Vote! Now more than ever is the time to grab your ID and head off to your local voting station. If you do not know where it is, just do a quick search on the internet. In the state of California, this vote will directly effect the amount of money you spend at the gas pump, how much you pay in taxes, how much you pay in rent, the amount of available fresh water and the prevention of devastating wildfires that have ravaged the state. Not only in the gubernatorial race, but especially in the local elections, the vote will greatly effect the quality of life for many. For those who think voting is a waste of time, let’s say that each vote is worth one dollar, so when 1,000 people give 1 dollar, it becomes a thousand dollars, but if each of those people begin to say, well its only a dollar there’s no point, that 1,000 dollars quickly disappears. Just like in our everyday lives where each dollar counts, this mid-term election like none other before it, is a matter of pennies and nickels. We must remember that our voice, the people’s voice, is heard loudest through those we choose to elect. It’s time to shut the mouths of the loud attention seekers and show up when it counts so that loud noises and haughty rhetoric do not win the day, but rather sound minds and honest voters will turn the tide and win the day. Be the red wave that brings in the tide to the great state of California!

Now is the time for the restoration of that which is being stolen by the enemy (Joel 2:25). Water is perhaps the most crucial issue in this state, and half of the the fresh water of California is going unused and flowing into the ocean. We see in multiple instance in the Bible of just how precious and contested water is, like that of Abraham who dug many wells in the land that were heavily contested by others (Genesis 21:25). David’s Mighty Men fought through a Philistine garrison just to bring David a cup of water from a certain well (2 Samuel 23:16), and Jesus even gave water to the Samaritan woman from a well of fresh water (John 4:7). If the people do not control the sources of water, they can’t posses the land. With droughts lasting for many years running, it is time for solutions, such as dams being built to hold reservoirs of the same water that is otherwise not going to use. In times of drought, reservoirs provide much needed relief to the State and provide a safety net to every day citizens and farmers alike. Plans for the building of dams is being unanimously shut down however as environmentalists are heading the boards that have the authority to block any such building, on grounds that they see no evidence as to how projects like this could contribute to the overall well being of citizens of California. Not only are they shutting down projects that will alleviate problems that come with drought, they are also beginning to put meters on wells of farmers to gauge how much water they are using, and if they deem it to be too much they have the authority to tax the water that comes from the very property that is privately owned by that person. This puts the control of water in the hands of the government and greatly subtracts from the capacity for California to continue to be a state that blesses its neighbors and the world alike. Laws are also being passed to tax the water of personal wells also, meaning that water coming freely from your property is no longer free, but taxed in the name of drought control. If you are opposed to absurd legislation such as this be sure to look closely at you local ballots and to vote with understanding about your local candidates. It is with our power to elect the gate keepers of our counties, districts and states to make the right decisions based on the Word of God, so let us add to our prayers the action of voting.

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