Straight to the Supreme Court

18 states and 106 House Republicans support a lawsuit filed by Texas against 4 states accusing them of blatantly unconstitutional changes of the election process by people in power in each state who are clearly barred from doing so according to both the state and U.S constitution which led to easing of voter fraud protection that gave clear advantage to the democratic party. This lawsuit is special however, because unlike other lawsuits that have to make it through many different levels of courts to finally appear in the Supreme court, this case filed against Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin will go directly to the Supreme Court. In short, If the lawsuit is upheld by the Supreme Court it will give the state legislatures in those four swing states, all of which are Republican, the power to choose new electoral college members to vote for the President. Those elector’s will then vote for President Trump as the voter fraud caused the votes in those states to be illegally skewed toward Joe Biden. This would mean re-election for President Trump.

Oh, Now The Law Matters

It seems the democratic party is taking the legal challenges seriously, so serious that they are making sure the New York electoral college representatives, Bill and Hillary Clinton, vote in person in the state’s capitol. They are doing so, they say, to go by the word of the state constitution which explicitly states that the vote must be made in the state capitol in person so that it will not have any chance of being invalid. Interesting, seeing as the very lawsuit heading to the Supreme Court sites clear examples of the 4 states mentioned above doing exactly the opposite. Let’s not even get started with the irony of the two chosen electors. Smoking gun? What do you think?

Is this China or the U.S.A.?

Oh by the way, Youtube said they will be deleting any further content regarding misleading “alleged” widespread voter fraud in the election, except for “Authoritative” news channels, citing CBS and NBC as examples of “Authoritative”. This is not China, but looking at this statement one would think otherwise. Don’t say certain words, don’t speak about certain topics and you won’t get canceled, but step out of line and no more voice. Freedom, say what we say or shut up. Accept our truth or suffer the consequences.

They Are Starting to Feel The Heat

In other shocking news, CNN has officially publicly laid out President Trump’s road to victory, explaining the constitutional path to victory we are seeing before our very eyes. Do you think they’re starting to sweat? But in typical “Authoritative” news fashion they say it is Trump who is trying to steal the election. But what do we the people know right? Just sit there and believe us they say. We are unbiased they say. We are the “real news” they say.

Go Get Em General

In other news, forensic audits in multiple states are being done as we speak on Dominion voting machines in counties with voting irregularities with the results set to be announced as early as today, December 10th. But who is doing the audits? Not to worry, they are being led by General Michael Flynn. You can’t say this on Youtube though. Let’s see what happens.

Never Cease Praying Watchmen On The Wall

We are getting down to the wire, and the 9th hour is approaching. The fallen kingdom of darkness thinks they have won a great victory, but little do they know they just sealed their defeat. We must be praying now more than ever for the King of Glory to reveal all that has been done in the darkness. We must pray for those in leadership to have courage and bravery to stand for what is righteous and just no matter even if their career is on the line. Pray for their families and for their protection. Pray also for those who are coming forward as patriotic citizens of the united States who personally witnessed voter fraud. They are being threatened, fired from their jobs, slandered, and shamed, and yet they come forward. Pray especially for President Trump and his family in this hour who is the focal point of these attacks, and that even the President will recieve the baptism the Holy Spirit and fire. Pray for the Supreme Court Justices who are about to decide if this republic remains a republic or not. As you and tens of millions of people in the United States and around the world are praying for America, we also pray that the global body of Messiah will not cease standing in one accord, but only burn hotter and hotter in their love for Yeshua in the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of the Father. Only the Great I Am could pull this off, and we know He Is Who He Says He Is. We put our faith in Elohim, not the media, not Donald Trump, not any man, as it is not by power, nor by might that we will see the victory in this matter, but by the Spirit of YHWH. Adonai bless you and keep you kingdom Family!

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  • Marlene Setiyadi T says:

    Well Written and well Explained ! Thanks you Em and Lion! Good Observation!! Keep up with Prayers for All the Prayer Warriors ! Watching from the Distance !

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