Colombia in Focus: Fast and Pray

While worshipping in the ruins of the city of David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem the Holy Spirit spoke very clearly to the two of us that now is the time for Colombia. “Go to Colombia and release a call of fasting and repentance.” We obeyed this call and flew from Israel promptly. We had never been to Colombia as a ministry, but the urgency was very strong from God, and we gladly obeyed. During our time here we have seen and experienced God’s love for Colombia and the urgency of His warning.

Arrows of Fire

Some weeks previous before returning to Israel and before receiving the call from God to come to Colombia, while attending a gathering of Apostles and prophets in Mexico, we received a vision of three countries in Latin America working together: Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia. In the vision, Colombia was to God a quiver of arrows in this season, arrows that are being sent to all 32 departments of Colombia. The arrow tips of Colombia were dipped in fire and sent to the Departments of Colombia and many nations throughout Latina America and the world. These fiery arrows are arrows of activation into the God given destinies of the different cities and countries they were sent to. Colombia has an apostolic calling in Adonai and it will be used either by the remnant of God or the fallen kingdom of darkness to activate many different nations for better or worse.

Call to Fasting and Repentance

When we arrived to Colombia, the call to fast and pray for the nation was immense as the heart of the Father for Colombia weighed, and still weighs upon us heavily. As we sought out the message Adonai wanted us to relay, Ezekiel 32:1-5 and Esther 9:1 rang out clearly. Ezekiel 32:1-5 speaks of the judgement of God against Egypt and Pharoah, and it is evident the system of Egypt over Colombia is currently embedded. This system of Egypt has multiple characteristics. For one, it is a system that is actively trying to stop the sons and daughters of God from worshipping Him just as it was in Egypt during the time of Israel’s captivity.

Remember the reason God caused the 10 plagues upon Egypt was, “Let My people go to worship Me in the wilderness” (Exodus 7:16). Another characteristic of the Egyptian system is false worship to false gods, of rebellion, and an attitude of being God Himself here on earth in terms of leadership taking credit for things that God has done. Lastly, The Egyptian system tries to rob the nation of the next generation, just as it happened to the newborns of the Israelites who were killed during the same time Moses was born. Now, God is saying judgement is coming upon the Egyptian system in Colombia.

Esther and the King’s Decree

Along with this message of judgement comes a message of fasting and repentance such as during the time of Esther which saw the evil decree of Haman for the genocide of the Jewish people reversed so that the Jews could defend themselves against all who had plotted their deaths (Esther 9:1). Esther called for a fast of three days in the capitol city of Susa with no food or water so that she would have the favor of the king and not be killed when going before him uninvited. This three day fast allowed her to gain favor with the king and to see the evil decree over the Jewish people reversed. By divine coincidence, this month in the Biblical calendar is the same month that Esther called for the three day fast and will take place on March 14,15, and 16 of this month, March, 2022. In alignment with this Biblical fast, Colombia is being invited to do the same on these specific days! Now is the time a Joel 2:15-17 moment when everyone from 1 years old to 100 is being called for a solemn assembly to fast and pray.

Spiritual Not Political

As the elections in Colombia are upon us with the congress and senate bing voted for on March 13th, and the Presidential election on May 29th, many people are focusing on new leadership as being the answer to the woes of Colombia. Every true patriot of Colombia wants to see this democratic nation thrive under good uncorrupt leadership, but it has become clear that the current situation of Colombia is not political in nature, but spiritual. The root of the things that plague Colombia begins with the condition of the Body of Christ and our unity or lack thereof in the Holy Spirit. This is the root and God is releasing a warning just as He did through Jonah to Nineveh (Jonah 3:6-10) to Fast and repent, to unite in one accord in the same Holy Spirit as one body in Christ and cry out to God for the destiny of Colombia.

Stand In The Promise

The attitude of the remnant of Colombia in this moment besides being that of fasting and repentance is to be like that of Shammah. He was one of the three chiefs of the the Mighty Men of David, and was known for one particular feat of bravery which earned him his title. In 2 Samuel 23:11-12 while the rest of the Israelite army fled, Shammah stood alone against the army of Phillistines, guarding the Lentil field he was standing in. He alone defeated the army. Some people say what is the big deal about a lentil field anyways, but Shammah had a different understanding. He knew and understood the promise of God over his people and country that this land was theirs by decree of God almighty Himself.

Therefore, he was not deterred by what he saw before him, or his fellow Israelites fleeing, but instead he was certain of the fact that God would not forget His promise and deliver a victory through him for the glory of God. This is the attitude the Holy Spirit is imbuing into the people of Colombia right now in this hour. A heart like Shammah, a heart like Mordechai who upon learning of the evil decree went to the gate of the city and cried out to God asking Him to remember His promise over His people Israel. Now is the time to stand our ground remnant of Colombia and remind God of the great promises He has over this nation that He loves.

Talitha Kumi

Lastly, while in a time of repentance for Colombia the Holy Spirit gave us a vision of Mark 5:41 to Colombia. In this Scripture, Jesus comes up to the bed of a 12 year old girl who had just died. Her Father was the leader of the local Synagogue and was attending a healing service of Jesus taking place there to ask for healing for his daughter only to find out during the service that his daughter had died and it was too late. Jesus heard this encounter, and said to the father, “Do not be afraid; only keep on believing [in Me and my power]” (Mark 5:36). When Jesus entered the house where the girl lay they all laughed at Him and scoffed at Him for saying that she was only asleep, because it was clear to them nothing could be done as she was clearly dead. Many are saying the same for Colombia in this hour! Many who believe Colombia is beyond saving, but as we continue believing, as we truly fast and repent according to the heart of the Father for this country, the naysayers will be silenced just as they were when Jesus entered the room of the dead girl.

“Taking the child’s hand, He said [tenderly] to her, “Talitha kumi!”—which translated [from Aramaic] means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!” The little girl immediately got up and began to walk, for she was twelve years old. And immediately they [who witnessed the child’s resurrection] were overcome with great wonder and utter amazement” (Mark 5:41-42). Talitha Kumi Colombia! Arise and shine into new life! Only with God is this possible, and only together is this gong to come to pass in obedience to the call to fast and repent. Now is the time. We come together on the March 14,15, and 16 to fast just as Esther and the people of Susa once did on these same days with no food or water to see the evil decree over Colombia reversed by decree of the King of kings. We will not stand idly by as the enemy tries to steal, kill and destroy this new generation that is meant to pave the way for the return of Yeshua, but instead we will stand fast to see Colombia come into the fullness of her destiny as God has ordained it from the beginning. Also, Don’t forget to pray for the congress and senate elections today (March 13th), and to do your part in casting your vote. Adonai bless you and keep you kingdom family!

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