Election Update from Washington D.C.

To every Patriot in the United States and around the world, if you are getting disillusioned by the constant negative media coverage saying there was no voter fraud in the United States during this election, it’s because they simply refuse to report it, not that it didn’t happen. The Mainstream Media and Big Tech who controls all social media outlets have teamed up in an unprecedented way to make sure they no longer need to report the news, but instead create it according to their agenda.

But then some would ask, what about all of the lawsuits alleging voter fraud that have been thrown out by the State Supreme Courts? We already knew this would happen, because all of the State Supreme Court Judges in the states where substantial lawsuits were filed were placed there by the same people trying to steal this election. This was part of the plan however, and the faster those lawsuits now get through the appeals courts, the faster they will get into the Supreme Court where un-bought Justices preside.

Anyone with two eyes who looks at the facts subjectively can see that it is nearly a statistical impossibility that the republicans lost zero seats in the Senate, and won 12 seats in the House, but somehow President Trump didn’t win the election? Oh and Joe Biden who mostly campaigned from his basement, and had rallies without people somehow got a record number of votes, far more than former President Obama. If that isn’t enough, how about the voting tallies being stopped altogether at 4:00AM, then reappearing with Trump somehow having votes subtracted and Biden suddenly with an overwhelming lead? Not just in one State, but all of the battleground States. Nothing to see here? Just to add a little cherry on top, besides the statistical mathematical impossibility of the results, the voting machines, used primarily in the swing states and counties with the highest voting irregularities were, based on the user manual of the machines, able to make each vote worth more for one candidate than the other, as well as to literally drag and drop votes into a file and delete them. These weaknesses were even brought up in an official complaint by two of the most radical left and most prominent Democratic Senators and former presidential candidates Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren in 2018 voicing worry on this very issue. Apparently, none of this is news worthy though. Do you agree?

So far we have simply named anecdotal evidence not requiring eyewitnesses on scene, as well as proven weaknesses in the voting machines used in key states and counties currently under scrutiny. So what happens now that all of the cases being filed now include firsthand witnesses of the many allegations we still have yet to mention? The pending lawsuits and sworn Affidavits (Statements) will be filed in the respective states and federal courts later this week as early as Wednesday the 25th and as late as Friday the 27th with more still to come after the fact. Until then, and further on we will see the Mainstream Media continue as if nothing is happening, whereas if the shoe were on the other foot, this would be going much differently.

How can we pray? First, we have a voice and we need to use it according to the Word of Adonai. That means we do not curse our enemies, but bless them and pray for them. We must be careful to say what is from the heart of the Father. Cursing and shaming our neighbour is not His heart. People are worth the blood of Yeshua no matter how wrong or right they are. The fight is not against flesh and blood.

As for the fallen kingdom of darkness, however, we declare as one Body in Yeshua that all things done in the darkness shall come to the light, that righteousness and justice shall be the foundations of this nation, that injustice will be swept away like chaff before the mighty wind of Elohim in Yeshua’s Name, and that YHWH alone is our salvation, our protector, our provider and our King. We declare that the plans and schemes of the armies of hell are null and void by the blood of Yeshua, and that the victory has already been won by the blood of the Lamb, Yeshua Who we now sit with at the right hand of the Father. We pray that those who are on the front lines exposing this endemic fraud would be strengthened, sharpened, and protected, and that more and more whistleblowers will come to disclose all lies of the enemy, and that all hidden evidence will be brought forth and uncovered. On one hand we unabashedly stand for Biblical values, but on the other hand we do not care if those caught in acts of fraud are Republican or Democrat as each instance of fraud is another attempt at stealing this election, not just for the office of President, but all of the thousands of offices up for election. The powers that be think they are God, and one fatal flaw in their plans and schemes is acting as if the Sovereign hand of the Almighty does not exist.

Brethren, where has the hunger and thirst for the presence and glory of Adonai gone? Where is the remnant who knows the supernatural is natural and the miraculous is normal when we walk in the perfect love and power of the Holy Spirit? For the King of kings to expose this fraud is effortless, but do we listen so much to the lies of the world that we have forgotten that? Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. He saved us from sin and death, not the media. He made us a new creation, not social media. So why do we put so much stock in what they write and say instead of what He said and is saying? On the other hand, Trump is not our savior, Yeshua is, but is President Trump anointed by Adonai for this hour to glorify the Most High and to be a trumpet to the nations, to align America and others to Jerusalem, to help bring about the end of Abortion in the United States, and to declare that YHWH, not politicians, not elites, not Media, not Big Tech, etc. Is the King of kings and Lord of lords? This is not the hour to cower. This is the hour to stand on the promises of Adonai, and stand fast knowing He fulfils His promises to perfection. Adonai bless you and keep you Kingdom family!

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