, but to Jerusalem and Yeshua.  Ache, the west tip of Indonesia has for so long been called the Porch of Mecca, but its true destiny is to be the Porch of Jerusalem, the tip of the arrow back to Jerusalem.  A great alignment is coming for 2020.

The Holy Spirit was reminding us while we prayed that this month is Kislev, the 9th month of the Hebrew Calendar, a month of giving birth, the season of light (Hanukah), and was telling us that this new decade is the start of John 16:21, and it would be a new season where Indonesia will begin to take its first baby steps back to Jerusalem (Diplomatic and Economic relations).  The time of the cleansing of Indonesia is now and nothing will be hidden any longer.  As the praise of the remnant arise and arise, Abba’s righteousness and Justice will manifest throughout the nation (Psalm 48:10).  Everything will be exposed by the light of Yeshua.

Adonai then began to highlight the fathers of Indonesia, both the Dads in the natural as well as the men who are considered to be leaders and caretakers of the nation.  Elohim showed us Himself aligning the hearts of these men with His perfect love, and being embraced by the wings of the Father.  In other words, they were not just hearing about His love, but having intimate and life transforming encounters with the King of kings that will in turn help put Indonesia on the path of its destiny.

Lastly, as we prayed we felt strongly that this new year 2020 is the year of the execution of the vision of God for Indonesia.  Abba, Father has given His vision for the nation, and now it is time to execute that vision with the fear (reverential awe) of God, in the Joy of the Lord, and with all due diligence knowing that only through Him will it be accomplished.  “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6).  The destiny of Indonesia is great, and as long as we are in the same accord seeing from the perspective of the throne of the Almighty will we be an instrument in His will being done on earth as it is in heaven for Indonesia.


  1. Declare Psalm 24:7-10 for this new decade for Indonesia!

  2. Pray for and be an active part of letting go of pride, grudges, and un-forgiveness that keeps the Body of Messiah from being in Oneness, and watch as the plans and ancient powers of the fallen kingdom of darkness fall to pieces in the face of love and unity in Christ in us.  See the might of the elephant (Indonesian Remnant) crush the evil seed of the enemy.

  3. Pray for the manifestation of John 16:21, for Indonesia to begin to have ties with Israel, both economic and diplomatic as its first steps to aligning with Jerusalem.
  4. Pray for everything that has been done in the darkness to come to the light in this new decade, not only in matters of politics and government but in every sector of society including, business, entertainment, the military, the family and especially the church (Luke 8:17).

  5. Pray not only that what has been done in the darkness will be brought to the light, but also for the bad to be replaced with people and statutes according to the justice and righteousness of God (Psalm 48:10, Psalm 89:14)

  6. Pray for the restoration of the priesthood in the family, that Dad’s would take care of and be responsible for the well being of their families.

  7. Pray for radical encounters with Yeshua for the leaders of Indonesia from the top down, so they receive the heart of the Father and lead according to His vision instead of their own.

Adonai’s will be done in Indonesia.

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  • Daisy Wardani says:

    Hello from Indonesia (again).

    My name is Daisy and this is my second time I have the opportunity to read from your website about Indonesia’s destiny.
    I’m not sure why I been going back and forth reading things on your web. And I believe is God!
    What you write and said are the same exact thing what God put in my heart. I’m sure there is something that God wants me to learn and pray from all of these.

    I have a vision that I need to start a prayer group that focus praying for Indonesian government, Indonesia leaders and marketplace ministry in Indonesia. Just like America has “Intercessor for America”. I strongly believe Indonesia needs “Intercessor for Indonesia” prayer group.
    Could you extend your prayer for me? I will honored if you can.

    So keep your posts going and I will read it and pray upon it!

    Also, could u help me navigate to explore your website. I’m not sure where to start to read first when I enter your website. So many wonderful and important things to read and learn.

    GBU, Daisy

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