Visions and Revelations: March 2024

Crowning Yeshua: From Puzzle Pieces to Kingdom DNA

Afternoon Session Day 1

As we gathered together to worship God, the Holy Spirit led us to give Yeshua all glory and honor, and as we continued worshipping, I saw an open vision that we were crowning Yeshua as king of kings and Lord of lords (1 Timothy 6:15) over that assembly of believers. I then saw how all of us were like pieces of a puzzle and one by one we were entering into oneness during the worship. Then I began to see what looked like a gigantic DNA strand moving in a circular way, and I understood that God was allowing me to see the power of the blood of Yeshua and the power of oneness to see the kingdom DNA manifested in order to become the new wine skin. This process is the transformation and cleansing to go from the old wine skin to the new (Mark 2:22).

Harvest of Grapes and Chuppah of Unity: Journey Through Indonesia’s Gates

Then as we continued worshipping I saw another vision of Yeshua entering into a vineyard because the grapes were ready and He was collecting them from the vineyard and stepping on the grapes (John 15). Then I heard a voice saying, “I Am listening”, and I understood the Father was truly hearing the worship going on. After that I was taken in the Spirit to the spiritual gate of Surabaya. From the gate I was able to see all of the gates of Indonesia line up and open up. After that I saw the gate of Surabaya as a huge Chuppah and all of us entering under the Chuppah and through the gate.

Revelations of Divine Flame, Armor of God Unveiled and Building the Ekklesia in Worship

Then as we continued worshipping and people came together in the center of the room with tribal sticks hitting them on the ground together in a rhythmic way, I started to see a multicolored flame of fire, and each flame was coming from each person to feed the fire. Each person was producing different colors that were different colors than the normal spectrum of colors which became bright and majestic. I was understanding that Yeshua was producing the fire within each of us, not that we were giving fire to Him, but that in the oneness of the Holy Spirit He was producing this within us.

Then the Holy Spirit gave me Psalm 141:2 which says, “Let my prayer be counted as incense before you and the lifting up of my hands as the evening offering.” After that one of the worshippers began to sing, “Day and night night and day let incense arise.” I then saw in the Spirit all of the people receiving the different parts of the armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). In another moment after that a man named Peter from Australia came to me and laid hands on my back and in that moment I felt the presence of God in a special way without knowing at that time it was Peter, and the Holy Spirit said to me during that moment, “On this rock, Yeshua, I will raise my Ekklesia” Mattew 16:18). After opening my eyes and seeing that it was Peter, I was understanding how God was speaking about how important it is that we as the remnant must now step onto the true foundation of God in order for God to be able to build us up as a true and authentic Ekklesia.

Roar of Destiny and A Call to Move Forward

We continued worshipping and a new frequency and sound was released which then made us all release a roar, a roar of destiny that marked a moment for our Spirits to long for where God is leading us one step at a time not wanting to stay in the same state but to move forward into what God is planning for what is to come. Then for the first time I saw Indonesia from an aerial perspective and Indonesia began to slowly move its feet, like the elephant was ready to begin moving forward. Then the worship ended.

Encounter with King Yeshua, Divine Joy, Activation and Intimate Worship

Morning Session of Day 2

As we came together to worship King Yeshua, the atmosphere became little by little filled with the joy of the Lord and we continued receiving the joy of the Lord. During that time I received Nehemiah 8:10 that says, “The joy of the Lord is your strength and your stronghold.” The joy of the Lord prepared us in the natural and the spirit to be aligned with the heart of the Father and brought us into a sense of urgency and understanding that the joy of the Lord was getting us ready for what He wanted to show us and allow us to receive and experience next. The worship then switched and through our worship we were inviting King Yeshua to come to the gate as the King of kings (Psalm 24). Then I saw an open vision of Him responding and coming to the gate as a king with His crown, and in that moment He took hold of the doorpost of the gate, and I understood that in that moment Yeshua was becoming the gatekeeper of Surabaya (John 14:6).

After seeing that, it was as though everyone in the room understood what was happening and the worship became so intimate and pure and our response to Him being in the gate was to bow down and worship him. The whole room went on their knees in that moment in unison in response to His presence. In that moment I received Nehemiah 8:6, “Then Ezra blessed the Lord the great God and all the people answered, amen, amen. While lifting up their hands and they kneeled down and worshipped the Lord with their face toward the ground.” In that moment of intimate worship, I heard in the spirit someone announcing, “Yeshua at the gate.” My attention was then brought once again to seeing Yeshua in the gate and I saw Him open His mouth in slow motion and I saw golden words in Hebrew coming from his mouth letter by letter. As I looked on, I received that since Covid 19 the mouths of the remnant of Surabaya had been mostly shut and that He was bringing an activation to once again open their mouths to speak the truth of God without any fear.

Yeshua’s Throne in Surabaya, The Book of Indonesia, Yeshua’s Authority and Silence of the Enemy

After that I started to notice that He was no longer in the gate standing with His crown holding the doorposts, but now sitting on His throne there. And then I was seeing lightning coming out from His throne not just once or twice but constantly forming a sphere around His throne (Revelation 4:5). As I witnessed this it was a clear display of His power and might. After seeing this I received Psalm 68:1 that says, “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered. Let them also that hate Him flee before Him.” Then the sphere of lightning began pulsating in waves throughout Surabaya destroying evil altars and the enemies of God throughout the city. After seeing the enemies of God being humiliated and destroyed I saw a huge book in front of all of us, which I understood was the book of Indonesia.

Yeshua then opened the book and turned to a new page. In that moment there was complete silence as we all waited in the glory of the Lord and in that moment behind me a baby began to cry. I was not irritated with the noise, but actually the Holy Spirit told me to listen, so I began to listen carefully, and I heard, read Psalm 8:2-4, which says, “Oh Lord our Lord, how majestic and glorious and excellent is Your Name in all the earth. You have displayed Your splendor above the heavens. Out of the mouths of infants and nursing babes you have established strength because of Your adversaries, that you might silence the enemy and make the revengeful cease.”.

The Birthing of the Bride and Australia’s Call: Entering into the Destiny of the Region

Then I began to see from the center of the two pages of the newly turned page of the book of Indonesia a blueprint beginning to appear. I saw the Hebrew letter, Chai, coming out from the book, which means Life or New Life. Then I started to hear the sweet voice of a woman that said, “listen this is the voice of the bride,” and in that moment I saw the map of Indonesia from above as a pregnant woman and Surabaya was the gate of giving birth. Then I saw this woman giving birth whose voice I had heard and it was a sweet voice delivering the baby. I saw the newborn baby and a voice told me I was seeing the birthing of the bride, of the John 17 Ekklesia in Indonesia. In that moment the Holy Spirit reminded me of the image that was drawn and presented to the assembly of people gathered which was two babies in the womb of a mother that were ready to be given birth to the day before. Then the woman disappeared and I was taken again in the Spirit to the book of Indonesia and I saw an invisible hand writing in the book in Hebrew letters, one by one, until it spelled out, אוֹסטְרַלִיָה (AUSTRALIA). I was amazed to see Australia included in the book of this region. I heard a voice speaking to Australia saying, “Come enter into your destiny.”

Dancing Bride, “Chaim”and Becoming the New Wineskin

I then had an open vision of seeing the bride dancing and desiring to be one with the bridegroom (Song of Songs 3:4). As the bride was dancing I was listening and heard the word, Chaim, Chaim, which comes from the Hebrew word Chai, meaning life. It signifies the essence of life itself. Then I heard L’Chaim, which is what is said in Hebrew when people toast two glasses of wine together. When we say L’Chaim it means, to life, but for that action to happen the cup has to be full with wine and it is done during a wedding to toast the wedding but also a sign of marriage covenant. Remember, in session 1 Yeshua was already stepping on the grapes and our part is to become the new wineskin to be the bride that receives the new wine.

First Nations Worship and Streams of Water in Surabaya

There was then a switch in the worship of the ancestral worship of the natives of Indonesia. I was not only hearing a new sound, but also the bride of Yeshua together arising and carrying the ancestral sound of the land and creation. As the worship of the indigenous people of Indonesia and the different nations present I saw coming through the gate of Surabaya two streams of water entering the land. I was then reminded of the wedding of Cana where both the water and the wine needed to be ready. The water in pure vessels ready in order for Yeshua to turn it into wine (John 2:1-11). I then received Habakuk 2:14 which says, “The time is coming when the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.”

Angel Visitations and Wedding Protocol: Preparation for the Journey Ahead

3rd Day Evening Session

When we came into a time of worship there was an open heaven and as we continued worshipping I saw these angels arriving to the place above us creating a circle around us worshipping and dancing. Then after seeing the angelic atmosphere and dynamic, I saw two angels entering the room bringing new sandals to all of us. I asked why are we receiving this new sandals and the angel replied these are the sandals for the journey ahead. After that there was shift in the spiritual dynamic, and there was an invitation from Yeshua to look only into His eyes not on any other thing that would bring distraction (Revelation 19:12-15). Then I received Psalm 121:1 that says, “I will lift up my eyes to the Hills, from where shall my help come?” After that, in a different vision I was seeing from an aerial view an army of elephants moving forward little by little. Then after that I saw more angels entering into the room among us as we sang, Holy, Holy (Revelation 4:8-11). After that presence of holiness and new angels entered, and we began to receive the reverential fear of God. The assembly then began to proceed with the wedding protocol with the food and the Chuppah and the wedding ceremony. During the whole process I kept seeing the huge hand of God building the Chuppah and being the Chuppah of the whole wedding. After the leaders released the blessings over the wedding, the Holy Spirit highlighted the great importance that representatives of the Isaiah 19 highway were there as witnesses of the wedding who were, the Nima from Iran representing Assyria, David Egypt, and Emmanuel Israel. That was the end of what I received. I pray this is a blessing and confirmation for many different things that happened In these three days where the remnant united in the oneness of the spirit to seek the face of God.

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