Correction, Collapse, Reset

The world is at a turning point, a moment of breaking down and a moment of birthing. So what is the difference between what the fallen kingdom of darkness wants to birth and what Adonai wants to birth in this season? Let’s explore the clear picture the world is presenting to us that is not on the news but a glaring truth when we peel back a layer or two of the global news narrative. The New World Order is on the agenda of the global elite, but a new world order is also in the heart of the Father, but in an opposite way, so which one will we be a part of and live according to?


The underpinnings of a new world order has its foundation in a new global financial system which has been being prepared for more years than people would like to admit. But now we have reached the pivot point when all the preparation has nearly finished and the implementation is at hand. First things first, the governments of the world want to control how you buy what you need and what you buy as well and know in real-time who is buying what to have complete control over their citizens. China has already implemented this system and the rest of the world’s governments are scrambling to go live with theirs as well. We are speaking about CBDC’s or Central Bank Digital Currencies that use blockchain technology to track your every payment and what it is you bought which also allows the government to restrict you from buying what they deem “unnecessary or illegal”. In order to do this however, governments have to make cash obsolete which China has done very well and now Australia and many other nations are following suit. Why would governments want there to be no more cash? With cash you can’t monitor what people are doing with their money and also can’t restrict them from using it how they wish.

closed bank

For example, since 2017 Australia began removing huge amounts of ATM machines, and after the pandemic now only 20% of society now uses cash in Australia. Many physical banks have been closing and thousands of ATMs have been and are being removed. There were 13,814 ATM’s in June 2017 in Australia and in June 2021 there were only 7,757 ATM’s. Kind of hard to believe this has been a reactionary change when this has been happening since 2017 and makes it clear this has been the plan all along with COVID simply speeding up the process.

Digital Currency and Social Credit Score

china pay

In tandem, the EU has been rolling out its planned European Identity Wallet that will replace cash with digital currency. It will not only be a wallet however, but a multifaceted necessity for life. You will need it to access the internet, buying essential goods at the store, plane tickets, train tickets, etc. And if you do not follow the rules laid out by the government then you will not have access to any of the services we just mentioned. Essentially there will be a social credit score that rates you based on your environmental friendliness, whether you own a gas-powered car, how much you consume and what you consume not only in terms of food, and energy, but also what you watch and search on the internet. This is already very mainstream in China, but also what the governments of the world have been planning for a very long time for their nations as well.

world government summit

At the World Government Summit 2022 in Dubai a keynote speaker and former President George W. Bush economic adviser had this to say which was echoed by many others throughout the summit. “We are about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting… it means having a nearly perfect record of every single transaction in the economy and give us greater clarity of what is going on.” What she leaves out is also the government’s ability to regulate what you do and do not buy as well as how much time you have to spend your money before it disappears from your account. One of the main topics of the summit was, “Are we ready for a New World Order?” Good question.


We are being bombarded with who we are supposed to hate right now, the pandemic has seemingly disappeared overnight, and all the while we continue to lose our freedoms as our focus is purposefully and intentionally shifted as our sight continues to be on everything but our freedoms which have been permanently eroded during the pandemic. Fear is the weapon of choice and the cause for distraction while the global elites do as they please in the background preparing the way for a system of control and manipulation.

What Does Fuel Have to do With This?

Besides the financial system being the foundation of a new world order, we need energy to live our lives in the comfort that energy affords us as long as the price of said energy is within our budgets. But what happens when it is not or there is none at all? The lack of fuel has many knock-on effects that most of us do not realize until it is too late, and is being and will be used in a similar way as the pandemic to induce fear and bring about the necessity of leaning on the government for our literal survival. Don’t believe us?

filling car with fuel

Let’s take a look at the current price and availability of Diesel fuel. You’ll see why we specifically choose to look at diesel in a moment. The global supply chain has one main source of energy that allows it to run steadily, diesel fuel, but there is a problem with this. The price of Diesel fuel is up 90% and in the United States for example there have been no new oil refineries built since 1972. Weird right? In New York harbor one barrel of Diesel fuel costs over 200 dollars a barrel at the time of this article being written (May 10, 2022) with the normal price per barrel over the last decades being 100 USD or less. So how does this affect you and me? Look at the supply chain process. Let’s use the example of a product made in China making its way to the US. First the product is loaded onto a big slow boat that runs on diesel with cranes that put the containers on the boat operated by diesel fuel. When you offload it at the port the cranes that do so use diesel, then the trains the containers are put on are run by diesel, and the forklifts that run on diesel load the containers onto the trucks that are run by diesel. Now let’s say that product is food most of which is not locally produced. Now we are talking about extremely high food prices or no food at all. And how about heating your home, cooking, and even keeping the lights on? Figure in the fact that the EU imports 700,000 barrels of diesel a day from Russia and has now decided it will no longer import fuel from Russia without any backup plan to replace it.

klaus schwab world economic forum

If you think the freely elected governments of the world are trying to stop a crisis from happening, the opposite is actually true. In fact, the leader of the World Economic Forum who many of the world’s democratic superpowers love to quote has said time and again that COVID is a crisis we cannot waste taking advantage of. Each crisis that gives the world government more control over its citizens is considered a good crisis to be taken advantage of and the shortage of diesel fuel is one of those crises. Add on the Ukraine War as the excuse and now everyone has someone to blame besides their leaders for why they have no food or electricity and are forced o accept the new digital currencies and ID’s out of necessity to survive for their own good and see their governments as their safe haven instead of the reality of them being the ones who wanted it to happen all along. Lovely picture.

The Backlash and the Push Back

All of this has not gone unnoticed by people around the world, and that has been something mainstream media has done its best not to show to re-direct the eyes and minds of the masses. The censorship of free speech under the auspices of content moderation on all of our social media platforms has led to the silencing of anyone who strays from the narrative being broadcasted around the globe. However, there are those who are speaking out, changing the game, and the narrative as well.


Two very prominent figures, Donald Trump and Elon Musk are first rate examples of those defying the global elite’s agenda. In creating his own social media platform Donald Trump has deflated the power of many mainstream social media giants and with Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter one major giant has not only fallen, but also switched sides on the battle over censored speech. Another example of a wrench being throne into the global elite’s agenda is Elon Musk telling all of his followers to delete WhatsApp and Facebook and switch to Signal. WhatsApp which is owned by facebook collects the data and conversations of all of its users while Signal is the most private free speech platform on the market. After Musks Tweet to his followers, Signal’s market price went up 6 fold overnight and grew by 5,100% in three days.

bitcoin coin

Bitcoin is the other antithesis of central control as it is completely outside the realm and reach of governments economic policies which is why governments are doing their best to invest in other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum to kick Bitcoin out of the market. Tough chance that will actually work, but it says a lot about how much governments hate the idea of a decentralized currency they have no control over because ultimately it means they have no control over the lives of people who own it and use it for transactions. This is the world we are living in and the global reset is inevitable, but we the people ultimately have a say in how the reset will unfold in what we choose to and choose not to participate in. This is a moment of great opportunity for the global Body of Yeshua to understand the times and season we are living in and what to do. Now is the time to act, a time to reap the harvest worldwide as the fallen kingdom of darkness tries to bring division and fear. We are here to bring the opposite outcome to spread the good news of the gospel of peace and be a source of what is going to be needed which will be food, shelter, energy, finances and the hope of the good news of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. It is time to posture ourselves correctly this Shmita Year (Sabbatical Year) if you have not already done so, because the global system as we know it is about to radically shift. Have your nets ready to cast! The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. Adonai bless you and keep you!

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