Aceh Day 1

Ache is historically the gateway of Islam into Indonesia, and all of SE Asia. It is the first place where Islam entered into Indonesia. It is the western-most part of Indonesia acting as the gate into Indonesia and a doorpost of SE Asia through the Malacca Straight. It is often referred to as the porch of Mecca as it used to be the gathering point for Muslim pilgrims leaving on ships to Mecca. As we prayed, that was not the destiny of Aceh the Holy Spirit showed us. This is the enemy trying to reverse God’s plans and purposes for this land, which is to be the porch of Jerusalem, the launching point of revival to the Middle East.

Even though the ancient name of Aceh is Darussalam (Abode of Peace), that name is more of an antonym today. In the natural, Aceh is under strict Sharia Law at the moment, and even saying words like Israel, Jerusalem, missionary or Christian will likely get you kicked out of the province, and evangelism will get you killed. People in white uniforms stand on the street corners fundraising for Hammas, and recruitment for “Jihad” is not unusual. In 2005 an earthquake and tsunami caused the deaths of more than 200,000 people in Aceh. All in all one would not naturally think of such a place as somewhere God is working, but He has not forgotten Aceh and its people. A shift in the spirit has come to the land, to Indonesia and all of SE Asia. What looks impossible and implausible, God uses for His glory.

When we arrived to Aceh the Spirit of the Lord immediately showed us that Aceh is like the DMZ of Southeast Asia, a gate likened unto the DMZ that separates North and South Korea, and that whatever happens in Aceh effects the whole region.

During our time together, we were a group consisting of 4 generations working together in oneness just as Malachi 4:5-6 prophecies. In our first time of prayer together, Abba was telling us to go up to the heavenly places and at that moment, one in the group had a vision. He was seeing that depending on the times and seasons, the gate of heaven in the region is opened and closed intermittently, but that Elohim was about to open it permanently. In the vision there was an ancient gate that was broken down and in disrepair, and had been being used by the enemy as a gate of darkness. In the vision, The person saw all of us standing in the ancient gate watching what Adonai was about to do, and saw that there were no guardians at the gate, meaning the fallen kingdom of darkness was in control of it. Then he saw that two angels were being sent for this time to keep guard over the gate, effectively making it a gate of light and heaven. At this moment, he saw other angels at the gate repairing it, because Abba is preparing to take back the gate for Himself during this time for major breakthrough in the region. The repairs of the gate are not immediate, but is a process that will take time. As confirmation of the vision, another person had a similar vision of a window, a door and a gate to Aceh that were being opened one after the other, the gate being for the whole region.

After the vision, some of the group were seeing angels repairing the place we were at as well, making it ready for when the gate of the region is fully repaired. The angels were putting a new foundation there (Psalm 89:14), but they were also putting huge empty clay containers around the property, and It was understood that they were containers for oil that Abba was about to pour out over the region. When there is no oil, there can be no fire and Adonai is preparing that place to be a light, a menorah that never runs out of oil like Zechariah 4:12-14, and preparing the sons of oil who are constantly refilling the Menorah to keep the fire burning.

That afternoon, just outside the door of one of our rooms, there was a pre-wedding photo shoot taking place right outside the door, and the couple showed their two wedding rings. This was an amazing prophetic sign to us that the marriage (oneness) taking place in the region between Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia was already under way, in its preparation phase leading up to the big day.

Aceh Day 2

The next morning during another time together worshipping the King of kings

An incredible shalom fell over us as the presence of Elohim filled the room. During this time, one person began to explain a vision he was having of angels entering the room and one angel standing behind each of us. After explaining this vision, another person heard an audible and long roar of the Lion of Judah which was confirmed by another member of the group who began to describe what he was seeing in the spirit. In the vision, we were once again standing in a giant double door gate, the gate of Aceh, and the Lion of Judah came to join us, but He was so large that only His head fit in the gate. When he poked His head through the gate, the person saw on the other side many many layers of spider webs that represent the layers and layers of lies and darkness of the enemy, but when the Lion of Judah roared, the spider webs webs completely disappeared, and light and life returned to the other side of the gate (Aceh).

We received Isaiah 28:16-18 for the season Aceh is entering into in parallel and in confirmation of the vision.

A huge weight was lifted in the atmosphere from one of tense silence to relaxed joy as the Lion of Judah roared over us and the enemy was forced to flee.

Shabbat Shalom!

That evening, after a shabbat dinner, we came together to pray, worship and share testimonies of God’s goodness in our lives. During this precious time a person from the group had a vision of Aceh like the head of an arrow, the rest of Indonesia and SE Asia as the shaft and tail feathers landing in Judea and Samaria, Another confirmation that Abba was going to use Aceh to bring the Gospel of Peace to Israel. During this time we also felt strongly to give a scroll with the heading “Align With Jerusalem” with Psalm 132:13 hand written in Ancient Hebrew by a Rabbi and scribe in Jerusalem as an act of Aceh aligning with Jerusalem, the prophetic clock of God.

At the time of giving the scroll one person had a vision of a stake planted in Aceh and received 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 otherwise known as The Prayer of Jabez, and he saw a line or rope like a highway in the spirit attached to the stake (tent peg) from Aceh to Jerusalem.

Abba truly has great plans for Aceh and we ask that you please join with the Remnant in praying for the fulfillment of The Father’s redemptive purpose for Aceh, for the hearts of the people to be opened to receive Yeshua and for the hidden Remnant in Aceh to be bold and courageous as they are a light and a catalyst for the awakening coming to Aceh and sweeping across all of SE Asia. All glory to God!


As this mission was very sensitive, we are not sharing any of the pictures to protect the identity of the team and the places we visited.

Important Note

It is essential to understand that we are only a small part of the global body of Messiah and felt led by the Holy Spirit to go to these places in this time and season specifically. For the Believers in Aceh, in Indonesia and the world, it is important to continue to pray for the redemptive purpose of God to be fulfilled here as the fallen kingdom of darkness is constantly trying to sabotage and destroy the plans of God. As such, just as with our own lives, it is important to pray everyday and further our relationship with Yeshua lest we backslide and fall away. The same goes with Darussalam Aceh, and any other person or place that God puts on your heart to pray for. If you feel led to continue praying for this city, or even go there to pray, please be obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit as those of us who went here in this particular season are only a small piece of a much larger puzzle. God bless

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