Just as the gospel went from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, it must now return from whence it came.  From the north, south, east and western corners of the earth, a move of the Holy Spirit is gaining momentum as the nations align themselves with Jerusalem, and countries that have been age old enemies are beginning to reconcile, uniting whole regions of the world as never before, giving us a glimpse of The Father’s redemptive purpose for each place and people.  The white cloud that Elijah saw on that dry day in the desert can be seen making its way around the earth giving the world fair warning that the rain, the latter rain, is coming (1 Kings 18:44).  Dark clouds are forming in the distance.  The message of the Lord always comes before its fulfillment, just as clouds precede the rain and lightning before the thunder clap.  The Joshuas and Calebs and the Elijahs and Deborahs are arising in the nations in this forerunner generation, that fear the Lord of Hosts, the creator of the universe, and go out fearlessly in the name of Yeshua in the power of His blood not just to preach salvation, but to live it.  The rain comes only when we are obedient to the voice of Adonai, and just as the rain came because The Ancient of Days answered the prayers of Elijah (1 Kings 18:42-46), so it will come when in these days for such a time as this as we see the fulfillment of Malachi 4:5 that says, “Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord arrives”.  Little did we know as we left California for Georgia that we would see an amazing display of the “hearts of the fathers turning to their children and the children to their fathers in the days to come” (Malachi 4:6).

What is happening on the west coast of the United States, with Yeshua getting ready to marry with California as a covenant state, and the red wave of politics about to sweep the state, is certainly not an isolated event, but rather another domino falling in a chain of events.  Not only is Elohim marrying wth California, but also marrying the west coast with the east coast.  It was amazing to see how it was a wedding between Lion’s brother and his wife, she from California and he from Georgia (West and East), was one of the reasons we began to think about coming for a short time to America before heading back to East Asia.  Not only that, but the timing of the wedding and our prophetic dreams and visions aligned so perfectly with what is happening in the natural and in the Spirit in the U.S.A.  We left California for Georgia with two missions, the first of which was to celebrate Jacob and Emily’s marriage with friends and family from Georgia who were not able to make it to California on such short notice for the wedding ceremony, but also to do a prophetic act in a special place that the Holy Spirit was adamant we complete.

Before arriving to Georgia, we had a layover in Charlotte North Carolina, and at this point in our Journey we have come to understand that there is always a reason that King Jesus has us in the places that we end up, and the timing that we end up there.  So, as we made our way off the plane into the Charlotte International Airport we began asking the Holy Spirit why He was having us stop here for a short time.  Just as quickly as we asked, when we turned the corner leaving the boarding ramp there was a huge sign on the wall that said welcome to the hometown of Billy Graham with details of the Billy Graham Museum.  We were instantly reminded of another prophetic vision that Emmanuel had while we were in southern China,  the summary of which, was that after the death of Billy Graham, his mantle was being released on a whole new generation of Believers.  To read the detailed vision got to (http://bit.ly/BGMantle).  We understood as we arrive that it was the prophetic timing of the transfer of the mantle of Billy Graham being release to this generation.  Not only was this the home of Billy Graham, but it also just so happens to be where one of the three major Gold Rushes in the United States took place, the other two states being Georgia and California.  Before arriving to Charlotte, we were aware of only the Georgia and California Gold rushes, and it wasn’t until later that we realized North Carolina was also a Gold Rush state.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit only shows a piece of the puzzle, but there is no doubt that every place we go and thing we do has far greater implications than we can fathom.  A highway of Gold is being paved in the Spirit while we worship in Spirit and Truth from one state to the next, just another two souls out of billions paving the way for the King of Glory to return.

We arrived to Atlanta Georgia a few hours after our layover in Charlotte where Lion’s mom picked us up.  She was beyond elated to see her son and Emmanuel, this being the first time in nearly two years that she had seen him, and the first time meeting Emmanuel who she had seen countless pictures of on VdD7 social media.  After a heartwarming reunion we made our way to Lion’s aunt’s house where we met his step dad David, his grandma, his uncle Dale, and with Jacob, his wife Emily, and her brother Billy and sister Annie.  We were a full house that night where we had a time of reminiscing, laughter and also shared a beautiful moment of prayer and worship to the Name Above All Names.  Old bondages were broken in that time with the Spirit of God together, and the Lord gave prophetic words to each person around the table in an awesome display of His perfect Love for each one of us.  It was such a priceless time of what was once two families becoming one both in the physical and in the Spirit in the presence of the Lord.  The next day we threw a party for Jacob and Emily at a restaurant where there was a flurry of divine appointments with old friends and family who made the day very special indeed.  We also had the privilege of seeing Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell, a rockstar couple for the Lord who have been great friends and mentors who are like spiritual coaches to us.  Afterwards we headed to Lion and Jacob’s Dad’s house, where Yeshua was about to do a mighty thing.

When we arrived to the house it was once again a fairytale reunion with Scott and his sons after such a long time gone.  Scott and his wife Renee hosted us all wonderfully, making enough room for all 7 of us kids.  The next day, Fathers day no less, The Father in heaven showed up in a big way as we all came together in the living room to worship the Great I am in the unity of the Body of Christ as one family.  We were all together soaking in the River of God as we put our crowns at His feet (Revelation 4:10) and our hearts on the altar.  Then something miraculous happened, something that is beginning to take place around the globe, a time that Malachi 4:5-6 speaks of when the Lord would send Elijah to turn the hearts of the children back to their fathers and the fathers to their children.  In the presence of the Most high and the angels of heaven, facing Lion, Mr. Cooke draped a Talit over his shoulders, and with tears of joy running down their faces, he blessed him and anointed him speaking as the Holy Spirt led.  Then, Jacob and his new bride Emily stepped forward, and Mr. Scott took the Talit once more and draped it over their shoulders, a proud father if ever there was one.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was indescribable in the moment that he blessed Jacob and Emily, all of them with tear streaked faces, they received the mantle and blessing from the priest of the family, the head of the household.  The rest was a whirlwind of prophetic words to one another and a certainty of the absolute unity through the Holy Spirit of the Cooke and Bearden families.  After this jaw dropping display of the fruition of Malachi 4:5-6 it was time for the newly Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Cooke, along with Billy and Annie, to catch their flight back to California.  While they made their way to the airport with Mr. Scott, we still had one more mission to complete before we left Georgia.

We took the car and made our way north to Dahlonega, Georgia, a town nestled into the picturesque foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains, that marks its beginning as a Gold Mining town when the gold rush started there in 1829.  The town is now built around the University of North Georgia which was established shortly after all of the easy gold was found and the 1849 gold rush began, causing a mass migration from Dahlonega, Georgia to Northern California, where we were just two days prior.  There was so much gold found in the North Georgia Mountains, that a U.S. Mint was built there to process the gold coming out of the mountains nearby into official U.S. gold coins that were put into circulation.  That same U.S. Mint building is now the centerpiece of Dahlonega, with its 24 carrot gold steeple roof that now houses the office of the President of the University, the study abroad offices, etc.  It was here that Adonai confirmed we must go.  In order to better understand how unbelievably perfect, intricate and mind numbing the plan of God is for each of our lives and this particular prophetic act, we have to delve a little bit deeper into Lion’s story.

It was nearly three years ago that Lion was radically transformed when he was baptized by the Holy Spirit in Grass Valley, California, where we were two days previously at the Empire Gold Mine (http://bit.ly/CAGoldRush2) , but it was eight years ago in 2010 that he became a cadet in the ROTC program at the University of North Georgia, and worked in the same building as an intern in the Study Abroad Department in the basement of what was once the U.S. Mint building, in the same room as the vault, which is there to this day, where the gold was stored.  In the time between him studying in Dahlonega and moving to Grass Valley, California, he was traveling through China and Southeast Asia.  All of this happened before he had good relationship with Yeshua, before being filled with the Holy Spirit, before knowing his calling, and systematically running further and further from God.  Now we are on the Asian Worship Tour, and the Holy Spirit led us to California to the same place Lion lived, and then to Georgia, in the same town that he lived and studied for four years.  How much bigger is Elohim than what we can wrap our minds around.  He is outside of time and space, yet lived among us as a man in the flesh, and died for our sins to be washed a way in order for us to once more be able to be in His presence, and furthermore to be filled with His Holy Spirit to guide us, teach us, and be one with us, His Body.  When we glimpse the Hand of God moving in such terrifying and awe inspiring ways, we begin to understand  without a doubt that there is indeed a perfect plan and will for each one of us when we choose to die to the world and live with the King.  Shake off the lies of the fallen kingdom of darkness that seeks to kill steal and destroy (John 10:10), and be made new by the Blood of Jesus daily into relationship with He who wrote you into His book before He knit you together in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13).

That day, standing on the porch entrance of the former U.S. Mint was certainly written in the books of heaven long before we were born and there were stars in the sky (Ephesian 1:4).  We both stood there in the presence of the Spirit of God and being led by Him, we repented for the iniquity of our forefathers, who just as in the California Gold Rush ruined the land, dirtied the waters, and committed many sins against the Native Americans on who’s land the gold rush took place.  We declared the reopening of the U.S. Mint in both the physical and the Spirit to begin receiving once more the gold of the surrounding mountains, and for a new gold rush in the Spirit to come to Dahlonega, Georgia.  We thanked the Lord for marrying the east with the west, uniting this highway of Gold in the Spirit for such a time as this to receive and partake fully in the wave of the Holy Spirit coming to the West Coast and the rest of the United States.  A new  generation is rising up in the University of North Georgia, the blueprint of what is to come in the Spirit having being mapped out since the University’s founding.  It was first qopened as an agricultural College, then became a Military College, and has now transformed into a campus where military and civilian students learn side by side, hosting international students and sending students around the world with one of the best language programs in the nation.  A perfect unity of farmer, soldier, and ambassador for Christ is rising up from here. We declared that it was the time for the farmers to reap of the harvest (Galatians 6:9), for the warriors of Christ to put on the full Armor of God and bravely face the enemy (Ephesians 6:10-18), and as ambassadors of the King of Kings to go boldly forth to retake the nations which are our inheritance (Psalm 2:8).  We commanded the land by the authority given us through the blood of Yeshua to give up its treasures and reveal its wealth (Mark 4:22), and that what is hidden be uncovered and be transferred to the humble and the just (Proverbs 13:22) for the Glory of God and the return of Yeshua Ha’Mashiah.  We blew the Shofar at the entrance, calling the angels of heaven to action through the newly opened gate in the Spirit, and signaled with the blast of the trumpet the beginning of a new era of unity in the United States, aligned with God’s perfect will, and to receive the spiritual and the physical blessings stored up for these last days.  America will be provoked to jealously as it sees from afar what happens and is happening in East Asia by the Spirit of God for His Glory.  The nations to which America once sent missionaries, will now send droves to the land of the free. The U.S.A will see unprecedented awakening, and will once more be a blessing to the nations, sending forth aide to the needy and an army of sold out, on fire, warriors of the Kingdom of Heaven, continuing the deluge of the latter rain all the way back to Jerusalem.

To be clear, this is not just a time for America or for the family of Lion, these are simply examples and testimonies of what is coming soon to your nation and can be your reality with both your family by blood and your Kingdom family, all through Yeshua, the Word in flesh, our salvation. Although Emmanuel was not a blood relation, he was officially embraced as part of the family, my brother, treated no greater or less than the rest.  In these days, we must be united in one heart, one mind and one Spirit, the Holy Spirit, putting aside pride, jealousy and hatred, and loving one another as Jesus implored us to do and showed how.  We are the ones who must live lives set apart from the world and be guided, led, embraced, and transformed by the Great I Am daily.  Therefor, let us go boldly forth wherever we are, in whatever situation we find ourselves in, taking our relationship with Adonai more seriously than feeding our pets on time, letting Him transform us and empower us to be who we were born to be, victorious.  Rise up in every family, town, city and nation with the Brethren by your side, at your back and at your front, working in true unity that comes through seeking the Face of God for yourself and with one another.  As we pray from victory through Yeshua, let us not pray for revival in our family, city, campuses, businesses, institutions and nations, but proclaim and declare that it is already done, and thank the King of Glory for making it so.  Walk in victory not towards it.  It has already been done for us on the cross and through the bodily resurrection of the Messiah.  Remember that you are never alone as God is Emmanuel (God with us), and that true Believers in every nation are being led by the Holy Spirit, paying the price, winning the battle, and paving the way for the King of Glory.   “After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb” (Revelation 7:9).

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