At the heart of the now bustling capital city of Vietnam lies the now uncovered ancient ruins of centuries of civilization.  Hanoi is not just the modern day capital, but has been for most of the past 1,000 years.  What was supposed to be a simple walk about the city quickly became much much more as we entered the premises of the ruins of Thang Long (Soaring Dragon) Imperial Citadel, the seat of power for the successive Kingdoms and empires of Vietnam.

Standing atop the ancient gate of the Citadel, the only remaining gate, we had a deep yearning in our spirits to worship the King of kings and declare His Word.  We were overcome with an urgency to pray for the country and region of Indochina.  Standing on the ramparts of the gate of Vietnam at the highest point where worship to false gods traditionally takes place, we declared together Psalm 24:7-12 with authority, hearing very clearly from the Spirit of the Adonai that He is about to enter to Vietnam in a way previously never experienced before in the land.  We prayed for the ancient foundations of Vietnam that have in recent years been excavated, revealing layers and layers of artifacts and ruins of kingdoms passed. We declared that there is only one cornerstone of Vietnam, Yeshua (Romans 9:33).  Even amongst the mingling tourists we unabashedly worshipped Adonai, the words echoing off the inner walls of the structure on top of the gate, but resounding in the Spirit as the angels joined in.  Coincidentally, the entire time, a single white dove continuously flew back and forth into and out of the main center gate, a sign that the Holy Spirit was about to enter and be poured out in Vietnam like never before.

From the gate we entered further into what would have been the ancient Forbidden Palace/Fortress of the rulers of previous Kingdoms, but just a few meters away built on top of the ruins was something much more modern, but no less significant in history.  The two story colonial style building turned out to be the former command center of the Vietnamese Armed Forces for the duration of the Vietnam War.  Complete with underground bunker and all, with original maps and a re-creation of what it would have been like in war time, we felt like we had been taken back not thousands of years this time, but rather to the mid 1900’s.  In 1945 the Vietnamese declared independence from the French who had for the last century colonized the country.  It was in front of the Thang Long Gate that the Northern Vietnam forces stood in formation to make the official Declaration of Independence, and it was no coincidence that the command center stood just inside the wall where countless kings and generals had strategized and commanded the forces of the nation before.  From the command center, we prayed that YHWH Sebaot, the Lord mighty in Battles would release His angel armies over Vietnam to the air, the land and the sea, destroying the forces of darkness that have been blinding the people of the land from seeing that Yeshua is the Way, the Truth and the Light.  Like Elisha when he was surrounded by the enemy in the natural and asked Elohim to open the eyes of his servant, we prayed that the eyes of the Vietnamese’ eyes would be open to see the Light of Mashiah descending upon the nation.

We continued further into the interior and came to a monument commemorating the 1,000th anniversary of Hanoi, where a giant stone turtle had been donated as a Taoist/ Confucianist symbol of longevity and strength of the city for having stood the test of time.  Behind the giant turtle stood a giant 12 foot tall drum.  This turtle is one of the celestial gods of the Taoist and Confucianist religions that is still practiced pervasively today in the country.  The deaf dumb and blind god is just another example of the credit being given to the powers of darkness rather than the One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  As carriers of the Holy Spirit and Ambassadors of Christ, we declared by the blood of Yeshua that all glory be to the Great I Am, and that every plan of the Most High for Hanoi and Vietnam that has been written in the books of heaven since before the foundations of the earth for the nation and the region be fulfilled to perfection without delay.  We walked past the stone turtle, and with our backs turned to it beat the giant drum with a great resounding boom as a seal to the prayer and declaration.

We headed directly from there to the epicenter of the sprawling complex to another gate and pagoda called the Princess Tower.  For all of its fairy tale charm and name, its purpose in the Spirit is far from innocent.  As we made our way up the steep steps to the upper inner chamber of the tower, the smell of incense became thicker and thicker.  We reached the room where an ornate altar had been placed with offerings of money, fruit and food to the demonic entity.  We were alone in the natural, but not in the spirit.  We were obviously not welcome guests, but the Lion of the tribe of Judah was with us and whatever demonic force resided there dared not make a move.  We began worshipping the Father in Spirit and Truth, and the heaviness and tension of the atmosphere quickly faded.  We were building an altar of worship to YHWH at the very center of ancient Hanoi, a very key point representative of the whole nation.  The enemy was forced to retreat as the presence of the Almighty invaded that place.  Despite the political system of Communism that officially states that Vietnam is an Atheist country, a combination of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism are widely practiced, as the active altar in the very center of ancient Hanoi made very clear.  This facade of atheism has been used particularly for the persecution of Believers in Vietnam and throughout the world, and has simply been a cover for the movement of the fallen kingdom of darkness and the queen of heaven, whose cup will one day overflow with the blood of the Martyrs.  The time of Jezebel’s reign over Vietnam is coming quickly to an end, and the altars of false gods will soon come crashing down and be forced to bow as the King of glory enters Vietnam.

After walking through the rest of the complex we felt to cross the road where the main excavations of the former palaces of past kingdoms had uncovered huge swaths of long hidden ruins.  We entered the gates to the area of excavations just as the sun was setting over the city, and the very first thing we stumbled upon were two perfectly preserved ancient wells that stood just a couple of meters apart.  We walked down into the excavation site through the open gate.  This was such a blatant sign that the ancient wells of Vietnam are being opened in this prophetic season.  We could barely contain our joy as the Spirit of Adonai revealed this to us, and without hesitation began to worship Him once again, thanking Him in advance for all that He was doing and about to do in the beautiful country of Vietnam.  The two of us knelt down beside the two separate wells with our hands in the water that was full to the brim and began to stir the waters like the angel at the Pool of Bethesda in John 5:4 as a declarative act that Vietnam is being made whole and new in Yeshua.  We also declared to the remnant and people of Vietnam just as Yeshua did on the last day of the Feast of Sukkoth, John 7:37-38 that says, “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart”, thanking Elohim for pouring out the Holy Spirit afresh in Vietnam in these end times.  We were then led to follow it up John 8:12 as the sun had gone down completely and it was the 3rd day of Hanukkah that says, “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  Not only will the Spirit of the Lord alight on the people of Vietnam and the Word be a lamp unto their feet, but the baptism of fire will follow as Abba, Father has called Vietnam to be like flaming torches from the East to all of Indochina and back to Jerusalem.  We continued to march around the ancient wells continuing to worship the King of kings and declaring the Word of God as the Holy Spirit led us, until we felt that just as in Jericho, the walls in the spirit that had been keeping the people of Vietnam from entering into the salvation of Yeshua Ha’Massiah had fallen.  We continued walking in prayer and worship through the archeological complex that was lit up brightly in the night where we came across nearly a dozen more perfectly preserved ancient wells that had been recently excavated where we stopped and prayed one after the other, declaring the end from the beginning, the victory of the God of Israel in Vietnam.  As we continued to walk, the path led directly to the National Assembly building that represents the people and government of Vietnam.  As we walked around the premises of the building under the watchful eye of security of Military Police at their posts, we worshipped all the more and continued praying for the government of Vietnam to be a government after the heart of Hashem, its foundations being that of Justice and righteousness and for. All that has been done in secret and darkness to be brought to the light.  All the while we sang as we went that Yeshua is the Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise keeper, and the Light in the darkness.

We had just witnessed 1,000 years of political history of Vietnam from ancient to Modern day.  The destiny of Vietnam as a Daniel nation has continued to be apparent with the hosting of the second Trump-Kim summit and Its redemptive purpose in God is beyond the scope of its tumultuous past.  Vietnam is far more to Abba Father than what the natural eye can perceive.  So from the roots of the past to the fruits of today we declared, healing, restoration, and transformation in the name of Yeshua. We prayed that Vietnam would align with Jerusalem, the apple of Adonai’s eye, and that every Vietnamese person would receive the salvation that comes through Yeshua Ha’Messiah.  The remnant of the Most High is rising in the nation in the perfect love and power of YHWH, and is yet another sign that all of East Asia is at a moment of monumental and historic breakthrough for the glory of God and the soon return of Yeshua to Jerusalem.  What may seem impossible in the natural, the Lord mighty in battles makes look easy, and He will do it in Vietnam and all of Indochina for His name’ sake, a response to His promise and the prayers of the saints in Vietnam.  Elohim has heard your petitions brothers and sisters of Vietnam!  We are praying for you in the nations and from Jerusalem!  Do not lose hope, but be filled with the agape love of the Father that overcomes all things!  Vietnam will be filled with the Glory of the Almighty!

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